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Federalism [e doc find.com] Federalism [e doc find.com] Presentation Transcript

  • FEDERALISM The Structure of Our Government
    • Definition- A political system in which two or more governments have sovereignty (authority) over the same area and people.
    • This government form is established in the US Constitution.
    • The federal government is granted powers, the state is given powers, they share powers, and they are prohibited powers.
    • Other nations that choose federalism include India, Canada, Germany & Australia.
  • Why Federalism?
    • 1) Checks the growth of tyranny- does not allow one level to have too much power & prohibits the gov’t from doing certain things.
    • 2) Allows for experimentation
    • 3) Increases political activity
  • Alternatives to Federalism
    • Unitary government- all power rests with the federal government.
    • Unitary- France, Italy, Great Britain
    • Confederation- loose association of independent states.
    • Examples: UAE, Switzerland, USA (pre- Constitution)
  • Constitutional Basis of Federalism
    • The word federalism is not mentioned in the Constitution.
    • The founders carefully defined the powers of state and national governments.
    • Although the federal government was favored, states were retained as vital components of government.
  • Types of Federalism
    • Dual Federalism- both governments are sovereign within their own sphere.
    • Also known as layer cake federalism.
    • Cooperative Federalism- Various levels of government work together to deliver public services.
    • Also called marble cake federalism.
  • Key Features of Federalism
    • There are two or more levels of government.
    • No fundamental change can be made in the constitution without the consent of all levels of government.
    • Each level of govt. has clearly specified source of revenue to avoid conflict.
  • Kinds of Federation
    • Holding together federations-
    • A large country decides to divide its power between the states and central govts.
    • Coming together federations-
    • Independent states voluntarily form bigger union.
  • What makes India a federal country ?
    • Powers are divided as-
    • Union list
    • State list
    • Concurrent list
  • Decentralization in India
    • Decentralization means that some power is taken away from the central and state govt. and given to local govt.
  • Federalism in U.S.A.
    • Federalism in the United States  is the evolving relationship between  U.S. state  governments and the  federal government of the United States .
    • Since the founding of the country, and particularly with the end of the American Civil War, power shifted away from the states and towards the national government.