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04 matthew zachary i2y deck2010

  1. 1. the cause
  2. 2. Brand Promise i[2]y is about courage, strength and leadership, taking charge of your life and empowering others to become brand-passionate agents of change. These are definitiely good values for any lifestyle brand.
  3. 3. Value Proposition ✴ Anti-expectation and unbridled disruption ✴ Celebration of vitality, not just youth ✴ Unabashed enjoyment of life’s gift ✴ Incites young adults not just to get busy living but compels them to be part of the greater change ✴ Not just about young adult cancer leaders but young adult leaders in general
  4. 4. The Cause Nearly 70,000 Americans aged 15-40 are diagnosed with cancer each year; one every eight minutes. While every diagnosis is devastating, the young adult community is significantly underserved in treatment and quality of life services when compared to other age groups. Young adults face unique unmet issues including infertility, insurance, financial aid, education, employment, dating/ sexuality, parenting, isolation and age-appropriate peer support such as social networking, both off and online. Despite these challenges, this community is empowered by a new youth cancer culture movement – now 5 million strong – and thriving more than ever with, through and beyond diagnosis.
  5. 5. The Mission Empower young adults affected by cancer by: building communities improving quality of life providing meaningful survivorship The Vision The Goal No survivor alone. Save more lives.
  6. 6. • The OMG! Cancer Summit For Young Adults is the signature international oncology conference for young adults affected by all cancers, as well as for their caregivers and providers. OMG! is the “All Star Game” for the young adult cancer movement, bringing together the world's foremost advocates to discuss our generation's most relevant issues through plenary sessions, panel discussions, breakout workshops and social networking forums. • Stupid Cancer Boot Camps are community-focused educational and advocacy training seminars as well as social networking support events for young adults affected by all cancers, as well as for their caregivers and providers. Boot Camps bring together the region’s foremost experts to discuss our most relevant issues at structured weeknight or half day weekend workshops, town halls and related educational forums. • Stupid Cancer "Events" are introductory community outreach, awareness and peer support programs, typically consisting of boutique young professionals social networking events, including but not limited to happy hours, film screenings, bowling/ billiards contests, seasonal parties and more.
  7. 7. Profile: OMG ✴ Launched May 2008 as ‘the only global oncology conference exclusively for young adults affected by cancer’ ✴ 2010: 650 registrations from 40 US states and 6 international nations ✴ Attracting a Who’s Who of speakers, panelists and experts from the social media and healthcare sectors ✴ 2500+ global webcast viewers ✴ Key offline market influencer to the youth cancer culture ✴ National collaboration with 10 other leading cancer advocacy groups
  8. 8. • The Stupid Cancer Show is an award-winning international talk radio webcast giving voice to a lost generation of 5 million strong by tackling hard hitting issues from politics, health care and the environment to social media, entertainment and education. Hosted by young adult survivors Lisa Bernhard – acclaimed journalist, former Entertainment Correspondent for FOX News and former Deputy Editor of TV Guide – and i[2]y Founder/CEO Matthew Zachary, this edgy and irreverent broadcast helps young adults fight cancer every day. • The I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation's official website is the most trafficked gateway of it's kind providing hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each year with access to targeted, age-appropriate and often hard-to-find young adult support programs, tools, services and social networking communities that they might not otherwise find out about via their healthcare providers or the Internet at large. • With nearly 150,000 friends, fans and followers across over 30 social media platforms and avatars, we serve as a key market influencer and health opinion leader for the next generation of patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates and the general public at large, fostering connections and driving change.
  9. 9. Profile: SCS ✴ Launched May 2007 as the ‘voice of young adults with cancer’ ✴ Proven key market influencer with access to world market of 50M ✴ 148 broadcasts to date ✴ 275,000 listens to date (<733% since ’09) ✴ 5K - 10K new listeners per week ✴ Cross-marketing with SIRIUS/XM, national cancer treatment centers ✴ Linked to iTunes/Rhapsody ✴ Most listened-to healthcare webcast about youth cancer ✴ Attracting Who’s Who of guests
  10. 10. Notable Guests Melinda Henneberger Adam Bosworth Robert Croyle, Ph.D. Young Adult Survivor Legendary Software Developer Director Editor-In-Chief Chief Architect Division of Cancer Control PoliticsDaily.com Google, Inc. National Cancer Institute Doug Ulman Fran Drescher Adam Hirsch Young Adult Survivor Cancer Survivor Chief Operating Officer CEO Emmy-Winning Actor Mashable.com Lance Armstrong Foundation CancerSchmacner.com #1 Social Media Blog Laura Ziskin Darlene Hunt Lisa Niemi Legendary Film Producer Award-Winning Producer Cancer Advocate Co-Founder Creator/Executive Director Wife of the late actor StandUp2Cancer Showtime’s “The Big C” Patrick Swayze Debbie Wasserman Shultz Susan Love, MD MBA Dan Pallotta Chief Deputy Whip President Founder, Pallotta TeamWorks US House of Representatives Dr. Susan Love Research Author, Uncharitable Florida’s 20th Cong. Dist. Foundation
  11. 11. 2-Year Development Goals ✴ Grow listenership to 5M worldwide ✴ Biweekly 2 hour show with video ✴ Fund production staff of three ✴ Two spinoff healthcare broadcasts ✴ Satellite/terrestrial radio integration ✴ Public Relations agency relationship
  12. 12. i[2]y Today ✴ US’ leading support organization for young adults • provides national voice for orphaned population • most trusted brand in youth cancer • helped bring young adult cause to national spotlight • unified social movement around young adult agenda ✴ Website Metrics • most visited young adult healthcare website • 1M unique hits per year • 2:35 average user site time visit
  13. 13. Revenue Growth 1,500,000 projected 1,125,000 750,000 375,000 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  14. 14. i[2]y Reach ✴ Business-To-Business Healthcare Reach • 950 cancer center affiliations in 9 countries • 45 community chapters in US, Canada & Australia • partnerships with 10 national cancer organizations ✴ Direct To Consumer Reach: 450,000+ • mailing list, readership, listenership, subscribership • social media avatars, offline communities ✴ Traditional Media Reach • total consumers touched: 2.25M (source: JWT 2009) • 25 million eyeballs (source: cision 2009)
  15. 15. i[2]y Demographic (the youth cancer culture, YCC) 11% 19% 4.75M Americans 15-39 Survivors 15-39 Co-Survivors 40-49 Survivors 70% source: JWT 2009
  16. 16. i[2]y & The YCC
  17. 17. YCC Psychographic ✴ The next untapped affinity market for cause-branding ✴ Vigilant, altruistic and socially responsible self-advocates who are more mature, goal-oriented, health-conscious, gainfully employed and significantly more highly educated ✴ Brand passionates who seek meaningful lifestyle-focused retail experiences that empower and connect while exclusively supporting i[2]y and the youth cancer culture movement ✴ Attracted to socially responsible brands “with conscience and transparency” who are “disruptive” and “non-conformist” brands with transparent “social influence” and “cultural impact” ✴ 89% will switch brand loyalty based on cause association
  18. 18. YCC Positive Affinity •3x-4x more likely to - purchase from businesses that support their causes - use social media, IM/sharing/tagging/blogging - make online purchases/donations - use cell for web & talk on phone - engage in offline cultural activities (movies/museums) - pursue higher/continuing education - volunteer for charitable organizations - visit health-related websites - download/purchase digital music/tickets online
  19. 19. Partnership Benefits ✴ Pre-saturated with trusted brand loyalty and media recognition across all platforms ✴ Our core demographic is your sweet spot ✴ Access to untapped affinity market of brand passionates, 89% of whom will switch brand loyalty based on cause association* ✴ Brand passionates typically active 17.5 people within their social influence sphere** *source: Cone/AMP **source: Jack Morton
  20. 20. Additional Co-Brandables
  21. 21. the cause
  22. 22. Supplemental Testimonials and Photos
  23. 23. Impact "What i[2]y has given me is a chance to take something that was completely devastating on a physical and emotional level and turn it into something wonderful.” "i[2]y not only makes me feel that I belong and that I am included, it allows me the opportunity to provide other survivors the same clairvoyant moment that I had when I first discovered the organization.” “I've been unable to stop spreading the word since I found it. Thank you for making a difference in my life."
  24. 24. “My doctor may have cured my cancer but i[2]y has saved my life. Thank you so much!” "The connections that I have made through i[2]y have brought so much love and support into my life, I know that it has helped me live and I would like to give back to our community of individuals." "Thank you for making such an incredible support network for all of us young adults. I had brain cancer and never thought I could find people who could understand my pain."
  25. 25. “I joined i[2]y to help others who were impacted by young adult cancer. What I did not realize or expect was the impact i [2]y would have on me, as a survivor myself. As I prepare for a multitude of new tests this year, my own fears are suddenly so muted. Thank you so much for changing my life in a way that no other cancer organization ever could have."
  26. 26. the cause