Wipro and KSP - Police IT Change Management Workshop


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Wipro and KSP - Police IT Change Management Workshop

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Wipro and KSP - Police IT Change Management Workshop

  1. 1. Wipro and KSP EvolutionPolice IT Change Management Workshop Inaugural Thoughts
  2. 2. Mission Statement As a modern, professional and effective police service, we keep Karnataka safe and secure
  3. 3. Police IT Trainings IT Basic Police IT Application System Administrator Training for Trainers Nodal Officers Training
  4. 4. Police IT Trainings General Change Management Unit Officers Training Managers Change Management for Change Agents
  5. 5. Who are our Change Agents? Unit OfficersCutting Edge Officers All other stakeholders
  6. 6. Where we actually are? Police IT 2000 2004 Software Dev 2005 Few Modules First Cut
  7. 7. Where we actually are 2005 to 2009 CR 1 to 3 11 Modules User Acceptance Test CR4
  8. 8. Where we actually are? First Phase Deployment 6th April ToT for Crime, Law & Order and Traffic Phased Pilot and Phased Deployment
  9. 9. Change Management Definition and Essentials Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level
  10. 10. Change Management Definition and Essentials A somewhat ambiguous term, change management has at least three different aspects, including: adapting to change controlling change, and effecting change
  11. 11. A Vision in the making Your vision is of utmost value as hardware, networking and the software would run on your vision and you ability to translate into reality what is handed over to you As a part of this training and all subsequent Unit Officers trainings let the participants present their vision by way of a: PPT presentation which would be documented, discussed here and then circulated 60 Visions would help create a Vision for us
  12. 12. A Change in you can change KSP  Complete understanding of Police IT and CCTNS projects  Take complete control of area of responsibility for these tasks  Hold yourself accountable for all the non- performance in computerization  Know your team  Personal Rapport on a daily basis with you Nodal Officer and the Training Manager
  13. 13. A Change in you can change KSP  Status of deployment- Screen by screen  Capacity building status- infrastructure and training manpower  Seamless integration of all tasks  Be in complete control of an irreversible process  By the time we meet next you would be working only on Police IT  And you would be questioned then for non delivery and will not have an opportunity to get trained at that point in time
  14. 14. The Effort Behind  We have left no stone unturned  From conceptualization to execution  Four Batches of 15 each for the convenience of the trainees  Best faculty is made available  Well thought out curriculum  Enough of spare time so that you always work with a fresh mind  It would the teams privilege to assist in any requirement of yours
  15. 15. Now its your turn to deliver
  16. 16. THANK YOU