Tetra World Congress 2012


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TETRA World Congress
Dubai, May 2012

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Tetra World Congress 2012

  1. 1. TETRA World Congress 2012TETRA World Congress 2012 Deploying TETRA for IndianDeploying TETRA for Indian Law Enforcement AgenciesLaw Enforcement AgenciesSanjay Sahay, IGP, Karnataka, India Assisted by: Abhinav Khare , ASP ,Karnataka,India
  2. 2. Presentation StructurePresentation Structure ••TETRA in India ,current status and futureTETRA in India ,current status and future expectationsexpectations ••Case studiesCase studies ••Problems in ImplementationProblems in Implementation ••RequirementsRequirements –– general and police specificgeneral and police specific ••TETRATETRA in Bangalorein Bangalore ••Blue Print for IndiaBlue Print for India
  3. 3. IndiaIndia ••1.21 billion population1.21 billion population •• 28 states28 states •• One of the fastest growing economiesOne of the fastest growing economies
  4. 4. TETRA in IndiaTETRA in India TETRA operationally is moreTETRA operationally is more than a decade old with nothan a decade old with nothan a decade old with nothan a decade old with no major footprint in thismajor footprint in this countrycountry
  5. 5. IndiaIndia--Current StatusCurrent Status ••Delhi Metro Rail CorporationDelhi Metro Rail Corporation ••GurgaonGurgaon PolicePolice ••Airport Delhi, Hyderabad and BangaloreAirport Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore ••CyberabadCyberabad PolicePolice CommissionerateCommissionerate ••Indian ParliamentIndian Parliament
  6. 6. Expected in near futureExpected in near future ••Bangalore CityBangalore City ••DelhiDelhi ••Hyderabad CityHyderabad City ••Disaster management agenciesDisaster management agencies••Disaster management agenciesDisaster management agencies
  7. 7. TETRA ImplementationTETRA Implementation Some Case StudiesSome Case Studies
  8. 8. GurgaonGurgaon PolicePolice ••GPS enabled TETRA in PCR vansGPS enabled TETRA in PCR vans ••Location tracking solution integrated withLocation tracking solution integrated with TETRATETRA ••Automatic display of 100 callers on digitalAutomatic display of 100 callers on digital mapmap
  9. 9. Indian ParliamentIndian Parliament ••2 Site Network2 Site Network ••India’s first secure encrypted TETRAIndia’s first secure encrypted TETRA systemsystem ••Inter agency coordination facilityInter agency coordination facility
  10. 10. Bangalore AirportBangalore Airport •• Two TETRA networks in operationTwo TETRA networks in operation ••R & S Access net TR & S Access net T-- system withsystem with SepuraSepura radiosradios ••MotorolaMotorola DimetraDimetra IP System and radiosIP System and radios
  11. 11. TETRA in IndiaTETRA in India ••TETRA still looks a distant dreamTETRA still looks a distant dream ••All the major cities still to give it aAll the major cities still to give it a concrete shapeconcrete shape •• Delhi Commonwealth GamesDelhi Commonwealth Games-- TETRATETRA not successfulnot successful
  12. 12. Where we failed?Where we failed?
  13. 13. Force OneForce One MaharashtraMaharashtra ••Requirement of mobile base stationRequirement of mobile base station-- HeavyHeavy ••1.8 watt battery against the 1 watt1.8 watt battery against the 1 watt international standardinternational standard ••Tender did not speak of interoperabilityTender did not speak of interoperability or future requirementor future requirement ••No upgradability to TEDS incorporatedNo upgradability to TEDS incorporated
  14. 14. Commonwealth GamesCommonwealth Games ••Seems lack of appropriate stakeholderSeems lack of appropriate stakeholder consultationconsultationconsultationconsultation ••Mismatch between logistics( sets etc)Mismatch between logistics( sets etc) and planned end user requirementsand planned end user requirements ••Is being used as an example by thoseIs being used as an example by those who oppose TETRAwho oppose TETRA
  15. 15. What is theWhat is the realreal problemproblem then?then?
  16. 16. IssuesIssues ••No Public Safety Network PolicyNo Public Safety Network Policy ••No National standardsNo National standards••No National standardsNo National standards ••No uniform bid process and uniform projectNo uniform bid process and uniform project implementation standardsimplementation standards
  17. 17. IssuesIssues ••Lack of national policy on TETRALack of national policy on TETRA ••Need of core technical team at different levelNeed of core technical team at different level ••Weak interdepartmental, inter state coordinationWeak interdepartmental, inter state coordination
  18. 18. IssuesIssues ••Policing is not a Federal SubjectPolicing is not a Federal Subject ••Lack of technical expertise inLack of technical expertise in••Lack of technical expertise inLack of technical expertise in bureaucracy leading to dependence overbureaucracy leading to dependence over consultantsconsultants ••Non clear operational requirements,Non clear operational requirements, adherence to unified specificationsadherence to unified specifications
  19. 19. IssuesIssues ••Uneasiness in moving away fromUneasiness in moving away from existing VHF networksexisting VHF networks ••INTERGATED STATE AND NATIONALINTERGATED STATE AND NATIONAL TECHNICAL PLANTECHNICAL PLAN
  20. 20. What are theWhat are the requirements?requirements?
  21. 21. System PerformanceSystem Performance RequirementRequirement ••CoverageCoverage-- qualityquality ofof serviceservice••CoverageCoverage-- qualityquality ofof serviceservice inin thethe proposedproposed radialradial meshmesh ••AvailabilityAvailability-- LowLow signalsignal loss/lowloss/low signalsignal toto noisenoise ratioratio ••LoadingLoading-- MultipleMultiple talktalk groupsgroups
  22. 22. NeedNeed forfor TETRATETRA ••ServiceService ProviderProvider NeededNeeded ••OEMOEM toto provideprovide equipmentequipment••OEMOEM toto provideprovide equipmentequipment ••SystemSystem IntegratorIntegrator toto configureconfigure thethe systemsystem ••UserUser AgencyAgency shallshall definedefine thethe needneed withwith clarityclarity
  23. 23. NeedNeed forfor TETRATETRA ••ApplicabilityApplicability inin highlyhighly denselydensely populatedpopulated asas wellwell asas ruralrural areasareas withwith fixedfixed andand mobilemobile wirelesswireless terminalsterminals ••AbilityAbility toto provideprovide voicevoice servicesservices usingusing vocodersvocoders ••DynamicDynamic allocationallocation ofof vocodersvocoders inin realreal timetime
  24. 24. NeedNeed forfor TETRATETRA ••AbilityAbility toto upgradeupgrade toto supportsupport operationsoperations inin anan evolvedevolved TETRATETRA 22 basedbased corecore networknetwork ••PossibilityPossibility toto integrateintegrate withwith IP/MPLSIP/MPLS NetworkNetwork ••IPIP basedbased backback haulhaul betweenbetween BSBS
  25. 25. PolicePolice SpecificSpecific ••Users: Senior Officers, Police Command &Users: Senior Officers, Police Command & Control Centers, Police Stations, PCRControl Centers, Police Stations, PCR VehiclesVehiclesVehiclesVehicles ••DialDial 100100 FirstFirst InformationInformation systemsystem ••AVLSAVLS basedbased dispatchdispatch systemsystem ••PublicPublic queryquery handlinghandling ••CustomCustom GUIGUI matchingmatching olderolder systemsystem
  26. 26. PolicePolice SpecificSpecific ••GreaterGreater backback endend automationautomation ••Traffic violation, vehicle verificationsTraffic violation, vehicle verifications••Traffic violation, vehicle verificationsTraffic violation, vehicle verifications ••Linkages with other governmentLinkages with other government stakeholdersstakeholders ••Public enquiries systemsPublic enquiries systems ••Distress reportingDistress reporting
  27. 27. TETRA Communication SolutionTETRA Communication SolutionTETRA Communication SolutionTETRA Communication Solution for Bangalore Policefor Bangalore Police
  28. 28. SolutionSolution ComponentsComponents ••TETRATETRA SystemSystem ••VoiceVoice andand DataData recorderrecorder ••AVLSAVLS andand integrationintegration withwith AVTSAVTS ••OFCOFC NetworkNetwork
  29. 29. AntiAntiAntiAnti---- Terrorist SquadTerrorist SquadTerrorist SquadTerrorist Squad Bangalore PoliceBangalore PoliceBangalore PoliceBangalore Police Home GuardsHome GuardsHome GuardsHome Guards VVIP SecurityVVIP SecurityVVIP SecurityVVIP Security Traffic PoliceTraffic PoliceTraffic PoliceTraffic Police Armed PoliceArmed PoliceArmed PoliceArmed Police
  30. 30. Network Coverage Plot 30 TETRA network for KSPHC 26/06/2012
  31. 31. TETRATETRA-- NEEDNEED Bangalore TETRA coverageBangalore TETRA coverage Phase IPhase I ••Bangalore TETRA coverage anBangalore TETRA coverage an integrated service for all public safetyintegrated service for all public safety stakeholdersstakeholders ••Bangalore Talk Groups in phase oneBangalore Talk Groups in phase one would be on broadcast modewould be on broadcast mode ••Bangalore Talk Groups ( Police) onBangalore Talk Groups ( Police) on enforcement modeenforcement mode
  32. 32. TETRATETRA-- NEEDNEED Bangalore TETRA coverageBangalore TETRA coverage Phase IIPhase II Bangalore TETRA to districtsBangalore TETRA to districts
  33. 33. TETRATETRA-- NEEDNEED ••Bangalore Talk GroupsBangalore Talk Groups information is the keyinformation is the key ••Bangalore Talk Log shall beBangalore Talk Log shall be used as enforceable decisionused as enforceable decision ••Bangalore Police Talk groupsBangalore Police Talk groups shall be able to listen to other talkshall be able to listen to other talk groupsgroups
  34. 34. TETRATETRA-- NEEDNEED ••Bangalore Talk GroupsBangalore Talk Groups configured in consultation withconfigured in consultation with other departmentsother departmentsother departmentsother departments •• One Bangalore coverage is aOne Bangalore coverage is a single roll out across allsingle roll out across all departmentsdepartments ••Base Station RequirementsBase Station Requirements
  35. 35. Base StationBase Station RequirementsRequirements ••Base station requirements shallBase station requirements shall be decided on the maps ofbe decided on the maps of existing infrastructure and theexisting infrastructure and theexisting infrastructure and theexisting infrastructure and the proposed infrastructureproposed infrastructure •• Delivery of voice to the last mileDelivery of voice to the last mile ••Direct Mode Operation only inDirect Mode Operation only in very High Rise Buildingsvery High Rise Buildings
  36. 36. BaseBase StationStation ••Every base station shall beEvery base station shall be networked and wirednetworked and wired •• Every base station shall provideEvery base station shall provide clear voice to all talk groups in lineclear voice to all talk groups in line of sight modeof sight mode •• Base Station location inBase Station location in consultation with the user Agencyconsultation with the user Agency
  37. 37. SystemSystem IntegratorsIntegrators RoleRole •• Propose solution using broadPropose solution using broad spectrum of equipmentsspectrum of equipments •• Ensure Quality of Service (QOS)Ensure Quality of Service (QOS) •• Comprehensive SLAComprehensive SLA ••Complete DeComplete De--risk Surveyrisk Survey
  38. 38. TETRATETRA ProcurementProcurement IssuesIssues LackLack ofof ClarityClarity ••TopologyTopology-- onlyonly radiusradius ofof operationoperation defineddefined-- 4040 kmskms •• BaseBase StationStation SpecificationsSpecifications andand FunctionalityFunctionality notnot defineddefined ••ConnectivityConnectivity undefinedundefined
  39. 39. One India One TETRAOne India One TETRA
  40. 40. TETRA Blueprint forTETRA Blueprint for IndiaIndia To gain the confidence of theTo gain the confidence of the Indian Law EnforcementIndian Law EnforcementIndian Law EnforcementIndian Law Enforcement Agencies the TETRAAgencies the TETRA Association shouldAssociation should commission a R & D Projectcommission a R & D Project to map three major citiesto map three major cities Delhi, Mumbai and BangaloreDelhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to start with.to start with.
  41. 41. GPS SAT. SYSTEMS DIGITAL MAP GIS Tetra RadioTetra Radio GPS WorkGPS Work 41 TETRA Base Station GPS, GIS for AVLS & Video SurveillanceGPS, GIS for AVLS & Video Surveillance At Emergency Call CentersAt Emergency Call Centers GPSGPS--Geographical Positioning systemGeographical Positioning system GISGIS--Geographical Information SystemGeographical Information System AVLSAVLS-- Automatic Vehicle Locating SystemAutomatic Vehicle Locating System GPS WorkGPS Work StationStation
  42. 42. Multi organizational Users connectivity Meteriology Housing Board Power MiningAgriculture& Poultry Network Police Corporations Fire service Medical TransportEducationSports Forest Tetra Network Network Management
  43. 43. TETRATETRA StandardizationStandardization A standard TETRA format needs to beA standard TETRA format needs to be created which is India centric and with thecreated which is India centric and with the final goal on One India One TETRAfinal goal on One India One TETRAfinal goal on One India One TETRAfinal goal on One India One TETRA The key to its success is uniformThe key to its success is uniform implementation of the technicalimplementation of the technical frameworkframework
  44. 44. TETRATETRA StandardizationStandardization TETRA would become integral part ofTETRA would become integral part of national homeland security challengenational homeland security challenge It would integrate regional responseIt would integrate regional response centers improving incidencecenters improving incidence preparednesspreparedness
  45. 45. TETRATETRA StandardizationStandardization ••It will provide common, mission criticalIt will provide common, mission critical communications infrastructure for allcommunications infrastructure for all public safety agenciespublic safety agenciespublic safety agenciespublic safety agencies ••It would link state police agencies, centralIt would link state police agencies, central forces, emergency response forces withforces, emergency response forces with unified control center .unified control center . ••There would be full seamless nationwideThere would be full seamless nationwide functionality e.g. group callsfunctionality e.g. group calls
  46. 46. TETRA during emergency terrorist strike Fire services Emergency Response Field units N S G Police Rescue commander Emergency Response Center Call Alarming and communication with field units using TETRA Common emergency number ‘100’ for all kinds of incidents
  47. 47. TETRA’s finalTETRA’s final integrationintegration Can TETRA be fully integratedCan TETRA be fully integratedCan TETRA be fully integratedCan TETRA be fully integrated with the POLICE IT ERPwith the POLICE IT ERP Solution already operationalSolution already operational in the state providing ease ofin the state providing ease of use to the end user?use to the end user?
  48. 48. TETRATETRA ••QuestionsQuestions••QuestionsQuestions •• ClarificationsClarifications ofof thethe TopologyTopology •• LimitationsLimitations ofof solutionssolutions
  49. 49. ThankThank YouYou