Police IT, Press Note


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Police IT, Press Note

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Police IT, Press Note

  1. 1. PRESS NOTE A Police Computer Wing was created in Karnataka in 1976 which was the first in India. The CCIS (Crime Criminal Information System) software of Government of India (GoI) was deployed in 1994. CIPA (Common Integrated Police Application) hardware and software project of GoI was launched across the country in 2004. Karnataka State Police continued with the CCIS software and upgraded the hardware with the ones provided under CIPA project. The police leaders had the vision and decided to go in for a software application exclusively for the state. This was the genesis of the Police IT project in the year 2003. This software has been developed by Wipro Ltd. It’s a comprehensive software application having the capacity to take the functioning of the Police to a digital mode. It covers all the functionalities of the police department and has a spread over every single unit of the department. The precursors to the deployment of the software are in place namely Data Center, Wide Area Network, Anti- Virus/FMS/Asset Management, Trained Manpower, Help Desk and the like. The software is the result of 700 man days of field study, 70 review meetings, 30,000 pages of documentation and 7000 man days of development effort. Overall more than 100 training sessions have been conducted imparting training to more than 4000 police personnel. The overall training requirement for the software to be optimally functional is capacity building of around 14,000 police personnel. The KSP Network comprises of 10 Mbps aggregation bandwidth at the State Police Data Center, 2 Mbps MPLS leased lines for 39 locations, and 512 Kbps VPNoBB for 1400 remote locations. The Data Center is also connected to a 4 Mbps Internet leased line which is distributed to 150 locations across the state. The Network has been created by BSNL and they are providing the Network Management Services as well. The main features of the application are: Centralised Architecture Based on .Net framework technology from Microsoft Based on ASP.Net with MS-SQL as Backend Reporting using Adobe PDF Format Uses http/https Protocol for client communication and universally accepted XML format for Data Interchange
  2. 2. Multi user and bilingual Role Based Access Workflow design Web based The Police IT application has twelve modules: Crime Law and Order Traffic Administration Finance Stores Armed Reserve Motor Transport Training Wireless Forensic Science Laboratory Executive Information System FSL and Foreigners Registration of the Law and Order Module are already functional. The deployment of the simpler modules is planned in the initial phase so that the software/hardware/networking and manpower is fully tested and made conversant. One intensive round of training would precede the deployment of the bigger modules. The magnitude of the deployment can be gauged from the fact that the 12 modules have to be deployed across 1439 locations in a phased manner with all activities, logistics and training being seamlessly integrated into each other. Govt. of India has accepted Karnataka as one of the lead states for the Crime Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project. This project aims at connecting 14,000 police stations and 6000 higher police offices across the country and also the development of Core Application Software which can be customized by the respective states. Karnataka has been permitted to implement its own software- Police IT. It has been subsumed into the prestigious CCTNS project of Govt. of India and in Karnataka presently the two projects function as one entity. The phased implementation of all the modules of Police IT software application is likely to be completed by the end of the 2010 calendar year.