CCTNS In Karnataka, Experience Sharing


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CCTNS In Karnataka - Experience Sharing
All India Police Science Congress, Raipur, June, 2010

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CCTNS In Karnataka, Experience Sharing

  1. 1. All India Police Science Congress, Raipur, June, 2010CCTNS In KarnatakaExperience SharingAll India Police Science Congress is highest forum for brainstorming onissues facing the Indian Police. Crime Criminal Tracking Network and SystemProject of the MHA plans to revolutionise the Police and make it at par with thebest in the world. The IT technology would be the bane for the Police as is thecase of most modern and tech savvy of most modern and tech savvy organisations.This powerpoint presentation was given by Sri Sanjay Sahay, IGP, PoliceComputer Wing, Bangalore, Karnataka, at the All India Police ScienceCongress at Raipur, June 2010. This presentation elaborates the model bywhich Karnataka became one of Advanced States in this project. An articlebased on this presentation was published in the Compendium of the All IndiaPolice Science Congress.Sanjay Sahay, IGP,PCW, Bangalore.
  2. 2. CCTNS In KarnatakaExperience SharingSanjay SahayIGP, Police Computer Wing,Karnataka
  3. 3. Presentation StructureIntroductionKarnataka Composite ModelMilestonesNetworkingFMS/Asset ManagementPolice ITPolice ITCCTNS-Police IT EntityCapacity BuildingChange ManagementIssuesChallengesConclusion
  4. 4. Before we start…How many of you feel that qualitativecommunication, lack of proper documentationand retrieval is the biggest problem with thePolice?ATMs, Mobiles, SMSs? You are already inthe center of the digital world.
  5. 5. Karnataka ComputerizationComposite ModelFirst state to be on full broadband networkingSingle operationERP Solution- end to endMultipronged training- basic/application/role based/Multipronged training- basic/application/role based/officers equally responsibleHiring of Trainer’s ModelSpecialist System AdministratorsMulti Organizational workforcePerfect synchronization of activities/processes
  6. 6. MilestonesSkeletal Data CenterBroadband networkingAnti Virus/Asset ManagementCCTNS lead stateProject Management of Police ITSystem AdministratorsSystem AdministratorsUAT for all Police IT ModulesSetting up Training CentersIntegration of Bangalore Traffic Police to the new networkE ProcurementGPS based AVLS systemGIS based G-CARE
  7. 7. KSP Wide Area Network
  8. 8. SPWAN NetworkSPWAN NetworkArchitectureArchitecture
  9. 9. Karnatak StateKarnatak StatePolice DataPolice DataCenter DesignCenter DesignUpgradedUpgradedDatacenterDatacenter
  10. 10. Networking IssuesBy default dynamic IPSix months battle with BSNLBSNL staff we interact with know only billing datesWeekly project review with BSNLBangalore in charge was not available for Central TeamBangalore in charge was not available for Central TeamTreat VPNoBB connections as single landlinesNetwork control is very difficultSBI- Datacraft- Key to BSNLKSP Network Diagram used
  11. 11. Anti-Virus2500 licenses have been installedInstalled through centralized antivirus serverRegular updates pushed to the client machines over theRegular updates pushed to the client machines over theKSPWANCentralized license managementCentralized report generationsCentralized virus database
  12. 12. Anti-VirusI joined when servers were full of viruses,computers seemed to be very acceptablepropositionBenefitsVirus free networkVirus free networkBetter Bandwidth availabilitySecured data communication through removablemediaProtections against spamming, intrusion
  13. 13. Asset ManagementIt monitors Networking Hardware and health of thesystems.Integrated with the Centralized Domain Controllers totrack network user activitiestrack network user activitiesEnable the Unit officers for vendor management toenforce the SLAsCustomized reports enable the unit officers to devicesstrategies for better quality of servicesFacilities Management Service is in place
  14. 14. Police ITPolice IT is a Comprehensive ERP system providingseamless integration to the day to day operationsof the Police DepartmentPolice IT in its conceptualization, creation and rollout would have a pioneering impact in the wayPolice in India would go digital in the days to come
  15. 15. POLICE ITFeaturesCentralized ArchitectureBilingualWorkflow designWorkflow designRole based access519 screens and 406 reports
  16. 16. Police IT-ModulesCrimeLaw & OrderTrafficFinanceAdministrationStoresStoresArmed ReserveMotor TransportTrainingWirelessForensic Science LaboratoryExecutive Information System
  17. 17. Screens and ReportsModules No Of Screens Reports TotalGeneralCrimeAdminFinanceLaw & OrderFROFSLWireless810211075621826910105446614232151820715414176414714WirelessTrainingArmed ReserveMotor TransportTrafficStoresTotal9242215331551951512195319406143927416852925
  18. 18. Crime ModuleInvestigationFIR to Result of AppealUDR ProceedingsRegistersMoB/ HS SheetRowdy/ Smuggler/ gang registerRowdy/ Smuggler/ gang registerBCR role A & BPersons matchingInstructionsInvestigation memoGCR reportCase progress remarks
  19. 19. ApprovalsFinal report B, C and UDRMoB/ HS/ rowdy sheet approvalFSL approvalsReportsCrime ModuleReportsMonthly statement reportsCrime Register reportsModus operandi reportsComparative statementsCrime reviewCrime in India
  20. 20. Crime Investigation Workflow(FIR to Result of appeal)
  21. 21. Crime Investigation WorkflowMOB/HS/Rowdy Sheet
  22. 22. Prevention is better that cureOtherwise it would become a tryst with destinyThe legal framework- well spelt SLAs with clear cut timelines,penal clauses, provisions of blacklisting etcAcademically bright, professionally extremely competent teamleader. A man with demonstrated capabilities acrossleader. A man with demonstrated capabilities acrossprojects/regions/domains. He is the key to the success or failure orthe projectVery close monitoring of the Software Development
  23. 23. Software DevelopmentLearningsEvery member of the development team should be cleared by thedepartmentThe team should be co locatedCreation of SRS very criticalCreation of SRS very criticalReal time User Acceptance TestsHandling of Change RequestsDetails of Roll out, Capacity Building and the Handholding Plan canbe cleared as a part of SLA
  24. 24. CCTNSKarnataka is one of the lead states based on thepresent stage of computerisationPolice IT is the front end for the CCTNS in the stateNISG is the state PMCNISG is the state PMCAll Governing Structures are in placeProcurement is about to startTraining infrastructure
  25. 25. CCTNS – Police IT• MissionMode Project• Wipro, thedeveloperPolice IT CCTNS• GoI acceptsKarnataka asa lead state• Both theprojects getintegratedLeadStateCCTNSPolice IT
  26. 26. Capacity Building PlanTraining InfrastructureTraining InfrastructureTraining for 75 SystemTraining for 75 SystemAdministratorsAdministratorsTraining forTraining forNodal OfficersNodal Officersof all Unitsof all UnitsTraining forTraining forMapping of EndMapping of End--UsersUsersDeployment of TrainersDeployment of TrainersBasic Training forBasic Training forEndEnd--UsersUsersTraining CurriculumTraining CurriculumBasic IT & Police ITBasic IT & Police ITTraining forTraining forTechnical TeamsTechnical Teamsof all Unitsof all UnitsPolice IT TrainingPolice IT Trainingfor Endfor End--UsersUsers& Handholding& Handholding
  27. 27. Present TrainingTraining Programs48 hours Basic Computer Awareness TrainingPolice IT Software Application TrainingSpecialized Training as in case of System AdministratorsModel of TrainingHiring of trainers using our own infrastructureCreation of CBTs for Police IT application underprogressQuality output is the only goal of the training
  28. 28. System Administrators TrainingState Govt. approved System Administrators trainingfor 75 police personnel.Selection of Candidates was through onlinetest/interview.test/interview.Intensive training in 3 phases, Customized SystemAdministrators training, MCSE and CCNA.Weekly evaluation, evaluation after each phase andfinal evaluation.
  29. 29. Specialized System AdministratorsTrainingOnline entrance test at SCRBInterviewCustomized need based trainingMCSEMCSECCNA- yet to startToday we have 65 MCSE certified Police Professionals inthe State Police, might be the highest amongst govt.depts/organisations
  30. 30. Training InitiativesIn-House trainers are being used for Basic training.All the ministerial staff are trained on Basic Training.Out-sourcing the Basic training on hiring the trainersOut-sourcing the Basic training on hiring the trainersmodel under CCTNS Project for 5000 end-users.To establish 30 District Training centers and 6Regional training centers across state under CCTNS.
  31. 31. Execution of the training planTraining Infrastructure to be established at all thecenters identifiedProfessional Trainer team to be hiredTraining for the Trainers for Police IT Applicationis being worked out with Wipro Ltdis being worked out with Wipro LtdDeployment of the TrainersNominating one officer as in-charge for eachtraining centerFormation of Training calendar for each TrainingCenter
  32. 32. Other softwarese-ProcurementGPS-AVLSe- BeatRecruitmentRecruitmentG-CAREBangalore City Traffic PoliceEnforcement- BlackberryRegulation- Video Surveillance
  33. 33. Estimate CreationEstimate ApprovalPreparation ofTender DocumentDraft TenderScheduleTender FinalizationMeasurement / InspectionPaymentIssue of Order Indent ManagementContract Management /Catalogue Managemente- ProcWorkflowScheduleApproval of Tender SchedulePublish of TenderSupplier RegistrationSubmission of BidTender OpeningTender EvaluationE-Tendering
  34. 34. Change ManagementA full fledged change management plancovering all dimensions of the issue,executable straight away, may be drawnimmediately and put into action. This wouldimmediately and put into action. This wouldtake care of major bottlenecks at the time ofdeployment of the software, when evenminor hiccups take a long time to beresolved
  35. 35. IssuesTraining for S-PMC by C-PMC,will cut down learning timeRegular flow of information between the twoTimelines cannot be extended as data/info is availableKnowledge of local language for consultants etc?Language of training?Customization process for application software-testingSynchronization of all activities and processes-networking, software creation/customisation, training,physical infrastructureMaintenance of the infrastructure created- its perfect functioningis the key to success
  36. 36. IssuesMain bottleneck are the officers- PSIs to DGPs, target groupfor training, special training program for offficers. Non technicalinputs as wellCan laptops with extra battery be used in power shortage areasOnly licensed software should be installed otherwise it mightlead to embarrassing situationslead to embarrassing situationsVisits by the Delhi team would help in maintaining the qualityand required corrections can be done sooner than laterFunctional and sustainable training model- viable even after thecompletion of this projectMost successful mission mode project can be used as a model
  37. 37. ChallengesChange in attitudeBe a practitioner yourself. If you change,the world changesProvide a robust network & network securityProvide a robust network & network securityData Center consolidation and managementData sharing with other department’s databases.Easier said than done. Completed data migrationfrom HRMS databaseProfessional benchmarking and certification forevery task/activity/process
  38. 38. Challenges…Personnel to be trained in a fully networkeddigital atmosphere, so far applications havemeant duplicationTraining infrastructure, training curriculum,integration of Police IT application training withintegration of Police IT application training withBasic Courses at all levels15,000 personnel to be trainedData migration from CCIS & Data digitizationwherever required
  39. 39. Challenges…Rollout is the process of Installation, Initial usageof the software till it is stabilized and the enduser becomes fully conversantA detailed plan for phase wise roll outsynchronizing with all other inputs is in finalsynchronizing with all other inputs is in finalstageHandholding by the software creator, any otheragency or by the departmentInitial roll out in a controlled atmosphere
  40. 40. ConclusionThe successful completion of this project would take thepolice to much higher level of efficiency, near totaltransparency, all mechanical work would become redundant,more human resources would be available for core tasks,better investigation, qualitative change in planning, splitbetter investigation, qualitative change in planning, splitsecond communication, perfect documentation/ retrieval, noalibi as the application is role based, need based passage ofinformation on the website/ press/individuals, tracking ofincidents/facts /details would be flawless etc.