International Green Summit


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An introduction to the International Green Summit (IS) that will be held in Moura, Portugal November 9 -14, 2009.
Moura, Portugal is home to the biggest solar plant worldwide

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International Green Summit

  1. 1. I.G.S. International Green Summit Moura, Portugal November 9-14, 2009 S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 1 Knowledge creates Change
  2. 2. Moura Introduction In less than three years, Portugal has trebled its hydropower capacity, quadrupled its wind power, and is investing in flagship wave and photovoltaic plants Moura, Portugal is home to the world's largest solar photovoltaic farm, generating electricity straight from sunlight, which boasts the most sunshine per square meter a year in Europe. The £250m farm covers an area nearly twice the size of London's Hyde park. It is expected to supply 45MW of electricity each year, enough to power 30,000 homes S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 2 Knowledge creates Change
  3. 3. I.G.S. Introduction • The international Green Summit will take place in Moura, Portugal on November 9 to 14, 2009. • I.G.S. is organized with the total support of Moura’s Government. A contract has been signed between I.G.S. and the Government of Moura and will be announced in an International press conference on May 17th, 2009 to celebrate the event. S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 3 Knowledge creates Change
  4. 4. I.G.S. Introduction The Summit Program will be focused on broadcasting of old, current, and new Green technology, best practices, and activities intended to emphasize the importance of a “Green Environment”. The knowledge, capabilities and strengths of the participating organizations from different countries and the sponsoring companies, will be pivotal to the success of the Summit and the corresponding exhibition. International Green Summit, Inc.’s team is a mixed multi-lingual combination of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in green environment, events, hospitality, communications, marketing, sales, and business. These backgrounds, dedication, and the team structure, give IGS a definitive edge in understanding and visualizing this summit's potential. S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 4 Knowledge creates Change
  5. 5. I.G.S. Goal IGS will create awareness on how we can help conserving our natural ressources and save our planet, and how can we as individuals help reversing these effects. The International Green Summit will be open to the public the last day with only a donation of 1 €. Half of the money raised by this donation will go to a charity organization in Berlin. The slogan of our summit is “awareness creates knowledge, knowledge creates a change”. Change can be achieved only if we all work hand in hand to reverse the climate change effects and save our planet. IGS will help facilitate and quicken the embracing of new and existing green technologies, clean and sustainable business technologies solutions & practices by educating the world on what green products are, or will be, readily available for consumers to purchase. S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 5 Knowledge creates Change
  6. 6. I.G.S. Purpose The Organizers of the Summit believe a shift to a clean, green economy can improve the health and well-being of the whole planet population, such a shift can also create and expand entrepreneurial, wealth-building opportunities for workers worldwide that need new avenues of economic advance. Meaning that the national effort to curb oil dependence and global warming can simultaneously create new green-collar jobs, safer streets and healthier communities, and a better tomorrow for our children and our grand children. • Connect activists and advocates, organizations, policy makers, practitioners, and business, labor, and Green leaders together to promote green planet that benefits all. • Increase public awareness on the potential of reversing global warming • Promote best green practices, technologies and policies on an international platform • Help Building an on-line community generated through social networking, web-casts and webinars. S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 6 Knowledge creates Change
  7. 7. How is I.G.S. Different The Green Summit is a one of a kind summit and exhibition. It is a dream platform that will bring sponsors, exhibitors and visitors together under one roof. It will be introducing numerous products to the average consumer around the world. The Summit is highly targeted to database of attendee profiles to match that of the event. This ensures that the audience is precise and the sales efforts can be accurate and cost-effective. Also, live web cast will be broadcasted over the TV cable stations and Internet web cast in many languages, enabling each company, to offer their products/ ideas to the market place as follows: Number Forecast/ Media Viewer projected numbers Web-cast viewers 350,000,00 Cable Viewers 575,000.000 Satellite viewers 225,000.00 TOTAL 1,150,000,000 S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 7 Knowledge creates Change
  8. 8. Summit Attendees Profile: Attendance: • The audience IGS is captivating can be the total population of the planet by showcasing products that apply to every single person. In addition, awards and recognition will be given for individual and organization efforts for contributions to the Green industry. There will also be a range of integrated social activities to encourage networking and off-line discussion • 1200+ comprising sponsors/ exhibitors/ delegates and Press members from countries from around the world are expected to attend the Summit. Organizations representing the continents of Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America are targeted. The last day of the exhibition will be open to the public, 3,000+ are expected to attend. • Please request our sponsorship opportunities kit • Please request our exhibitor/ delegate registration forms S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 8 Knowledge creates Change
  9. 9. Sponsorships Levels SPONSORSHIP LEVELS IN USD Diamond Emerauld Sapphire Ruby Opal Level of Naming Rights Stage Sponsorships Opening/closimg Breakfast Remaining Meals Participating sponsorship Celebration Dinner Sponsorships Companies Amount $ 2,500,000.00 $ 1,500,000.00 $ 750,000.00 $ 375,000.00 $ 50,000.00 SPONSORSHIP LEVELS IN EUROS Diamond Emerauld Sapphire Ruby Opal Level of Naming Rights Stage Sponsorships Opening/closimg Breakfast Remaining Meals Participating sponsorship Celebration Dinner Sponsorships Companies Amount € 2,000,000.00 € 1,100,000.00 € 500,000.00 € 250,000.00 € 35,000.00 S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 9 Knowledge creates Change
  10. 10. Who should attend • Integrators, innovators that are Green or turning Green • Green Construction industry:(Architects, design companies, • contractors, builders) • Green Material and Equipment Manufacturers • Law Firms involved in Energy audits/ litigations • Auto Industry • Transportation Sector • Green Fuel & Batteries Vendors • Financial institutions • Green Organizations& Associations both Governmental& • Non-Governmental • Food manufacturers and suppliers • Cleaning products industry • Home appliances industry • Tourism Sector especially Eco-Tourism S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 10 Knowledge creates Change
  11. 11. Companies working with I.G.S. • Supporting groups & Foundations • Object Management Group: • • • • Enviromental Networking, Lda • Website Partners: • • • • • • S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 11 Knowledge creates Change
  12. 12. Something to think about Some Causes of the problem: Global Warming Energy Waste Pollution Chemical Disposal Trying to Conserve: Coral Wildlife Nature Rain Forest Endangered Species Glaciers Marine Some solutions: Biking Bus Walking Car Pool Solar Power Recycle Wind Energy S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 12 Knowledge creates Change
  13. 13. Conclusion The IGS is targeting all demographics, ages, socio- economic levels, genders, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and races. The World’s people have been searching and looking for green products and have never had the opportunity to see a showcase like this. Exhibitors and corporate sponsors will be at fore front of every person’s mind, and showing them as a whole that all industries, and companies within, are looking out for what’s the best for the World we live in. Show the world commitment towards a clean, green planet at this summit. This is a chance to show that, all of us as a group can make all the difference. We know that this historical event will be remembered by many generations to come as a turning point in the Green movement and not just another green event. S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 13 Knowledge creates Change
  14. 14. I.G.S. Contacts • Michael Padurano CEO/ Founder International Green Summit, Inc. (561) 856 5501 • Mike Cicci COO International Green Summit, Inc. (561) 633 1827 For more information, please visit • Sahar H. Andrade our webiste: SR VP Project Management (818) 554 4737 • Jennifer Pastorini SR VP Marketing/ Media: IGS S.H. Andrade Awareness creates Knowledge, 14 Knowledge creates Change