Why does my Business need Lead Nurturing?


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Nurturing your “Not Sales Ready” leads engaged is all about collaborating and conveying the right messages at the right time.

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Why does my Business need Lead Nurturing?

  1. 1. Why does my Business need Lead Nurturing?<br />It is a shocking reality that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales opportunities. (Source: Marketing Sherpa). B2B marketing and lead generation experts point to the lack of efficient lead nurturing process as the primary cause of the poor stats.<br />It’s a fact that the bulk of website visitors and prospects are “Not Sales Ready” leads. However, these prospects have to be kept constantly engaged if you want them to ultimately become your customers. Keeping these “Not Sales Ready” leads engaged is all about collaborating and conveying the right messages at the right time. This consistent and meaningful dialog with your prospective buyers regardless of their timing to buy is Lead Nurturing.<br />Lead nurturing is important for Business, because you’ve already invested time and resource in generating the lead and you don’t want them to forget your company when they are ready to buy. Also as these leads have already registered their interest in your products and services, there’s a good chance they will buy from you and help you build your loyal customer base if you develop a good relationship with them. <br />Lead Nurturing is providing highly relevant educational content to prospects early in the buying process mostly in the form of Emails. It is an art of delivering content of sufficient value that your prospect audience remains engaged. If done well, successful nurturing can build a strong brand and solution preference long before a prospect is actively engaged in a buying process.<br />Lead Nurturing has the following benefits for your Business.<br /><ul><li>Strengthens and deepens your relationship with your prospects over time
  2. 2. Ensures that your product/services remain top of the mind when these long-term opportunities are ready to buy
  3. 3. Reinforces and builds favorable brand impression for your product /services
  4. 4. Raised win rates on marketing-generated leads as ROI of your lead generation efforts
  5. 5. Lead nurturing is an excellent low cost and powerful way stay engaged with future potential buyers early in the sales cycle
  6. 6. Lead Nurturing campaigns yields astonishing results with higher deal closure rates and also builds a reliable sales pipeline for future
  7. 7. Nurtured prospects are also loyal customers and hence lead nurturing can also serve in client retention.