Sales Force Automation


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Automate, Simplify and Manage all the information your sales organization needs with one comprehensive CRM tool: Impel CRM

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  • Automate, Simplify and Manage all the information your sales organization needs with one comprehensive CRM tool: Impel CRM
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Sales Force Automation

  1. 1. ImpelCustomerRelationshipManagement (CRM)Automate, simplifyand manage all theinformation yoursales organizationneeds with onecomprehensive CRMtool.
  2. 2. IntroductionEvery sales force is burdened with numerous routine, cumbersome,administrative manual procedures that can disrupt sales cycles and interferewith actual selling time. Most of the times, busy sales representatives feel thatthey do not have time to follow-up prospects, leads and end up chasing bestleads and ignore the rest. As a result the sales organization are unable to trackleads, customer information are scattered across and no up-to-date data ofcustomer is available.Which brings to our subject : CRM systemsFor many organizations, CRM Software has demonstrated its ability to provideimmediate value to the sales force by improving their ability to sell, to streamlineand automate sales process, to spend more with prospects and customersunderstanding their needs ,requirements and significantly increasing theirsuccess rates.
  3. 3. Elements of a CRM System Sales Marketing Product Customer Force Automation Mgmt Support Automation Business Functions Content Management Personalization Query/Report Mgmt E-Mail and Collaboration Platform
  4. 4. Collaborate and Close Sales with Impel CRM Helps you sell more.  Marketing automation and lead management ensure that you get higher-volume and higher quality leads.  Effective qualification improves sales potential and cuts time on wasted leads.  By automating time-consuming tasks and reducing data entry, CRM gives you more time for selling. Makes you more responsive to customers since you have a complete view of all sales history, complaints, etc Lets you identify high value customers and chase them effectively. Impel CRM lets you effectively manage all aspects of sales cycle and increase the teams performance. Empowers your sales team by streamlined and simplified sales processes.
  5. 5. Impel CRM Concepts. Leads: A lead is a raw and Opportunity: is a qualified unqualified entity but a prospect interested in your potential opportunity for your Business and builds your sales Business pipeline. CRM Concepts Accounts: Accounts are Contacts: Contacts are people. Companies, these could be your They are individuals associated customers, dealers, partners with the Accounts that you are and even competitors. tracking
  6. 6. Track your Potential Opportunities: Leads A sales lead is the identity of a human or entity potentially interested in purchasing your product or service, and represents the first stage of Sales Cycle. Sales leads are generic leads – generated from either lead generation processes such as trade fair, trade shows, direct marketing, advertising, Internet marketing, Referrals etc. For a sales lead to qualify as a sales opportunity these leads must be tracked effectively, qualification must be performed and evaluated. You can do all this and much more with Impel’s Lead Management system.
  7. 7. Lead Management. Web-2-Lead. Easily build forms that automatically transfer Web site leads right into Impel CRM and send a personally tailored response back to the prospect. Consolidate lead. By quickly importing leads in to the CRM system either by Manual data entry or CSV upload. Automatic lead routing. This lead-management feature lets you route leads automatically to the right sales organization or rep based on your organization’s territories, business rules. Lead history tracking. Impel CRM’s lead tracking lets you monitor every change from lead creation to conversion. Lead qualification. Essential part of lead management, lead-qualification processes ensures that comprehensive qualification processes re carried out to have qualified business opportunities. Lead conversion. All it takes is a single click to convert qualified leads to business opportunities.
  8. 8. Fig. Lead Management Portal
  9. 9. Build your pipeline with Opportunities. Business opportunity is your qualified lead to whom you can sell your product or services. Opportunities are the sales or deals that you want to track. By adding opportunities, you are building your “pipeline” by qualified prospects. Opportunity tracking and effective management can help you collaborate and close deals efficiently. With Impel’s Opportunity management system you can chase less and close more deals.
  10. 10. Opportunity Management.  Opportunity tracking. Impel CRM streamlines collaboration across your organization. centralized place to update all opportunity-related information— customer communications, stages, business you likely to generate etc.  Opportunity analysis. Improve sales lead tracking with fast, easy analysis of your CRM sales pipeline  Collaboration. With a rich, up-to-date data source at their fingertips at all times, reps and managers can close deals faster  Opportunity stages: Opportunities have “Stages” that show how the deal is progressing and identify ,eliminate bottlenecks in the sales cycle if any.  Sales Forecasting. Tracking opportunities shows how much business you are likely to generate.
  11. 11. Succeed by effectively managing Accounts. Accounts are Companies. These organizations are your customers, dealers, partners and even competitors. Complete details of Accounts helps your internal team collaborate easily and have a single view of your customer’s across products, territories, buying history and the company trends which helps you up-sell and cross-sell. Through Impel CRM’s Account Management , you can build a loyal and more profitable relationship with your accounts as you have a deeper understanding of each account.
  12. 12. Account Management Capture data . All the required data of your accounts. Be it addresses, phones, industry, revenues, type, employees. Related info such as contacts, opportunities, activities, tickets, notes Identify Opportunities. and improve up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Consistent Interactions. Ensure health of your accounts with by being in regular touch . Collaborate . Share account information across internal departments to have a single view of customer. Build Relationships. Understand account status at all touch points and build loyal relationships
  13. 13. Contacts, Key to grow your Business. Contacts are People. People associated with the Accounts that you are tracking. Contacts can be associated with multiple accounts in different roles. Contacts can be created when a Lead is converted, by being added individually or by being uploaded in to the CRM data. Impel CRM’s Contact Management is an integrated solution that allows organizations to store and manage contact information, interactions, activities associated to the contacts and their respective accounts.
  14. 14. Contact Management Contacts represent the view of the respective accounts. Helps you build, track and manage your contact database as a single repository with a consolidated view and track all the activities associated to each of these contacts. Manage all customer and prospect communications and interactions in one centralized hub. Avoids duplication of data as the CRM system automatically checks for duplication and increases data cleanliness. Easily import all your contacts to the CRM with the CSV import.
  15. 15. A highly comprehensive yet fast-to-deploy CRM solution,Impel CRM goes far beyond any other Software-s-a-Service(SaaS)offering. Bring clarity to your sales and accelerateprocesses, build long-term customer relationships, boostcall center efficiency and derive business intelligence.With Impel CRM you can do all this and more – leveragingan easy-to-use and highly tailorable solution offered at apredictable per user, per month price !!
  16. 16. Our integrated suite of on-demand CRM application is reliedupon by the Customers to align their business to accelerateSales.ImpelCRM Product BrochureImpelCRM Concept NoteImpelCRM Product DemonstrationsSchedule a DemoHave our CRM experts present you the buzz of On-Demand CRM.Sign up for a Free Trial and leverage Impel CRM suite !!
  17. 17. PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore-basedsoftware company that delivers software solutions in arevolutionary manner . PK4 is the SaaS CRM leader inIndia. Our flagship CRM product - Impel hosted CRM goesfar beyond any other Software-s-a-Service (SaaS) offering sand helps companies put their customers at the center oftheir business.