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Impel Touch, an HTML5 Business App that helps you transform the way you do Business. Whether you're running the next great business pitch from your phone or you just need to jot down ideas and edit documents on the go, we have you covered. A highly flexible Andriod app for a wide variety of Business tasks - improving field operations to delivering rich high-end iterative content on the move or be it collecting structured data or tracking geo-coded locations. Impel Touch does it all!

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Impel Touch - HTML5 Business App

  1. 1. Impel Touch can be deployed across a variety of platforms including Android-based tablets and phones and other HTML5-compliant platforms like iPads,iPhones and Blackberry Web OS-based devices. Impel Touch helps companiesget a dramatically improved view into field operations. For example: An agri-business can track, pretty much in real time, the results of its product use in remote locations in the country by kitting out its field personnel with an Android device (tablet or phone). While the device helps the user be effective in the coverage of his/her geographical area, corporate users can review and act on, for example, photos and videos of farmers, crops, crop-related diseases delivered from the field, annotated by geo-location, farmer demographics and so on. A rural healthcare network can track field delivery of care, with device users tracking patient visits, medical records and the like while corporate users can deliver patient-education videos and presentations from central design down to the device. An insurance provider can ensure clear and reliable claims adjustment by enabling adjusters who take photos and videos of assets on location; combined with the details of the policy and/or the claim, this becomes a complete record that can be synchronized back with the provider’s own systems. A pharma company can ensure full field geographical coverage via geo- located reporting of salesperson visits to dealers and doctors, including photographic proof, say, of sample delivery. Salespeople can use the same devices to deliver rich content about their products to doctors and dealers. A consumer goods company can track dealer inventory along with orders, payments and other details in the field by using a bar-code reader on the device integrated with, say, order info from a back-end SAP system that delivers data to Impel via its SOAP interface, synced with the device.Impel Touch combines the sensory capabilities of the Tablet (GPS location,barcodes, photos, videos, etc.) with the analytical capabilities of the Cloud.Essentially: Tablets can do a whole lot in terms of end-user computing and content delivery. Impel Touch is an HTML5 app that sits on the tablet and delivers several functions including collecting structured data and content and delivering photos, videos, etc. downloaded from Impel CRM (our SaaS offering).
  2. 2. Tablets are location-aware, so specific locations of events, people, dealers, even content (photos, videos, etc.) can all be tracked and reported. Impel Touch also records geo-location periodically, reporting that back to Impel CRM. Tablets can create content that can be reviewed and used for care-delivery, scientific analysis, marketing, etc. Impel Touch integrates such content creation with the collection of structured data (doctor interaction + photo of sample delivery, for example). All this data is collected into our central servers for non-field personnel to review and report on. So Impel Touch content and data are automatically synced with Impel CRM and are available in reports and on maps. Both the tablets and Impel CRM are very secure and reliable, so companies can deploy these devices without worrying about external data theft.Call us today on +91-80-3008-0000 and find out how easy it is to get your fieldoperations dramatically improved.