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Customer Support Automation
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Customer Support Automation


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Customer Service – not a Cost but an Opportunity !!!

Customer Service – not a Cost but an Opportunity !!!

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Impel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables Organizations transform Customer SupportBuild Customer Satisfaction not your Business Costs
  • 2. "We wanted a system that was easy-to-use, quick to implement and at Indian prices.With ImpelCRM, we got all that and more." Alok Modi, CEO, Modi Tyres Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • 3. Supporting customers is a necessary part of doingbusiness in today’s world. Customer RelationshipManagement has been given so much importance thesedays than ever before and your CRM must put yourCustomer at the center of your business.Making CRM an integral part of your daily businessprocesses can reap ample number of benefits likeimproving your sales, optimizing effectiveness ofmarketing campaigns and resolving issues quickly.Overall enabling you to enhance your business !!
  • 4. Customer Support is an integrated part of Impel suite. Impel’s Customer Support module empowers you to track customer satisfaction at the most granular level possible by allowing support executives to better manage their customer service and support operations in many ways. The Customer Service Automation allows you to build and retain customer satisfaction by resolving issues efficiently. Consistent access to up-to-date information across domains of your organization. Continually improve Service Effectiveness across all customer touch points with a contact center, manage agent activity and resolve bottlenecks.
  • 5. Impel CRM allows users to better manage their customerservice and support operations in many ways. • Make your agents productive Call Center and customers happier with the Multichannel support module. • Centrally store and manage Knowledge important support information Base to continually improve Customer Service effectiveness . Ticket • Support agents can record, track access a 360-degree view of user Management tickets to provide effective Portal customer support.
  • 6. Leverage productive Inbound Call Center with Impel’s Customer Support Automation Module. Server Cards With the Inbound Call-Center Edition, day to day POTS 800 PRI GSM operations becomes much more productive, since Asterisk Server POTS EPABX Phones the integrated call router automatically routes the call to the free agent resulting in shortening theVOIP Phone mean time to answer. When the call is picked up, Win/Lin PC with Headset all relevant data regarding the called person pops Users access Impel across the Internet. up on the agents screen automatically. A simple point-and-click interface, allows the CCE Users use VOIP phones or software on their desktops to talk. Incoming and outgoing calls terminate at the local Asterisk Server. Asterisk Server can be configured to forward calls on specific extns., etc. to PBX. Server has special hardware (cards) to integrate with POTS, PRI and GSM networks. to record the results of the call quickly and efficiently resulting in a productive Call Center.
  • 7. Empower you support agents with Impel’s great Ticket Management Portal The core of Customer Support is the better management of User Issues. Impel’s Ticketmanagement portal allows agents to track andsee a detailed view of users requests, responses and related activities. These can be a phone calls, emails or other types of exchanges- all easily tracked in the ticket portal interface. This not only centralizes customer support but also help to bridge the gap between sales and support.
  • 8. Fig. Ticket Management Portal with a preference driven menus and fields.
  • 9. Service Request Management Servicing is key to Business Growth. And if you sell products that need regular service, scheduling and tracking such eventsbecomes a major responsibility. Every service call that you miss means loss in service revenue. Impels Service request module covers this and many more challenges associated. Impel eases the service requests creation, scheduling service calls with reminders, reassign and reschedule calls, SMSupdates to service engineers etc. This can easily reduce the cost of service operations internally, can turn your services into a trackable and repeatable revenue-earner. At its best, track the needs of your Customer.
  • 10. Centralized Information Store – Knowledge Base Module For providing a consistent and satisfying service experience for customers , one must have access to the right information instantly. Impel CRM provides its user to create a centralized data repository through its Knowledge Base module. KB is a store for company data, product information, best practices etc. This makes availability of all relevant data simpler and quicker. FAQ’s could aid the support agents with common issues and the best practiced ways to restore services quickly and accurately .
  • 11. Fig: Form to add a Knowledge Base item, KB is a centralized data repository
  • 12. Delivering world class Customer Support becomes a Reality Call Center with automated Centralized Knowledge Base dialer saves time and effort of with best practices and FAQ’s support agents allowing you to leverage a more productive for a faster and accurate Call Center. resolution at no extra cost. Impel Customer Support Module 360 degree view of User Issues Build and retain Customer reported , tracked, updated Satisfaction, turn your Support Center to a Revenue and resolved efficiently in the generator with Impel’s Service Ticket Management Portal. Request Management.
  • 13. Customer Service – is not a Cost but an Opportunity.An opportunity to correct Product faults in theconsumer’s mind. An opportunity to identify newfeatures for our product. Most importantly, anopportunity to find new sales leads. Our Customer Serviceis good because that’s good for “US” as much as for ourusers. Kishore, CEO, Impel CRM
  • 14. A highly comprehensive yet fast-to-deploy CRM solution,Impel CRM goes far beyond any other Software-s-a-Service(SaaS)offering. Bring clarity to your sales and accelerateprocesses, build long-term customer relationships, boostcall center efficiency and derive business intelligence. WithImpel CRM you can do all this and more – leveraging aneasy-to-use and highly tailorable solution offered at apredictable per user, per month price !!
  • 15. Our integrated suite of on-demand CRM application is reliedupon by the Customers to align their business to accelerateSales.ImpelCRM Product BrochureImpelCRM Concept NoteImpelCRM Product DemonstrationsSchedule a DemoHave our CRM experts present you the buzz of On-Demand CRM.Sign up for a Free Trial and leverage Impel CRM suite !!
  • 16. For more information, please visit