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Sahaita Project Goals

  1. 1.<br />“Give the Gift of Hope”<br />Help the underprivileged, save lives<br />Sahaita Project Outline – January, 2010<br />Presented By:<br />Dr. Harkesh Sandhu, President/Founder<br />Mrs. Baljit Sandhu, CEO/CFO<br />Mr. Amritpal Sing Sra, COO<br />Mr. Billy Bath, Director Marketing<br />
  2. 2. Our Mission<br />Our mission is to provide education and healthcare services and resources to poor; especially the poorest to create a world without poverty. <br />What we do:<br />Children Education: We provide educational services to help children shape their own future<br />Health Care: We provide health care clinics and health prevention education<br />Shelter: We provide shelter to children, adults and seniors<br />
  3. 3. Our Founding Values<br /><ul><li>Vision: Long Term CommitmentWe believe that together we can build trustworthy relationship with our donors, volunteers and the communities we serve
  4. 4. Change: Courage to make differenceWe challenge traditional methods of care for poor and champion innovation that makes a difference in the lives of poor
  5. 5. Team: We Trust our teamWe honor and trust the voice, professionalizing and integrity of our staff and volunteers
  6. 6. Accountability: We are responsibleWe hold ourselves and our partners accountable for transparency and measurable results, including social and financial performance
  7. 7. Partnership: We build BridgesWe first seek to form partnerships with those who can advance our mission before acting alone</li></li></ul><li>Our Service Vision (to be)<br /><ul><li>Education for Children: Provider of best opportunities to needy Children of Punjab, India
  8. 8. Target by 2016: : 2,500* Children per Year
  9. 9. Health Care: Provider of best health care to the poor and improvised people of Punjab and Northern India
  10. 10. Target by 2016: 100,000 Patients per Year
  11. 11. Target by 2016: 1,000 Eye Surgery per Year
  12. 12. Residence / Shelter: Provider of shelter to Orphans, Physically and Economically disadvantaged Children, Adults and Elderly
  13. 13. Target by 2016: 300 Seniors per Year
  14. 14. Target by 2016: 300 Children per Year
  15. 15. Strong Donor & Volunteer Foundation Base:
  16. 16. Target by 2016: Register 5,000 donors worldwide
  17. 17. Target by 2016: Recruit 200 volunteers worldwide</li></ul>*Includes 300 Children at Sahaita Ghar and 2,200 sponsored via partner organizations. <br />
  18. 18. Our Vision 2016 (to do)<br />Infrastructure, How we will deliver services and provide resources to poor<br /><ul><li>Build Sahaita Health-Clinics: Sahaita to build and operate localized health-clinics in remote villages of Punjab, India.
  19. 19. Target by 2016: Clinics, 5 in Punjab
  20. 20. Target by 2016: Doctors, 5 on Staff
  21. 21. Build Sahaita-Ghar in Ludhiana: Provider of best opportunities to needy Children of Punjab, India
  22. 22. Target by 2016: Shelter, for 100 Children
  23. 23. Target by 2016: Shelter, for 250 Seniors
  24. 24. Target by 2016: Clinic, for 400/week Patient
  25. 25. Target by 2016: 5 Doctors on Staff
  26. 26. Target by 2016: 3 Mobile Clinic Vans
  27. 27. Senior Center Facility: Build and operate local shelter at Chinor, Himachal Pradesh, India.
  28. 28. Target by 2016: Shelter, for 100 Seniors
  29. 29. Services via Partner NGOs in India:
  30. 30. Target by 2016: Organizations, Total 15 in N. India
  31. 31. 10, Children Schools or Shelters or both
  32. 32. 6, Adult / Senior Hospitals or Shelter or</li></li></ul><li>Our Vision 2016 (to measure): Service Goal Targets<br />
  33. 33. Organization Update: Executive Team <br />Chief Executive Officer (CEO)<br />Mrs. Baljit Kaur Sandhu<br />Chief Operating Officer (COO):<br />Mr. Amritpal Singh Sra<br />Chief Financial Officer (CFO)<br />Mrs. Baljit Kaur Sandhu<br />Special Aid: Legal Advisor<br />Ms. Ginny Walia<br />Director, Fundraising<br /><ul><li>Mrs. Ruby Waraich</li></ul>Director, Marketing & Technology<br /><ul><li>Baljit “Billy” Bath</li></ul>Director, Sponsorships (Children)<br /><ul><li>Mrs. Poonam Preet Kaur</li></ul>Director, Grants & Special Projects<br /><ul><li>Mrs. Balvir Khunkhun</li></ul>Director, Field Operations (Int’l)<br /><ul><li>Dr. Harkesh Singh Sandhu</li></ul>Director, Field Operations (Health)<br /><ul><li>Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur Johal</li></ul>Director, Field Operations (Social)<br /><ul><li>Mrs. Madhu Dhillon</li></ul>Director, Services (Members Support)<br /><ul><li>Mr. Amardeep Singh Chohan</li></li></ul><li>Sahaita Worldwide Project Collaboration:<br />Website<br />CMS<br />Photo-Albums<br />Online Shopping<br />Online Donations<br />Online Sponsor-a- Child<br />Event Calendar<br />Discussion Forum<br />Online Blogs<br />Personal Fundraising<br />WEBSITE VISITORS<br />TRADITIONAL <br />DONORS<br />ONLINE<br />DONORS<br />Personal Profile<br />Credit Cards<br />Events<br />Mailing <br />Lists<br />Case <br />Tickets<br />Donation<br />History<br />Pledges<br />Member-ship<br />Grants<br />SPONSORED CHILDREN<br />LEAD GENERATION<br />VOLUNTEER<br />NETWORK<br />
  34. 34. Volunteer (and Donor) Registration Appeal<br />Please Register Online and Share:<br />Your Specialty (Your professional experience)<br />Your Interest (Pick a Functional Group)<br />Your Availability & Commitment (Schedules)<br />
  35. 35. Please Continue to Support Us Thank You God ..Thank You Donors and Volunteers !!“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up some on else”-Booker T. Washington<br />