zipForm(r) Plus Class Slides for CBH


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Sept 2013 zipForm Plus classroom and webinar slides for CBH

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zipForm(r) Plus Class Slides for CBH

  1. 1. zipForm(r) Plus Now Java Free and Easier to Navigate & Use! (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  2. 2. Java Who? Java is a programming language from the good old days that has been considered a backbone of the internet for many years. Java has been having some issues lately and a recent security scare caused all sorts of online drama … zipForm(r) is now Java free. This means that you will be able to login faster and you will not have to update Java every time you try to use the program.Yey. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  3. 3. Profile & Settings (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  4. 4. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Login to zipForm(r) as you normally would (same username & password)
  5. 5. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 At the top right, you will see your NAME with a drop-down arrow underneath. • Click on the drop-down to see the menu • Click on Profile Make your updates and changes here first. Edit Profile
  6. 6. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 About Me
  7. 7. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 About Me Make changes and edits to your information here – including changing your username and password. Add a photo (standard browse and upload) and set-up your email signature.
  8. 8. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Libraries The Libraries tab will show you the form libraries you have access too.We do not purchase the mobile version of zipForm(r) for you (for access on your iPad, tablet and/or smartphone) – this is on you.
  9. 9. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 MobileVersion To purchase the mobile version, use the link below.The current cost is $12.95 per year, per device.The cost may be prorated depending on your zipForm(r) renewal and contract period.
  10. 10. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 E-Signatures Options You have 2 electronic signing options with zipForm(r) Plus – Digital Ink and Docusign. If you already have a Docusign account set-up, click off the top radio button that reads “Docusign” and type in your email and password. Don’t forget to SAVE!
  11. 11. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Docusign Details • $180/year * paid up front • Local associations • Cartavi transaction management
  12. 12. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Digital Ink Details Digital Ink transaction credits are typically $9.99 for 1, discounts are given when you buy credits in bulk and they often run specials. Credits never expire. Digital Ink is paid PER TRANSACTION. This can be great option for agents that are not busy enough to justify $15 ~ $25/m for Docusign.
  13. 13. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 General Options Further down, still under Settings > General Options  Time Interval for Auto-Save <<< new option to use!
  14. 14. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 General Options Finally, scroll ALL the way down for Other Application Options  Hide Login Expiration Message  Always log into zipForm(r) Plus
  15. 15. Navigation (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  16. 16. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 TopTabs When you first login , this is what you see – click on the three lines to change how your transactions appear (as icons or a list).
  17. 17. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 TopTabs If you wish to create your own templates, they will live here. You really don’t need to visit this tab unless you want to edit your template. We have created 2 global templates for you with all of the necessary PAR forms.
  18. 18. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 TopTabs The rest … Contacts, Help and Feedback Worry about loading Contacts only when you need to for a transaction. The Help section has articles, videos and an FAQ to assist you along the way. Use the Feedback link to share your thoughts on the new version of zipForm®.
  19. 19. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Top Menu Let’s review what we can do here …
  20. 20. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Forms Click on Forms to immediately access the forms library – no transaction start necessary.
  21. 21. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 New When you click on New theTransaction Details window will open. Enter a name for your transaction, the type, property type, apply a template (if you wish) and click Save.
  22. 22. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Clauses Clicking on Clauses here will show you the Hearthside Clause Library. Insertion happens within your documents.
  23. 23. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Look Up Manager The Look Up Manager can be used to save your information for certain fields in your forms. The trick is that the data does not auto-populate for you; but it is available in a drop-down box.
  24. 24. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Mortgage Calculator zipForms® has a pretty handy little mortgage calculator too.
  25. 25. Getting it Done (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  26. 26. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 UsingTemplates We’ve created a CBH Buyer and CBH Seller template for you with all of the PAR forms that you “typically” need to complete your transaction. When you apply a template, at the start of your transaction, all of the forms that are in that template are automatically placed into your transaction folder. Give the system a minute to get everything in there … You can still add more forms (or take forms out that you don’t need) when you have applied a template. Click on the > FORMS (right side) to access all available forms. Be careful – one click ADDS a form to your transaction! Easiest way to find the form you want – click on Sort > click on Categorized
  27. 27. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Buy Side Starting the transaction … [video]
  28. 28. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 1. Always fill out the Agreement of Sale FIRST and then SAVE.This will transfer all of the data you saved to all of the other forms in your transaction. Do not use the “transaction information” button.
  29. 29. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 2. Use the Hearthside pre-written clauses whenever possible (instead of writing your own clause). Our clauses can be modified to fit your needs.
  30. 30. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 3. Try to use the “Change inTerms” form when you have changes to the Agreement of Sale. Remember that your buyer should sign off on changes first.
  31. 31. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 4. If you know your buyer is signing electronically – make arrangements for the earnest money deposit or change when it is due.
  32. 32. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Listing Side Starting the listing transaction … [video]
  33. 33. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 1. Fill out the Listing Contract first – the information you type in and save here will populate to your other listing forms. Do not use theTransaction Information button.
  34. 34. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 2. Do not EVER fill outANYTHING on the Sellers Disclosure (other than the sellers names and property address at the top).
  35. 35. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices 3. Have the sellers sign or email their approval on your CMA and MLS description. This can be accomplished by having them physically sign the first page of your CMA and a printed copy of their MLS sheet OR by an email stating their approval of both.
  36. 36. Electronic Signatures (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  37. 37. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Steps to Signing … Signing documents electronically … [video]
  38. 38. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Your Part  Fill out the documents COMPLETELY on zipForms®  Review the forms with your buyer/seller  Click the fountain pen icon within your transaction  Select the documents you need to have signed  Click NEXT (this may take a few seconds)  Add your signers (use the +) and their emails  Click Continue to [Docusign]  Add any additional documents HERE  Yes, even your filled out and scanned in CBH ones  Click NEXT to add signature and initial boxes for the forms you added (if any)  Click Preview  Click Send!
  39. 39. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Consumers Part Your consumer will receive an email with instructions on how to verify their identity (unless they already have a Docusign account) and a link to access the documents to be signed. The system will automatically detect anything they may have missed signing and alert the consumer before they exit the application.
  40. 40. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Best Practices Please please p-l-e-a-s-e make sure you are reviewing the contracts PRIOR to your consumers signing anything. The actually process of signing their documents is so fast now … which is great, but we have to review everything with them first.
  41. 41. More Learning Options (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013
  42. 42. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Reading Materials Education Library: LEARN box > Education Library > HearthsideTech > zipForms® Plus
  43. 43. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 Video We currently have 2 videos in the Education Library for you on the new version – Intro and Basics. This webinar will be recorded as well. LEARN box • Click Education Library • Click HearthsideTech • Click ZipForm® Plus
  44. 44. (c) Stefanie Hahn | | September 2013 ThankYou! Thanks so much for hanging out with me to learn about zipForm® Plus!Take advantage of the documents and videos to further your learning and USETHE NEW VERSION! Be ready before the old version goes away. Stefanie Hahn
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