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Google for Realtors webinar with Mike Bowler
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Google for Realtors webinar with Mike Bowler


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"What a great opportunity for REALTORS to spend one hour with Stefanie Hahn as she answers my questions about how real estate agents are using Google Tools to benefit their business on a day to day …

"What a great opportunity for REALTORS to spend one hour with Stefanie Hahn as she answers my questions about how real estate agents are using Google Tools to benefit their business on a day to day basis. Don’t miss this Webinar, Google is adding additional apps all the time and we’ll have a Google-tastic Good Time."

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  • Make Gmail your online Outlook!
  • While Facebook took two years (plus two years at a limited-access level) to reach the 100 million-user mark, Google+ did it in seven months. New features or updates were released almost everyday (except one day) for the last 365 days according to Google I/O conf. 150 million ACTIVE users, actives spend about 12 minutes each day.
  • Not sure where to start? Check YOUR Google Dashboard!
  • Not sure where to start? Check YOUR Google Dashboard!
  • So let’s say I want to Manage my Chat History …
  • Transcript

    • 1. Stefanie Hahn -tastic © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 2. Be Google-tastic GoalsMy goal with this course is to show you how youcan use many of the free tools from Google inyour real estate business every day.Each tool has been selected because it can beuseful to you and your business. I don’t expectyou to jump in and use each one, but I would liketo show you the possibilities. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 3. Google has a TON to offer you … FOR FREE!One little word >>> more!Click the drop-down … © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 4. More > Even MoreThen, click on even more >>> © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 5. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 6. What We Will Cover Today … Mobile Google Gmail Google Voice Google Drive Google+ Google +1’s Search Plus Your World Google Dashboard © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 7. Look for the Gear!To access the settings now in almost any Googleservice, locate and click on the GEAR – usually tothe top-right of your browser screen! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 8. MOBILE APPS © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 9. Get Your Google To Go …On your phone, open a browser window and type: Yes, even if you have an iPhone. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 10. iPad UsersGrab the free Google app from theApp Store to have all of yourGoogle favorites at your fingertips… © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 11. Mobile UsersSign in forpersonal results –get yourhistory, applications, voice searchand GoogleGoggles! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 12. What are Google Goggles? © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 13. Google Goggles NOW © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 14. Google Goggles SOON © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 15. Google Mobile Many of us work across platforms. We have a PC and/or laptop, an iPad and an iPhone or Android. The mobile app from Google just works so easily – get your data, email, calendar, social and more right there on any device.Find it: © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 16. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 17. Why Gmail? Why I heart Gmail:Labels – the new web’s version of a folder Filters – make sorting your inbox easy Conversation View – ahhh togetherness Multiple Signatures – for multiple accts LABS – super cool and handy © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 18. Gmail – Labels Labels are the new web’s version of a folder. Not every email fits perfectly into one folder. Now, you can label emails to fit how you work. Additionally, you can set up filters to automatically label your email. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 19. Gmail - LabelsCreate, nest and color yourlabels! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 20. Gmail - LabelsMake Gmail your online Outlook! Anemail might not fit perfectly into onefolder. Label it with as many Googlelabels as you need! Emails can befiltered to have a label automaticallyapplied. Use the flags for importance. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 21. Gmail - Filters Creating email filters is a great way to manage your inbox. Click on the gear > Settings > Filters and Create a new filter! Notice the smart filters that are automatically set up with my SmartLabels. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 22. Gmail - Filters You can filter by: o From (any emails from this person or alias) o To (great for people with multiple accounts – s.hahn gets a CBH label, yahoo another) o Subject o Has the words (YPN, addresses) o Doesn’t have (yep) Click Search (to see what you get) Click Create filter with this search © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 23. Gmail - Filters Once you decide WHAT to filter, you have to tell Gmail what to do with it – that happens here. Select the options you want – I use “Apply the label” often. You can create the label on the fly too (here) in case you didn’t think of that in advance. Click Create filter AND decide if you want to apply the filter to any other messages that fit the criteria (old messages). © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 24. Gmail - Conversation View Conversation View keeps an email string together – even when others are added or taken off of the string. You can turn this on or off under the GEAR > Settings > General > Conversation View © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 25. Gmail - Multiple Signatures I have 5 different accounts that forward into my Gmail inbox. I respond out as if I were answering from each different account. So if you sent me an email at – my return email to you would have that same address, even though I am answering you from within my Gmail inbox. Additionally, I can have signatures for ALL of my different email addresses! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 26. Gmail - Multiple Signatures © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 27. Gmail - LabsI heart GMail labs. Tons of fun and helpful tweaksto help you achieve Inbox Zen. Go to the gear >click Settings > Labs* © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 28. Gmail - LabsGMail Labs I Use: Authentication Icon  Refresh POP Accounts Canned Responses  Send and Archive Text Styling  Signature Tweaks Filter Import/Export  Smart Labels Previews (Maps, Docs,  Undo Send Voice, Flickr, Yelp)  Unread Message Icon Mark As Read Nested Labels Just to name a few … explore Preview Pane labs!!! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 29. Why Gmail?Find it: can function as your all-in-one emailinbox. Import your different email accounts &respond out from each individual address. Labels – the new web’s version of a folder Filters – make sorting your inbox easy Conversation View – ahhh togetherness Multiple Signatures – for multiple accts LABS – fun and handy © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 30. VOICE © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 31. Google VoiceReasons to Try Google Voice:1. A text/email trail of all of your voicemails2. Listen in on voicemails & pick up after screening3. Personalized greetings for 1 contact or a group4. Voicemail transcription let’s you read voicemails5. FREE :) © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 32. Google Voice Manage 1 Phone Line Manage SeveralYou’re a new Realtor®, you You have been in the businessdon’t have a landline at home for years, you have an officeand you spend much of your line, a home office line, yourday on the road … giving out home phone, cell phone andyour cell phone to clients & your car even has it’s own line.other agents feels invasive since Too many voicemails toit’s the same number your manage and you wantfriends & family call you on too. simplicity!- Use your GV# to receive calls - Forward your lines to 1 GV # and call out - Create custom recordings- Use groups to manage - Screen calls- Read your voicemail © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 33. Google Voice © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 34. Google Voice Initial Google Voice set-up happens here, but you can manage it mostly from your phone app going forward. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 35. Google Voice Of course, you can still listen to a message, but you can also read it (via email or text). Call or Text back and more > click the drop-down arrow to see all of your options! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 36. Google VoiceGoogle Voice is a great voicemail option for theprofessional who is always on the go … grab yourGoogle Voice # today and get started!Find it: A text/email trail of all of your voicemails Listen in on voicemails & pick up after screening Personalized greetings for 1 contact or a group Voicemail transcription let’s you read voicemails © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 37. DRIVE © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 38. Google DriveReasons to consider Google Drive:- Share docs/folders in real-time- Live collaboration within shared docs- Edit between MS Office seamlessly- Google templates/themes- Drive folder right on your desktop Google Drive just works with real estate …store essential forms keep your listing track leads presentation in the cloud share marketing plans less printing/more sharing with sellers © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 39. Google Docs DriveStop paying for Microsoft Office – you don’t need it! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 40. Google Drive Basics Your Docs “collections” have now become your Drive “files” (yey!) Click on My Drive to see all of your folders. Click on To create a NEW folder on your Drive © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 41. Google Drive – Shared w/MeClick on “Shared with me” to access files that others have sharedwith you. You will get an email with a link anytime someoneshares a drive file or folder with you. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 42. Google Drive - Menu Create Menu <<<<<<<<<<< Upload Menu >>>>>>>>>>>> Let’s create a new document © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 43. Google Drive – Sharing Out Click on Create, click on Document Click on Share in your document to collaborate LIVE! Just add the person by email address and click Done. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 44. Google Drive – Live CollaborationGoogle Docs will tell you when the otherperson is viewing the document. You cancollaborate LIVE within the documentitself OR you can chat off to the side. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 45. Google Drive – Everywhere Google Docs, now Drive has always been cloud storage, but Google has made the save and upload process much faster by allowing you to Download Google Drive – which puts a folder on your desktop and will sync whatever you tell it to during initial set- up. Also, throw new items into Google Drive to make them available in the cloud. Grab the Drive app for your phone to snap & upload! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 46. Google Drive - Templates Love the Microsoft template gallery? Google has one too. Click on Create Click From Template © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 47. Google Drive © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 48. Google DriveStop paying for Microsoft Office. You really don’t needit. Impress your consumers with your cloudproductivity and save time, printing costs and hasslewith Google Drive.Find it: Share docs/folders in real-time Live collaboration within shared docs Edit between MS Office seamlessly Google templates/themes Drive folder right on your desktop © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 49. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 50. Why Google+ ?You may be thinking … “not another socialnetwork”! But you might want to reconsiderafter we talk about Google +1’s and Search PlusYour World – both of which factor into yoursearch engine optimization and make for greatGoogle juice.Google+ personal profiles and pages are worthyour real estate time! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 51. Google+ Statistics Official (open) launch: September 2011 250 million users (June 2012) *projected 400 m by end of 2012 Active users spend ~ 12 minutes/day Draws a younger audience than FB Top employers – Google, Apple, Microsoft in top 5Happy Birthday Stats: 40% of marketers report that Google+ is "useful tocritical" for their business. (HubSpot 2012 State ofInbound Marketing Report) © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 52. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 53. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 54. Google+ Main Menu (Left) Home = Your newsfeed from all circles You Circles = Friend lists (Biz, Family, Friends) Pages = Business Pages Photos = Yours + Others More = games, extras © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 55. Google+ Homepage © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 56. Google+ Getting AroundClick View As … to see what and how you are sharingwith others and publiclyClick Edit Profile to change your information listed hereUse the page navigation (red box) to see more … © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 57. Your Google+ Profile > Posts Users can +1, share or start a hangout about your post. +1’s are the “like” Sharing will post on their page. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 58. Your Google+ Profile > About © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 59. Your Google+ Profile > PhotosIf you are a Google Picasa user,you can upload to Google+photo albums easily. You canbring your photo albums fromFacebook over too > try theChrome extension “Move YourPhotos” for large moves. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 60. Your Google+ Profile > +1’s © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 61. Google+ Newsfeed At first glance, the layout appears Facebook-esque with a few terminology changes. Click More to see ALL of your circles. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 62. Google+ CirclesGoogle+ believe that “Circles” are the better way tomanage who you connect and share with online. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 63. How to PostSharing updateson Google+ canbe targeted tospecific circles orshared publicly.Share text, links,location, photosand video andthen select whoshould see it. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 64. Google+ Hangouts One of the coolest Google+ features are Hangouts. You can “hangout” online and video chat with your clients, team and sphere. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 65. Google+ HangoutsYou can hangout with9 other people at onetime.Nice FREE meetingalternative :)Share videos, docs,notes and more! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 66. Google+ HangoutsGoogle+ Hangouts are easy to start Check your mic (and your hair) and then decide who you want to hangout with … by default, your circles will appear here. Click Hang out to start! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 67. Google+ HangoutsOnce you are hanging out – you can invite more, chat viaIM, watch a YouTube video, record a video, mute micsand more … check the Settings button for more! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 68. Why Google+ ? I know, another social networking profile.Another business page. But this is Google – andGoogle is still the most trafficked search engine.Consider starting a Google+ profile and/or page and begin engaging this new audience.Take advantage of Google +1’s and SPYW toleverage your presence on the web.Find it: © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 69. +1’S © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 70. Google +1’sThink of Google +1’s as social bookmarking. Yourthumbs up endorsement of something you find onthe web. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 71. Google +1’s – Part of Profile © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 72. Google +1 Button on Site © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 73. Google +1 Button on Blog You will find the Google +1 button on websites, blogs, blog posts, Google search results and more. If you manage your own site or blog, you can add it easily. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 74. Google +1’sThink of Google +1’s as social bookmarking. Yourthumbs up endorsement of something you find onthe web.We trust content that is endorsed by ourconnections (whether we should or not) – similarto how we trust peer reviews more thanadvertisements. Google +1’s are an endorsementof your content.Find it: © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 75. PLUS YOUR WORLD © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 76. Search plus Your WorldSocial Search is HERE. Google’s SPYW justserves social search to you on a lovely littleplate – right at the top of your results. Whyis SPYW so important?We trust our connections – if I see that ChrisSmith has written about something I amGoogling, I am way more likely to click on hislink in my personal results than wade throughthe rest of my results. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 77. Search plus Your World © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 78. Search plus Your World You do a Google search as you normally would, but now, you get results from your circles on Google+ … IF you are a Google+ user! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 79. Search plus Your WorldThe socialresults willappear at thetop of yourGoogle searchand can beaccessed withone click. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 80. Search plus Your World © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 81. Google SPYW & SEOGoogle SPYW is known as social search. Socialsearch works because we believe our friends.We trust product reviews from our peers morethan from an advertisement.Social search has already changed the way wesearch whether you realize it or not. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 82. Search plus Your WorldJust another reason to check outGoogle+, start using the Google +1 buttonand take advantage of the social search.Find it: (when you are aGoogle+ user) © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 83. DASHBOARD © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 84. Google DashboardWhat you find in your Google Dashboard mightamaze you or scare you – but YOU SHOULDknow what you are putting out into the world.You can control what you share on the web, butyou have to be smart about it. Use thedashboard to tighten up and feel comfortablewith your online data. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 85. Check Your Google Dashboard © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 86. I cannot stress enough that YOU must know what you are sharing online. You CAN control your data – please take the steps to do so … © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 87. A Closer LookLet’s look at Gmail … focus on the contents in theblue box. Manage your chat history, HTTPS(secure browsing) or ALL Gmail settings. See thenew privacy policy or get help! © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 88. Get ControlWhen I click on Manage Chat Settings – I am taken therewith one click. Awesome. Make your changes. Save. © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 89. Google DashboardFind it: Be aware of what you share so you can feelconfident using around these programs on your pc’s and smartphones. When in doubt, don’t post it. Use the Mother Rule (or the Spouse Rule, Kid Rule, etc.) when posting/sharing/forwarding/uploading … © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012
    • 90. Thank You!For slides and video fromtoday’s class, go Stefanie A. Hahn © Stefanie Hahn | | July 2012