Reasons For Our Song Choice


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Reasons For Our Song Choice

  1. 1. Reasons for our choice in song.
  2. 2. What song did you choose? For the purposes of our music video we have decided touse the song “Black Heart” by Stooshe. Here is a link to the original music video of the song in case you haven’t heard of it before. If you have then you can skip onto the next slide.
  3. 3. How we came to the conclusion to use this song part 1. After spending months probing the minds of our demographic to come up with a preferred genre to work with we found that most of the people we asked chose either Pop and/or Rock.Originally the song we intended to use, after having been given permission, was a song called: “Superstar” by the Dead Famous. However we gained a lot of negative feedback about the song.
  4. 4. How we came to the conclusion to use this song part 2.This meant that we had to come up with analternative. Our alternative was the song:“Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye.After we received confirmation from Gotye’smanagement (Travis) we asked peoplewhat they thought of the song. Again wewere given negative answers. A majority ofthe people we asked felt that the song wastoo slow and/or depressing to listen to.
  5. 5. How we came to the conclusion to use this song part 3.We then realised that there were twocommon errors with both of our previoussong choices:1. Both of these artists were male2. Our group is all female3. We didn’t have that many male friends who were willing to star in our music video
  6. 6. How we came to the conclusion touse this song part 4. THE FINALE.With these faults in mind we decided wedecided to turn to female artists. At first thisseemed to be a trouble as there weren’tmany current female artists that we werecomfortable using i.e. most current popsongs by females are inappropriate. Weactually stumbled upon our song choicewhen Sarah was singing in the commonroom. The song she was singing was BlackHeart which we realised was perfect.
  7. 7. Why did we choose Black Heart? Part 1.• Our group is made up of two females and the song choice is made up of all females. Clearly.• The song itself has a storyline within the lyrics so we wouldn’t have to come up with our own. If we did it would diverge from the lyrics. So…it wouldn’t make sense to do that.