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One Minute Extract Analysis.
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One Minute Extract Analysis.


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An analysis of our first one minute extract, A Million Way by OK Go.

An analysis of our first one minute extract, A Million Way by OK Go.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. One Minute Extract Analysis.
  • 2. Cinematography. Original long shot. Our long shot.Our minute extract of A Million Ways did not include muchcamerawork. As the band did, we used one continual long shot whichwas wide enough to include all four of us, plus some scenery of thegarden to show location. Our long shot was successful because itachieved the same as the original video had.
  • 3. Mise-en-scene.The only elements of mise-en-scene we had to consider werecostume, setting and actors. We tried to get our costumes the sameas theirs, but obviously we could not get the exact clothes. Ourlocations were also similar. We couldn’t find four guys that would doit for us, so me, Hannah and Livvy had to do it instead.
  • 4. Sound.The only sound we had to worry about was the musicover the dancing. When editing, all we had to do to ourvideo sound-wise was mute the clip and put the trackover the top.This was surprisingly quite hard, because we had to putthe track on the exact right moment with the dance, orit would have been out of time.However, I think that we got it right, because thedancing fits in time and doesn’t look wrong.
  • 5. Editing. When we were learning the dance for this piece, we found it a lot easier to mirror what the band were doing, and then flip it when editing it in Final Cut Pro.This is what our shot looked This is what our shot As you can see, it islike when we filmed it. It’s the looked like after we had now the same as thewrong way round because we flipped it. original video.just mirrored the video wewere watching.Editing was important to us, because it meant we could just mirror the band in theirvideo and then flip the video. Our use of editing made the video the right wayround, so I think it was quite successful;
  • 6. Lighting.Our lighting was natural, as we Their lighting was also natural;filmed in the daytime. however, they filmed theirs on a slightly darker day.I feel that our lighting was quite successful because it was quitesimple. Their lighting was natural, so it was very easy to re-create.
  • 7. Direction.This is how it was meant to look. This is how it came out.Our direction was hard. We got a lot of it right, but the part shown inthe pictures was a part we just couldn’t get right. Our direction wasprobably the weakest area, because there were parts we got wrong.
  • 8. Organisation of location.This is Hannah’s garden, the location This is the location used in the originalwe chose for filming. We chose video. In the original, they are standingHannah’s garden because I do not on concrete; however, none of us had ahave a garden, and neither of the concrete garden we could use, and theother two had gardens big enough. line of concrete in Hannah’s garden was too narrow.Overall, I think that our location was quite similar to OK Go’s and sowas quite a successful choice.
  • 9. Organisation of cast.Our organisation was initially very good. We planned out dates forfilming and re-filming if we needed to. However, I had to be sent tohospital the night before filming, so we didn’t get to film thatday, plus I was still ill the next few days so we couldn’t film theneither.However, we got it sorted and arranged other dates, so we got thefilming done with enough time to edit.
  • 10. Organisation of cast. Our (slightly female) cast. OK Go’s (all male) cast.We have terrible friends who were unwilling to help up film this, soinstead of having an all male cast, like the original, we had to use threefemales instead.
  • 11. What I found easy.Based on our work from AS, I found framing thepiece very easy.The framing of the piece was very easy, because itwas just one, continuous long shot.We also found organising everybody to get togethereasy, because we were used to having to changedates etc. when filming our film opening for AS.
  • 12. What needs improving on.Our direction needs working on, because some ofit did not go right.We also need to work harder to find the right cast.This will be especially important in our musicvideo, because if we cast a wrong person, it willlook wrong.
  • 13. Elements I’d consider using.We could use the element of dancing in ourperformance element for our music video.This would make it interesting and, if we went for acomedy video, it could be quite funny.
  • 14. Elements I’d not consider using.We probably wouldn’t consider using the dancing asextensively as OK Go did.We’d also want to add in a narrative, rather thanmake it purely performance based. This is so that itwould be interesting and have depth to it, ratherthan just me and Hannah jumping around.We also wouldn’t want to do one continuousshot, because that would make it harder to infer ameaning, because we wouldn’t be able to do a lotwith just one shot as a narrative.
  • 15. Overall conclusion.• Overall, I think our first minute extract was quite successful; however, there were things we missed that we didn’t even realise until we started this analysis.• For example, our cast was mostly the wrong gender, something we didn’t realise would be wrong until we started to analyse.• However, I do feel that we got the cinematography, location, mise en scene and most of the direction right.
  • 16. Five things gained.• Pure performance only works in a music video when it is entertaining and different.• If we use a dance routine in our video, it is going to be hard to co-ordinate/organise.• Simple things can be just as effective as complex things.• How to use the self-timer on the camera.• The importance of location.