Evaluation Question 2


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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. AS Evaluation Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups? Sarah Byard.
  2. 2. Which social groups are represented?• In our film opening, we represent ability/disability because of Jess’s mental health, gender in our use of female actresses and age in our use of 16-17 year olds for all the characters.
  3. 3. How mise-en-scene represents age. This guitar represents youth and teenagers because a stereotype of teenagers is that they all think they’reDark musicians and they all wantclothing to be in bands, because thealso shows whole ‘rock n roll ‘ lifestyle isthe moody attractive to them as it isteenager exciting.stereotype The notebooks represent youth and being a teenager, as Jess is, because teenagers have lots of exams (insert comment about hating exams here) and schoolwork. It’s not evident in this picture, but in the film it is more noticeable that she is studying. Having her revision not only shows her to be young, but it also adds normality to her Notebooks, character, something lacking in the first see? Google section. never lies.
  4. 4. People always say that teenagers arelazy and just mooch about in theirpyjamas all day if they don’t haveschool and that they stay up til all hoursdoing God knows what. We showedthis by the dark lighting and by havingme sit in my pyjamas. People also think that after spending all the night playing xBox or watching TV, they then go and spend all day causing chaos at local parks and terrorising the locals. Here is me and Jess in a park, not terrorising the locals, but being in a park nonetheless.
  5. 5. Flowers are traditionally used to representButterflies also represent youth youth. This is because they generally bloombecause they don’t live to in Spring, a time of renewal and new life. Byadulthood, but also because the having thisrepresent Jess, they representblooming of a butterfly from the youth.cocoon is reminiscent of thecoming of age that teenagersexperience.
  6. 6. How editing represents age and gender.• In the ritual/murder scene, there is rapid intercutting, not only to create tension but to show the rashness of the decision and how quickly the mind of Jess changes. This is a stereotypical view of teenage girls; people always think they’re emotional wrecks who have enormous tempers.• It also shows the stereotype that teenagers have stormy tempers, because it’s fast-paced, like people assume the temper of a teenage girl is.
  7. 7. How sound represents age.This space looks too blank, so here’ssome Google pictures of moodyteenagers. The voiceover at this point is quite sulky, how people expect teenagers to be. She says “fine, I’ll do it” quite moodily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLuEY6jN6gY& feature=relmfu Like that.
  8. 8. How cinematography represents age and gender..Teenagers girls are typically quite open withemotions and enjoy being the centre ofattention. We chose close ups for this reason;however, we subverted the expressive rule,because in the main close-ups, they’reexpressionless. This was because these aren’tordinary teenage girls, as you can tell from theritual.
  9. 9. How mise-en-scene represents gender. This is theAs we said in our ability/disability whole naturevideo, these images represent thing beingJess and her innocence. These feminine. Ialso represent femininity must say, thebecause daisies and nature in Snow Whitegeneral are considered pretty or clip is quite‘girly’ things. sexist…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXgMFNaQUUU – Snow White cliphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OaxejZBe0M – Sleeping Beauty clip.
  10. 10. Look at the dresses and the pink and the whole being female. Dresses, obviously represent femininity because men don’t traditionally wear dresses . The pattern on the dresses are also feminine because they’reThis man flowery and, as we’vebeing the discussed, nature = girly.exception… Also, pink is considered a ‘girls colour’. Jess is wearing pink, therefore, she must be female.
  11. 11. How sound represents gender.• The scream in the dream sequence is extremely high pitched and feminine. It is not expected that men scream or show any fear; however, it is expected that females are forever victims and are allowed to scream so that a man can come along and save them.• /rant.
  12. 12. NOTES.• We cannot do any comparisons with male characters to infer dominance etc., because there were no male characters.• We also could not compare the teenaged characters to any older/younger characters, because there were none.• Note: there is no real analysis of Hannah in this, because it’s quite messy because Hannah’s not real so it would be how we represent an imaginary person? It could be how Jess wishes she could be, but it’s quite hard to analysis her.