Advertising Campaigns Analysis.

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Here is an analysis of three advertising campaigns for albums: Accelerate - REM, The Resistance - Muse and Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy.

Here is an analysis of three advertising campaigns for albums: Accelerate - REM, The Resistance - Muse and Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy.

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  • 1. Advertising Campaigns.
  • 2. Infinity On High – Fall Out Boy
  • 3. ‘Highly anticipated’ suggests The title of the album is in popularity and hype for this big, bold letters to make it album, making it appealing to stand out and, therefore, the target audience. memorable.Features thename of anestablished singlefrom the album, Institutionmaking target 25 information.audience want to Release date in bold sopurchase the target audience knowsalbum. when they can purchase it.
  • 4. Features anFeatures a image of thepicture of the band. Theyalbum, so that were not asthe target establishedaudience know with this albumwhat to look out as they werefor when it now, and needcomes on sale. to get their face out there.
  • 5. Same colour scheme and setting of bedroom link the poster to thealbum, making them recognisable as they are seen more often by thetarget audience. This was the follow up to Fall Out Boy’s last big album,From Under The Cork Tree, and so they needed to keep their faces andimage out there.
  • 6. The Resistance – Muse.
  • 7. Name of the bandis prominent in theposter; an image of The band namethe band is not being in a largerfeatured. Muse are font than thewell-established album name couldand so do not need suggest that theto get their faces band know itout there to sell doesn’t matterrecords, their name what the album isis enough. called, people will The title of the album is in a smaller buy it because it’s font; however, it still stands out, Muse. making the target audience notice it and remember the title.
  • 8. The same artwork on both the poster and album cover link the twotogether, so the target audience will recognise the album in theshops and make them more likely to find it and buy it.
  • 9. Accelerate – REM.
  • 10. This image is blackThe band is not and white for thisfeatured in this reason also; they doposter; however, not need to standthis was REM’s out with a bright,14th album, and colourful poster,they’d been because they knowaround for nearly fans will be lookingthirty years by this out for thempoint, so their wasrecognisable It also suits the styleenough for fans of their music;and even people they’re not exactlywho hadn’t heard upbeat andtheir music.. cheerful.
  • 11. The font for the title of the album is in italics, The title is in large, boldleaning forward, suggesting the title is font so it is the main focus‘accelerating’ off the page of the poster. Reviews for the album: the album The release date is printed to before this one was slated critically, allow the target audience to so reviews let the target audience know when they can buy the know this album is better. album.
  • 12. Same artwork used in both albumcover and poster, linking the two andmaking them more memorable.