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Fon241 dc fall12


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  • 1. Danielle Carlockd.carlock@scottsdalecc.edu480 425 6765
  • 2.  Ads Infomercials Talk shows Magazines Friends Internet How can you tell what information is reliable?
  • 3. CHECKLIST FOR EVALUATING A NUTRITION WEBSITEApparent conflicts of interestDoes the website allow advertising? Yes No -If yes, does the owner/sponsor market (a) specific product(s)? Yes No -If yes, is the owner/sponsor the inventor/creator of the product? Yes No-If yes, be very wary of any health information that may be provided and cross check with other more reliable sources.ClaimsIs a quick fix promised? Yes NoDoes it sound too good to be true? Yes NoAre testimonials or anecdotes used as evidence? Yes No-If yes to any of the above, be very wary of any health information that may be provided and cross-check with other more reliable sourcesCredibilityWhat domain does the site belong to?Is this an individuals site? Yes NoIf so, does the person list any qualifications in nutrition (preferred is a RD or LN degree/certification)? Yes NoIf this is the website of an organization, does it appear to be legitimate? Yes No-If no, be very wary of any health information that may be provided and cross-check with other more reliable sourcesReferencesIs a list of references in support of the websites opinions provided? Yes NoIf yes, are they relevant to the health topic being covered? Yes NoAre the references from reliable sources? Yes No-If no, is any other valid evidence presented that supports the opinions that are presented? Yes No-If no, be very wary of any health information that may be provided and cross check with other more reliable sources.ContentDoes the website cover the health issue(s) adequately? Yes NoDoes the website have a professional appearance? Yes NoAre there more than a few grammatical errors? Yes NoIs the information presented in a consistent manner? Yes NoAre there contradictions? Yes NoAre readers advised to contact a health professional with questions? Yes NoIs the information current? Yes NoOverall impression about the trustworthiness of this website:•Good -Accept almost all of the material that is presented.•Fair - Accept some material, but exclude:Poor - Do not accept any of the material
  • 4.  Each pair of students will be given two nutrition sites to evaluate using the checklist. Then several pairs (depending on time) will be asked to share their results
  • 5.  loss/HQ01160 omium-weight.html
  • 6.  HealthProfessional/ v spray/
  • 7.  support-766/valerian-root-extract-001328 HealthProfessional/
  • 8.  Evidence is based on research Research undergoes peer review Research is published in scholarly journals
  • 9.  A process done by many scholarly journals when considering the publication of research articles Expert reviewers (peers) evaluate the article’s methodology, merit, and overall unique contribution to research in a specific discipline PRIOR to publication In the health sciences, peer review is almost universal when it comes to primary research published in the journal literature Why is this important?
  • 10.  Written for researchers & scholars in a field Primary purpose is to disseminate research results May also contain:  Editorials, Job announcements, book reviews Follow a regular and recurrent publication pattern (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc)
  • 11.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Journal of the American College of Nutrition Journal of Nutrition
  • 12.  Present the findings/results of a research study The authors of the article are the persons who conducted the research-i.e primary The article will include: why, how, what Typically published in scholarly journals & undergo peer review An example
  • 13.  Besides research, you may also find the following in peer review journals: News articles Letters Editorials Book reviews Job announcements Obituaries of prominent members of the field ****However none of these are peer reviewed****
  • 14.  Magazine and newspaper articles are not considered scholarly  They are not peer reviewed  If they report on research, it is research done by others (i.e. secondary)  Example
  • 15. Scholarly (Peer reviewed, Popular (Magazines,research) Newspapers)Primary-Reporting on research Secondary-may report on thedirectly from those who carried it research of othersoutWritten by scholars/researchers in Written by staff writersa fieldTypically has introduction, No formal sectionsmethods, results, & discussionsectionsContains a works cited Rarely contains a works citedLots of technical jargon Written in plain language
  • 16.  Specialized search engines that find magazine, newspaper, and journal articles Some are multi-subject and others focus on a specific discipline For nutrition, the mostly common used are Medline and CINAHL
  • 17.  Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Contains articles in nursing and fields such as nutrition, audiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, etc 750 journals 1 million citations back to 1937
  • 18.  World’s premier medical/health science database Articles from all health fields: medicine, nursing, dentistry, exercise science, veterinary medicine, allied health, etc. 4800 journals Over 19 million citations back to 1940
  • 19.  We now have a “meta” search engine that searches CINAHL, Medline and our other databases at once. It is on the library homepage and it’s called the “search all” box