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Article types review

  1. 1. Danielle Carlock
  2. 2.  When conducting a search for evidence, there are many types of articles you may run into.  Primary research articles  Review articles  Case studies  Others (news, editorials, etc) It is imperative to be able to distinguish between these different article types
  3. 3.  Present findings/results of a research study The authors conducted the actual research (i.e. primary) The article will include:  Why-why are we doing this study  How-detailed description of how carried out  What-what was found and what does it mean 2nd example Published in scholarly journals & undergo peer review
  4. 4.  Expert in the field of study (peers) evaluate an article’s methodology, merit, and overall unique contribution to knowledge PRIOR to publication In the sciences and medicine, research is almost universally peer reviewed
  5. 5.  A critical evaluation of recent research on a topic Are considered secondary sources Generally are subject to peer review Three main types:  Literature reviews  Systematic reviews  Meta analyses
  6. 6.  An overview of a topic written by an expert in the field No new contributions to research; instead are summarizing the work of others In some ways similar to a research paper you might write in college Example
  7. 7.  Uses a rigorous, pre-planned process to find and synthesize the results of many primary studies Involves a search of the literature using inclusion/exclusion criteria and then a systematic synthesis of the results Considered a high level of evidence Example
  8. 8. 1. A systematic review is carried out to locate high quality primary research on a topic2. The results from these studies are statistically combined in order to summarize the overall outcome. Example
  9. 9.  A detailed report on one patient/case Draws conclusions only on one patient in one context-i.e. not generalizable Descriptive Goal is to offer new directions for research; ask new questions Example
  10. 10. Type of article Coverage Authorship Article ITSELF Article type is peer appears in peer reviewed reviewed journalsCase study Describes Authors are Sometimes, Yes one individual reporting on depends on the patient their own case journalPrimary Describes one Authors are Yes Yesresearch study reporting on their own studyReview Summaries Authors are Usually Yes many studies reporting on the research of others
  11. 11.  News articles Letters Editorials Book reviews Job announcements Obituaries of prominent members of the field
  12. 12. TYPES OF ARTICLES HOW REVIEWEDPrimary research (primary) By peers (peer review)Review articles (secondary)Editorials/commentaries (secondary)News items (secondary)Letters (secondary) By editor (i.e. no peer review)Book reviews (secondary)Any other article which is secondary(including magazine articles) NOTE: ALL OF THESE ARTICLE TYPES CAN APPEAR IN A PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL
  13. 13.  News  **Research articles Letters to the editor  **Review articles Job announcements Obituaries **=peer reviewed Book reviews Advertisements
  14. 14. Is the author presenting their own research? Yes No It is a Secondary article. It is a Primary article Is it a summary orand it is peer reviewed. critique of previous research? Yes No It is peer reviewed It is not peer reviewed