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SageRock Google AdWords Airport Targeting
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SageRock Google AdWords Airport Targeting


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  • 1. Introducing Airport Targeting Now Available at 350 airports! 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 2. Online Devices Used by Airport Customers http://www.flightview.comPeople at airports are online! 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 3. You now have the ability todirectly reach people who are in your airport right now using the massive reach ofGoogle AdWords 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 4. We are now able to specifically reach peoplewho are at your airport right this minute! 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 5. This means:•Restaurants can offer online coupons.•Stores can give online incentives.•Service providers can discuss what they offer.•Airlines can talk about specials for your specificairport.•Rental car companies can offer instant savingsfor travelers. 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 6. SageRock specializes inairport online marketing. Because of our dedication to the airport industry, we are able to give you a highly customized solution to take advantage of this amazing targeting 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 7. We will give you everything you need. •A landing page with your special offer. •Text ads that appear in search results for travelers that are at your airport right now. •Image ads that will appear on targeted sites that people are browsing while at your airport. •Metrics to determine success of the campaigns. SageRock has been specializing in online marketing advertising since 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 8. Here are some example 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 9. Here is an example page we will create for 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 10. Getting Started Is Easy •There is a one time setup fee of $750 that will give you everything you need to run your campaigns. •You then pay for the advertising to run your campaigns. $500/month is a good place to start. •SageRock charges a 15% of advertising maintenance fee to manage your campaigns, keep them optimized and send you monthly 330-379-9000 ex 5010
  • 11. Just Go Here To Learn More and Get Started: 330-379-9000 ex 5010