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Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
Roadmap for sage journals   highwire meeting 2012
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Roadmap for sage journals highwire meeting 2012


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Presentation by Lettie Conrad at Highwire Meeting 2012

Presentation by Lettie Conrad at Highwire Meeting 2012

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  • What the SJ roadmap means to SAGE – overview What is it? – scope / purpose of roadmap How does it work? – governance structure, calendar, process, owners Does it connect? – aligning with other strategic entities, like the HW roadmap How is it measured? – ROI before / after Is it hard? – challenges and lessons learned
  • The SJ roadmap is a multi-purpose tool Communication – SAGE is made up of more than 1,000 employees across 4 editorial offices and dozens of sales locations worldwide, so we need a localized tool that anyone can reference for product development information Strategy – to ensure development aligns with business objectives, contingencies, etc. Planning – timing around budgets, resources, and other date drivers and the end result is a colorful spreadsheet of development goals with loads of details about the relative priority, target release date, and objectives of each project
  • The governance structure is primarily made up of… the product manager – who is 100% dedicated to the performance of the journals platform, leading internal business strategy on the value proposition, development plans, voice of the user, etc. the executive sponsor – who is ultimately responsible for the product’s P&L and overall success Journals steering body – made up of senior management from key divisions across SAGE, who together shape the vision for the platform Publishing Technologies – operational division dedicated to maintenance and support for our platforms, including vendor relations, pricing, contracts, etc. This governance plan is ultimately led by the product manager – cue photo – the man that makes all of this happen is Charles Choe!
  • Every quarter, Charles leads SAGE teams through a roadmap analysis and update process, which can be broken down into 3 key steps: Design – this is the investigation and exploration phase, where Charles synthesizes new ideas and key drivers for SJ: competitor intelligence, performance metrics, market research, ROI of past releases, etc. These concepts are then prioritized, internal impact is assessed, and cost estimates are received from Bert. Plan / Communicate – a draft roadmap is prepared and reviewed in detailed with key divisions, esp. Marketing, Sales & Editorial. At this stage, the proposed roadmap and associated budget is reviewed with the Exec. Sponsor and presented to the Steering Committee. Public communication plans are also typically developed at this point. Implement – releases are then coordinated with HW and PubTech, with Charles keeping a constant eye on internal impact, budget, contingencies, and market activities. ROI assessments are planned and carried out, then reported back to senior management as appropriate. In other words…Lather, Rinse, Repeat!
  • ROI of roadmap projects measure a variety of factors, some qual and some quan competitor analysis – where Charles ranks if SAGE is strong, on par, or weak against other publisher platform usage stats – cost / use, referral traffic, user pathway analysis, feature usage, etc. sales – retention, renewals, new sales, measure against sales targets brand / reputation – evaluation of how we’re doing by library advisory board, society partners, editors, readers, etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Building a Roadmap for SAGE Journals Lettie ConradManager, Online Product Management Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    • 2. What a journals platform roadmap means ● What is it? ● How does it work? ● Does it connect? ● How is it measured? Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    • 3. SAGE Journals Roadmap (updated: 10-3-2012) 2012 2013 SAGE Journals roadmap goalsAnnual Objectives / Product Goals Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 release notes Date Requested July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Rescheduled: 2013 - Ph.3 May-12 Investigation REG: Phase 2.5 - Data SAGE-managed registration project (Phase 3) Rescheduled: 2013; deprioritized Jun-11 Investigation SJ-wide HTTP SSO support High priority Jan-12 Analytics Workbench R1Data - Analytics - Reporting u Newly Added Counter 4 Compliance Updates Rescheduled: 2 month delay Jun-12 Development: A2R Release Rescheduled: Q4 2012/Q1 2013; Nov-10 Investigation Author Services: ADC & Author ePrints Release high priority Dev: Alerts Functionality Alerts Registration Dev: Overhaul SJ Alerts Rescheduled: 2013 Apr-11 Investigation Release Release ● Communication (Phase 2) (Phase 3) Management Page Release: OF Topic Rescheduled; 1 month delay Jun-11 Headings Deprioritized May-12 Podcasts as non-Supp Development: Podcasts as non- Release Deprioritized Dec-11 Patient Access with CCC Development Release Rescheduled: Q4/Q1 2013; high article available Development: Article ● Strategy ReleaseUser Engagement / Usability u priority Rescheduled: Hard timeline Sep-10 Apr-11 Enhancement to My Release - Post- improvements available improvements Marked Citations release monitoring Rescheduled for 2013 Jul-10 Investigation: Retro Titles Newly Added Jul-11 Enhancements to Editors Choice Collections Changed dev to investigation May-12 Investigation: Title Search Development Release ● Planning Rescheduled: 2013 Jul-11 Opportunities for post-publication versioning (CVoR) "Did you Rescheduled: 2013 Apr-11 mean?" Newly Added Jan-11 October Free Overhaul login and challenge pages Monetization u Rescheduled: Q4 2012 Rescheduled: 2013 Jan-12 Aug-10 Cover-to-cover Trials Development Release Development: SJ Token PPV Added Cont Pub & Drupal Jul-12 Release: SGO Cont Pub Investigate: Drupal Rescheduled Sub-disciplines Open Access u Rescheduled Rescheduled Apr-12 Apr-12 SAGE Open - Medical Case Reports SAGE Open - Engineering Release Release Rescheduled Apr-12 SAGE Open - Medicine Release Newly Added Jan-12 Related Journals Competitiveness u Newly Added Rescheduled: Q1 2013; high Jun-12 Jul-12 TEMIS - R1 (Standard release) Release TEMIS - Investigate SK & SJ Investigation Related Articles Release priority Rescheduled: 2013 May-12 SJ Portal page mobile-optimized Newly Added Ability to toggle from mobile to full Mobile u Newly Added Newly Added Aug-12 Jan-12 Mobile Site Access Control Tagging Ads with CheckM8 Newly Added Aug-12 Investigation Mobile Vouchers Release Newly Added Aug-12 Multi-journal and cross-platform apps Rescheduled: 1 month; high IF and Journal Ranking Jan-12 Development Release priority auto-feed Rescheduled for 2013 Apr-11 Data/Functional APIs for Product IntegrationDiscovery - Usage u Newly Added Newly Added Jan-12 SRM Interlinking SAGE Knowledge Interlinking Rescheduled: 2 months Jan-12 Google Scholar Primer Development Newly Added Jan-12 Research Methods Tagging on SJ Rescheduled: 2013 First Page Preview Legend Release notes - changed from last roadmap Standard priority Standard priority Standard Release High priority High priority High Priority research or development projects Release Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    • 4. Roadmapping – it’s fluid! Produ ct 2012 Q3 ust / Sep t Oct / Q4 Nov / Dec Mgrs Aug July / Q2 line / June Dis cip / May Release ) Ap ril and 2011 p Develo r 14, Q1 to be ch es for Pages ed Oc Mar Feb / Jan / ne pag pdat discipli lication ap (u jec t Plan s app adm My Pro method e Ro 1 Decem ber release Onlin p and ho ds 201 Develo e olar MetSAGE Journals Online Roadmap (updated: 10-11-2011)tent alerts Q4 Timelin elease Ask Sch arch ber e Rese p/r 2011 Novem w" con Timelin Develo2012 Annual Objectives / Product Goals Scale Cus vs Owner Q4 SAGE Q1 Release : "Ne Q2 My Pro ject r Q3 Q4 Q3 release notes rts Plan Schola ment Oct Nov Dec Jan rFeb March tent ale April May June / assess July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Ask the 1-5 Stan Octobe w" con Plan testing p "Ne User ment Develo Release " ass ess Rescheduled / Developed a 3-phased 5 C L &C Dev: Trial Registration Page Release: Trial Reg Page SAGE-managed registration project SJO managed registration testing / and List Release approach (Phase 1 completed) es Dev elop you r User 5 C L ease Not caused SJO-wide project for society single sign-on (HTTP SSO) Plan, People to SJO-wide HTTP SSO support ment No Change t Release Q4 Rel ct tha "Invite No Change 5 C Access control overhaul (Vista) on effe Development: Access control overhaul (Vista) Release / assess kno ck testing Improve the capture and Newly Added ents had tob er. User O Open Athens Support Dev: Open Athens Support ancem mid -Oc SRM reportage of user data to measure product u Rescheduled Rescheduled 4 3 C C C L Strateg ies Custom subject RSS feedspag e enhCustom RSS feeds Hom e delays. Did nt release until ased in Aug Release: Custom RSS feeds ust. e Release e and del ed My improv ete fea ture Semantic Personalization trial User testing / asse ssment performance 2 S nts COUNTER Enhancementsice rele s pag Lists pag No Change s anceme r not O List COUNTER Enhancements Search jective e Enh bro wse ss. Investigate: Author Data Center (providing authors Development SRM release Custom: Push notifications (alerts) to authors to check ls & Ob Update Newly Added e Pag Release h as pro gre p My p and Newly Added t Goa Hom g is in download stats) Develo ete feature Library recommendation form (PDF toes suc rad trackable form onADC esDevelo nt Produc tools pla nnin s upg ic essme nt h and Feature Usage Reportings O List and del corporate site) dyn am Search s upgrad / ass essme Rescheduled n/a S Julie Alerting Feature Usage Reporting Researc O List SRM e Plan with opt ion testing / ass SRM ed My tur filter ture User testing ch / ed My lists imp rov te list fea result e bar & fea t and User resear improv dele ting Plan dele release ns and ipline d for a nd and tim elin d tex disp lay p and tio ducts s ment t disc pages ealed a nee edi ting page hlighte " from Develo nking cita E pro feature / ass ess Suppor lication ing rev aro und for hig ss "No tes all SAG e mo bile ting appFocus on email alerts y test cula rly Hyperli ds User tes Alerts ality, p arti Usa bilit Overhaul (Phase 2) Alerts Overhaul (Phase 2) suppre ces to Enhanc Metho 2 C C Help referen Rescheduled Dev: Registration and Functionality Release redesign function within release elo p, 4 Comments feature launched SJO-wide; nality Search , Dev se : TBD 2 S C Article ratings SJO-wide functio Release Release ease Plan , pha cles Release expansion of article ratings rescheduled O List ment Act ion rs/arti ls nav p ass ess and Rel ses 2 and in chapte ducts into SRM t too Article navigation enhancements on SJO (scroll to next hin hel Developmentting / Release p, Newly added Expand conten ition in the rch wit tes Develo , pha add ing pro article in floating col 2) User site Plan, ds in Act ion Plan SAGE Release: Twitter and finding ry pos in p sea l mobile other Rescheduled 3 C C iculty stationa rch with Develo ck too Metho get s Facebook buttons red diff a sea Release GS wid SRMO from lists uncove show too tha t we ls in have help they Feedba Act ion SRMO 2 S C Development: OF topic Release ting the help new ds in 3 SJO and cles by nt No Change y tes ase will sug gested to hun t for rs end . within Release Metho Release new arti essme To ols headings Usa bilit ober rele by yea search bile site Release Phase 1 ple / ass Podcase RSS: Post-implementation research, testing, it was don t hav e Post-implementation research, testing, analysis, and recommendations for improvements p mo ck Too l ng exp osi s / key peo testing ssment sea rch , pleted , No Change 2 C C bar ; Oct el. Also s Plan Develo Widget O User / asse Develop/enhance user & Re analysis, and recommendations for improvements so user w ill be com Feedba Release Action SRM hor testing engagement options for increased usage u No Change No Change 4 1 Enhan C ce Us C Cy abilit Podcasts as non-Supp Data search QR Codes: Post-implementationthe Navigat ion & nts t pan righ p pages hel research enh anc need.Th is ement Development: Podcasts as non-Supp data Develo QR Codes: Post-implementation research, testing, analysis, and recommendations for elop Me improvements for mo p new bile site , Dev , Pha thods se 1 in exposi ng new article s by aut Relate d Art icles Menu SAGE citation User Rescheduled 2 S C Development: Related eme Links Release . Plan Wid get Widget gets Automated Twitter feed (when new issues published) Release Development Release enhanc s end tory dur ing Action GS wid ated Release etrics tho ds Newly added by y ear h iFac ds in and velo p Rel Investigate: Streaming videos (in-browser) g/m kin e Me Development Relea d release sha red wit Metho p SJO peo ple and De SJO Me nu trac Releas Newly added C l to be to be Plan Develo s/k eyExpand video library capabilities Plan Developmentm Release p and k too ated SJO se 1 aut hor cles fro Develo Patient Access pilot with feed bac e been cre . Pha res Arti 2.0 Newly added C Dev: Patient Access with CCC/RightsLink New rs end Release measu Map CCC/RightsLink s hav by yea SEO Mockup g stag e. ased Release Investigation: Integration between SJO and SAGE Corporate p 2.0 Newly added dback be rele 2012. ds Ma er fee plannin get to of Metho Custom ion wid ased Q1 jour nal Related articles Development get for Plan Release Newly added iver y in Act rele g new Me asu res wid C ile del s be exposin d, list ing Newly added Mob Method Wid get to ss for p SEO ce link Investigate HighWires Virtual Journals product offering Develo pro gre Peo ple. Custom collection tool kit (user-created playlists) ckb oar eferen Release No Change n/a C Author is in Os for Bla Development cross-r ts ipline ion ning and Key raise SRM (e.g., of disc s in Act and plan hor s sen to pment Release E Produc oration Method arc h O Aut how dev elo link ing for SAG incorp s n Rese t by SRM n cho ngle. tifying rence ing new essme nt e bee tria iden wid get .) Plan ic term ase add / ass bet wee con ten ms hav s golden hin for Plan dspace, etc ss-refe of or top p and rele ship ds ter in Urc p cro ment testing aut hor O gle me tho into Goo Development: t. goa l tenArticle available improvements Metho Develo E pro duc ts / assess User No Change n/a C article available improvements shared SRM Top 12 ility a new con Release Develo Adjust Subscribe ose Exp Tab SJO and Release - Post-release disc overab has cre ated on rela ted ing for for SAG testing ion s s ce link User term Rescheduled 3 C C er click l. eferen Definit (SAGE) rability m onitoring Tom Bey users to Fal ased Oct Term Terms Discove times pushed cross-r cts s new 5 C L many been tion rele Plan inition add ing produ Opportunities for post-publication versioning CVoR No Change GE hin g has os sec on hold SAGE defRelease h SA lytics/ Urc ed Vide to Term Plan feature pla nnin ink wit ng: how Rescheduled n/a C C Supplemental Data/Issues solution Supp Data/Issues solution Fea tur metrics Release b Release tion Int erl Google Ana wit h This and and planni kit / series s (Pu annota ico ns 2 S L "did you mean?" tegies button trac king ch / inition Release Release AC Improve library market No Change te & s / stra Dev: Did you mean? video tion Release Res ear books in a m Def Integra * p, and services / usability for competitive advantage u Otolaryngology added; workflow maintenance rescheduled 2 3 C S C ducts Pro L Share feature or S30 Discipline feature enhancements - Improve maintenance processes SRO OA for errata/retractions Visabili ty New 201 1. h and plan ning ter s for cita Researc mp son- Reu for errata/retractions Release: OA ased Oct 201 1. exp ose testing / assess ment s (UK tech p Ter Develo iFactory) and / assess ment p ann otation feature s, alig n wit h SRO plans Plan, Develo a library for con ten t in s OP No Change User inition e, Develo edition Video per Tho ent rele m def testing at titl No Change 3 S Julie October Free Trials Author e-print solution on hold pending completion of Dev: authorem anc e-prints t. to Sep Release p Ter User nts for ements This enh pushed Develo l team) p es / tips uireme Rescheduled 2 S C XML-first implementation OF author alerts enhanc nin g for ma ad ate not ns pe req ces s for d oria gin g nlo priv t ico sco Citation over UGC h / plan icipate edit list tag ge dow public or conten Plan pro Newly added trols Researc first ant Release p ima for "New" release ting Investigate: Include Editors name on Journal homepage l Con s than Development ; Ma ture Releasees to Release p and ligh Videos Newly added Editoria tionship Link Advertising to rate card (not corp) ject er pro release. bro wse tat ion fea tory pag icon s Develo ing & high s October Free Trials ies rela a larg his tent and hor ing for Newly added ht ser ons is September ano Plan t or search w" con ying identify tional aut Enhancements to Editors Choice feature (giving control to ed Development Caption Release Highlig defi niti p "Ne s identif al enh anc Clo sed term n pushed to bee n conten Develo for 90 day s for founda elease SAGE) arian Map l has proces foundation p/r pages ed Libr bee title leve appear Plan Develo and has ting profile improv port and highligh file author Release ces hor pro pter p Sup at cha s. 5 C L Overhaul login and challenge pages for improved society Development: Overhaul login and challenge pages for improved societyin / Ma gra tion to be members aut hor anced aut Resour No Change Ont ology inte t icon Release enh imp roved Rescheduled 4 S C Issue PPVservices, PPV marketing, etc. member Release spa ce svcs, PPV mktng, etc. Conten Investigation: Cover-to-Cover (Post PPV) Development PlanRelease aut hor velo p Method e. New and De s Migrate 33 EHS lin ed. to Sites in plac ember. pages : additio nal Plan n reso urc es ent dec ady 4 C Release revised Added phase 2 Release cem needs e is alre ad in Dec libraria Enh an Sponsored Microsites CkM8 media ? pag uplo os ment s and No Change 4 C L ntent Social ts new con tent Sponsored Microsites Development: Release htcove vide / assess List title ng Co Wha for new to Brig testing Fro nt s Grow existing revenue and No Change 5 C L Ongoi SJO Token PPV conten t place Development: SJO Token PPV in pro gress. d; nee d Release videos User edition establish new revenue streams u No Change No Change n/a n/a C S L L SGO - new launches SGO - Microsites Highlig ht rele ase of new Researc h and plan ning l aut hors has bee n put on hol design videos Deliver new video speake r pro file E Load con ten t to SRM O Live arian Board Release PTech h Libr Los Angeles | London | New Delhi new Newly added dati ona Testing aut hor SAGE OpenesSub-disciplines - ing, SAG eos to Establis hosting foun cess. pro file edition lighing k. in pro Edit new aker pag ded to stag Del iver vid - Medicine Newly added Revised High bac rap hy ing at eo spe t loa SAGE Open e feed bibliog in edit p vid Conten QA ch n/a C L ors mor to PTe Develo No Change SAGE Open - Conference Proceedings auth author es. are now and t tional ion of r pag rde d and sion SJO print on demand pts Conten transcri No Change n/a C founda Integat eo Speake reco pages con ver Development Release light Vid been tent Deliver No Change n/a C CP Pathology slides High e with hav e ase. : Con videos rele Aptara Singapore | Washington DC pag profile 12 new ember hor for Nov for QA e aut CLU . read y add ed Enhanc uld be to be Videos es sho titles new 5 S L r of the New Author Investigate The profile se pag clea red . 44 11) Yea Rescheduled Release: Mobile Web Optimzed sites product improvements, scalability, etc. Q2 Updates to Mobile Sites Q4 Updates to Mobile Sites ake r been 10 . 5 C C r (20 eo Spe SJO portal web-optimized t has net Release s. Autho (2012) No Change SJO Portal web-optimized Dev: e Vid conten A will routine No Change S C of the rarian Enhanc Mobile - CME pages New at AER Development testing Release Year Lib Mobile Ads 201 2. ord ed user Tagging ads withsCheckM8 & post-launch enhancements to ad placement s rec and Added phase 2 C t rele ase arc her boa rd ase conten Rese library Rele No Change C Voucher Service New ting Pages of crea cess Rescheduled (earlier) 5 S C SJO mobile apps 11) SJO m obile apps Video In pro Release Investigate product improvements, scalability, etc. ** Enable mobile SJO u No Change Newly added C C Year of the Autho Ability to toggle from SJO r (20 nce / New Release: Toggle / g use Ongoin custome ing r test ut r inp libr ary Enhance articles without abstracts/extracts intea ents nal ma Develop Newly added hancem Dynamic link update to journals that adopt OnlineFirst Newly added eratio rt COUNTE R enc Cover image enhancements lish op po sup Newly added Estab Droid Apps Droid Apps Development: Droid apps Release Newly added Plan Personalized web apps (my favorites) Development Relea
    • 5. SAGE Journals Roadmap Governance ● Product Manager ● Executive Sponsor ● Steering Committee ● Publishig Technologies Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    • 6. SAGE Journals Roadmap Process Lather… Rinse… Repeat! Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    • 7. Roadmap Metrics● Competitor analysis● Usage statistics● Sales figures● Brand / Reputation Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC