Roadmap for sage journals highwire meeting 2012


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Presentation by Lettie Conrad at Highwire Meeting 2012

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  • What the SJ roadmap means to SAGE – overview What is it? – scope / purpose of roadmap How does it work? – governance structure, calendar, process, owners Does it connect? – aligning with other strategic entities, like the HW roadmap How is it measured? – ROI before / after Is it hard? – challenges and lessons learned
  • The SJ roadmap is a multi-purpose tool Communication – SAGE is made up of more than 1,000 employees across 4 editorial offices and dozens of sales locations worldwide, so we need a localized tool that anyone can reference for product development information Strategy – to ensure development aligns with business objectives, contingencies, etc. Planning – timing around budgets, resources, and other date drivers and the end result is a colorful spreadsheet of development goals with loads of details about the relative priority, target release date, and objectives of each project
  • The governance structure is primarily made up of… the product manager – who is 100% dedicated to the performance of the journals platform, leading internal business strategy on the value proposition, development plans, voice of the user, etc. the executive sponsor – who is ultimately responsible for the product’s P&L and overall success Journals steering body – made up of senior management from key divisions across SAGE, who together shape the vision for the platform Publishing Technologies – operational division dedicated to maintenance and support for our platforms, including vendor relations, pricing, contracts, etc. This governance plan is ultimately led by the product manager – cue photo – the man that makes all of this happen is Charles Choe!
  • Every quarter, Charles leads SAGE teams through a roadmap analysis and update process, which can be broken down into 3 key steps: Design – this is the investigation and exploration phase, where Charles synthesizes new ideas and key drivers for SJ: competitor intelligence, performance metrics, market research, ROI of past releases, etc. These concepts are then prioritized, internal impact is assessed, and cost estimates are received from Bert. Plan / Communicate – a draft roadmap is prepared and reviewed in detailed with key divisions, esp. Marketing, Sales & Editorial. At this stage, the proposed roadmap and associated budget is reviewed with the Exec. Sponsor and presented to the Steering Committee. Public communication plans are also typically developed at this point. Implement – releases are then coordinated with HW and PubTech, with Charles keeping a constant eye on internal impact, budget, contingencies, and market activities. ROI assessments are planned and carried out, then reported back to senior management as appropriate. In other words…Lather, Rinse, Repeat!
  • ROI of roadmap projects measure a variety of factors, some qual and some quan competitor analysis – where Charles ranks if SAGE is strong, on par, or weak against other publisher platform usage stats – cost / use, referral traffic, user pathway analysis, feature usage, etc. sales – retention, renewals, new sales, measure against sales targets brand / reputation – evaluation of how we’re doing by library advisory board, society partners, editors, readers, etc.
  • Roadmap for sage journals highwire meeting 2012

    1. 1. Building a Roadmap for SAGE Journals Lettie ConradManager, Online Product Management Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    2. 2. What a journals platform roadmap means ● What is it? ● How does it work? ● Does it connect? ● How is it measured? Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC
    3. 3. SAGE Journals Roadmap (updated: 10-3-2012) 2012 2013 SAGE Journals roadmap goalsAnnual Objectives / Product Goals Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q1 release notes Date Requested July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Rescheduled: 2013 - Ph.3 May-12 Investigation REG: Phase 2.5 - Data SAGE-managed registration project (Phase 3) Rescheduled: 2013; deprioritized Jun-11 Investigation SJ-wide HTTP SSO support High priority Jan-12 Analytics Workbench R1Data - Analytics - Reporting u Newly Added Counter 4 Compliance Updates Rescheduled: 2 month delay Jun-12 Development: A2R Release Rescheduled: Q4 2012/Q1 2013; Nov-10 Investigation Author Services: ADC & Author ePrints Release high priority Dev: Alerts Functionality Alerts Registration Dev: Overhaul SJ Alerts Rescheduled: 2013 Apr-11 Investigation Release Release ● Communication (Phase 2) (Phase 3) Management Page Release: OF Topic Rescheduled; 1 month delay Jun-11 Headings Deprioritized May-12 Podcasts as non-Supp Development: Podcasts as non- Release Deprioritized Dec-11 Patient Access with CCC Development Release Rescheduled: Q4/Q1 2013; high article available Development: Article ● Strategy ReleaseUser Engagement / Usability u priority Rescheduled: Hard timeline Sep-10 Apr-11 Enhancement to My Release - Post- improvements available improvements Marked Citations release monitoring Rescheduled for 2013 Jul-10 Investigation: Retro Titles Newly Added Jul-11 Enhancements to Editors Choice Collections Changed dev to investigation May-12 Investigation: Title Search Development Release ● Planning Rescheduled: 2013 Jul-11 Opportunities for post-publication versioning (CVoR) "Did you Rescheduled: 2013 Apr-11 mean?" Newly Added Jan-11 October Free Overhaul login and challenge pages Monetization u Rescheduled: Q4 2012 Rescheduled: 2013 Jan-12 Aug-10 Cover-to-cover Trials Development Release Development: SJ Token PPV Added Cont Pub & Drupal Jul-12 Release: SGO Cont Pub Investigate: Drupal Rescheduled Sub-disciplines Open Access u Rescheduled Rescheduled Apr-12 Apr-12 SAGE Open - Medical Case Reports SAGE Open - Engineering Release Release Rescheduled Apr-12 SAGE Open - Medicine Release Newly Added Jan-12 Related Journals Competitiveness u Newly Added Rescheduled: Q1 2013; high Jun-12 Jul-12 TEMIS - R1 (Standard release) Release TEMIS - Investigate SK & SJ Investigation Related Articles Release priority Rescheduled: 2013 May-12 SJ Portal page mobile-optimized Newly Added Ability to toggle from mobile to full Mobile u Newly Added Newly Added Aug-12 Jan-12 Mobile Site Access Control Tagging Ads with CheckM8 Newly Added Aug-12 Investigation Mobile Vouchers Release Newly Added Aug-12 Multi-journal and cross-platform apps Rescheduled: 1 month; high IF and Journal Ranking Jan-12 Development Release priority auto-feed Rescheduled for 2013 Apr-11 Data/Functional APIs for Product IntegrationDiscovery - Usage u Newly Added Newly Added Jan-12 SRM Interlinking SAGE Knowledge Interlinking Rescheduled: 2 months Jan-12 Google Scholar Primer Development Newly Added Jan-12 Research Methods Tagging on SJ Rescheduled: 2013 First Page Preview Legend Release notes - changed from last roadmap Standard priority Standard priority Standard Release High priority High priority High Priority research or development projects Release Los Angeles | London | New Delhi Singapore | Washington DC