Stephen Friend Berlin9 2011-11-10

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Stephen Friend, Nov 10, 2011. Berlin9, Washington, DC

Stephen Friend, Nov 10, 2011. Berlin9, Washington, DC

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  • 1. gd oi Nw nn o e ae w
  • 2. Reality: Overlapping Pathways
  • 3. The value of appropriate representations/ maps
  • 5. what will it take to understand disease?                    DNA    RNA  PROTEIN  (dark  maHer)    MOVING  BEYOND  ALTERED  COMPONENT  LISTS  
  • 6. 2002 Can one build a “causal” model?
  • 7. (Eric Schadt)
  • 8. We still consider much clinical research as if we we hunter gathers! not sharing - .
  • 9. Clinical/genomic data are accessible but minimally usableLittle incentive to annotate and curate data for other scientists to use
  • 10. Mathematicalmodels of disease are not built to be reproduced orversioned by others
  • 11. Assumption that genetic alterationsin human conditions should be owned
  • 12. Lack of standard forms for future rights and consentss
  • 13. sharing as an adoption of common standards.. Clinical Genomics Privacy IP
  • 14. Publication Bias- Where can we find the (negative) clinical data?
  • 15. Sage Mission Sage Bionetworks is a non-profit organization with a vision to create a commons where integrative bionetworks are evolved by contributor scientists with a shared vision to accelerate the elimination of human diseaseBuilding Disease Maps Data RepositoryCommons Pilots Discovery Platform
  • 16. Sage Bionetworks Collaborators  Pharma Partners   Merck, Pfizer, Takeda, Astra Zeneca, Amgen, Johnson &Johnson  Foundations   Kauffman CHDI, Gates Foundation  Government   NIH, LSDF  Academic   Levy (Framingham)   Rosengren (Lund)   Krauss (CHORI)  Federation   Ideker, Califarno, Butte, Schadt 19
  • 17. sage bionetworks synapse project Watch What I Do, Not What I Say Reduce, Reuse, Recycle My Other Computer is Amazon Most of the People You Need to Work with Don’t Work with You
  • 18. M e ogn g ow gd oi Nnoi g e e own wgi A M S FOR MAP i   ow PLAT ow i nn i o g EW N RULES GOVERN
  • 19. CTCAP  Clinical Trial Comparator Arm Partnership “CTCAP”Strategic Opportunities For Regulatory Science Leadership and Action FDA September 27, 2011
  • 20. Shared clinical/genomic data sharing and analysis will maximize clinical impact and enable discovery•  Graphic  of  curated  to  qced  to  models  
  • 21. Arch2POCM  Restructuring  the  PrecompePPve   Space  for  Drug  Discovery   How  to  potenPally  De-­‐Risk       High-­‐Risk  TherapeuPc  Areas  
  • 22. The  FederaPon  
  • 23. sage federation:model of biological age Faster Aging U M i l r i nnowS Slower Aging e Clinical Association -  Gender -  BMI g -  Disease Age Differential Genotype Association Gene Pathway Expression i i owoe o e U i nS B
  • 24. Sage  Congress  Project   April  20  2012   RA   Parkinson’s   Asthma  (Responders  CompePPons)  
  • 25. Actionable Cancer Network ModelsAnd Open Medical Information Systems