Webinar 9 - Learn about Claim Scrubber- BI, HCFA 2-12, ICD 10 from DigiDMS | DigiDMS.com
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Webinar 9 - Learn about Claim Scrubber- BI, HCFA 2-12, ICD 10 from DigiDMS | DigiDMS.com



DigiDMS is an integrated Medical Information Management Company, which offers Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Billing, and Transcription Services. Our EHR includes integrated Appointment ...

DigiDMS is an integrated Medical Information Management Company, which offers Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Billing, and Transcription Services. Our EHR includes integrated Appointment Scheduling, Billing Modules, Electronic Medical Records, Online Prescriptions and accessibility of information anywhere, anytime. Our services have evolved to a level where we can be deemed a Virtual Secretary targeted for hospitals, clinics, and independent doctors.

The company is promoted by technical experts from diversified industries. In a relatively short span of 6 years, we have been able to transform 300+ medical offices nationwide into efficiency engines. Our strategy is to build productivity through the use of technology, highly trained personnel, and customized consulting services. With resources composed of 32+ employees nationwide and 175+ employees overseas, we have found a solution for all the problems in running a medical practice resulting in better clinical, revenue cycle, and employee management.

We are the sole proprietors of the Electronic Health Records software, the Medical Billing service, and the Transcription Service. This allows us to streamline all our respective services into one effective solution for running a medical practice.

Currently we are servicing clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and expanding throughout the United States of America.

Our offices are based in New Jersey, Texas and North Carolina.



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Webinar 9 - Learn about Claim Scrubber- BI, HCFA 2-12, ICD 10 from DigiDMS | DigiDMS.com Webinar 9 - Learn about Claim Scrubber- BI, HCFA 2-12, ICD 10 from DigiDMS | DigiDMS.com Presentation Transcript

  • Webinar 9: Learn about Claim Scrubber, BI,  HCFA 2/12, ICD 10 from DigiDMS PM Tuesday, April 23, 2014 at 3:30 PM EST Wednesday, April 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM EST EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging 1
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Claim Scrubber : Benefits Reduce Denials and Improve Cash Flow with Claim Scrubber Industry estimates show that healthcare organizations devote more than $83,000  per physician per year to interactions with payers, and many of these are the direct  result of claim errors. Experian Health Claim Scrubber eliminates costly, time‐ consuming rework and boost first‐time pass‐through rates by ensuring that all  claims are complete and accurate before submission to the appropriate payer or  clearing‐house. • Submit Cleaner Claims • Minimize Payment Delays • Improved cash flow • Increased staff efficiency • Faster payment
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Claim Scrubber : Activate Activate  Claim Scrubber  Enterprise Module
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Claim Scrubber : Type of Edits Few Examples • Age edit • Gender Edit • Modifier ‐ Missing, Invalid, Suggested • ICD Code ‐ expired, valid, LCD, NCD • CPT Code ‐ Expired, Valid, RVU, Medicare Preferred Codes, See also codes, Notes • LCD/ NCD • RVU Details ‐ Work RVU, FAC RVU, Non‐FAC RVU… ‐ Cross Checking Initiative – 2 cpts can be billed together
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Claim Scrubber : In Action
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Claim Scrubber : In Action
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Benefits • Process Automation • Effective Tracking • Save Time • Better Productivity
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine What It can do? • Auto Download Clearing House Reports, Insurance Reports • Auto Download ERA Files • Auto Post ERA Files • Auto Adjustment of Action Codes for Posted Encounters • Auto Submission to Secondary Insurance company • Auto Uploading Patient Statements • Auto Tagging of Aging List to Claims Based on ERA Codes • Auto eMail sending for status • Auto eMail of patients for today’s appointment whose claims are denied
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Configuration
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Follow‐up Configuration : Claim Follow‐up
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Follow‐up Configuration : Audit Report
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Follow‐up Configuration : Patient Statement  Follow‐up
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Appointment Notification : Configuration
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Business Intelligence Engine Billing Notification : Configuration
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging HCFA Form Version 2/12 Watch Video * Refer Document Why is there a new claim form? The new form is designed to accommodate the change to ICD‐10. It provides fields  that allow you to use the longer codes and enter more codes. Updates were also  devised to create consistency with the data submitted on electronic claims (837P)  as well as overall improvements to the usability of the form. What’s new in HCFA form version 02/12 Indicators added for differentiating between ICD‐9‐CM and ICD‐10‐CM diagnosis  codes The number of possible diagnosis codes expanded to 12, however, what has not  changed is that each procedure will still only allow up to 4 diagnosis pointers. This  means that this new form can still only support 4 diagnosis codes per procedure. The diagnosis pointers (Box 24E) will be moved over from numbers to letters for  ICD‐10. Qualifiers added to identify provider roles (ordering, referring, supervising)
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging HCFA Form Version 2/12 : Configuration Watch Video * Refer Document
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging ICD 10 : Configuration
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging ICD 10 : Configuration
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging DigiDMS PM Features • Patient Statements – Duplicate, Address Update • Payer Classification • Remittance Address
  • EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging Questions & Answers ? 22
  • Thank You! EHR * PM * Patient Portal * Direct Messaging * Secure Healthcare Messaging 23