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Passion For Hire: Sagar Mandal's Visual Resume
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Passion For Hire: Sagar Mandal's Visual Resume


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Hello , I am Sagar Mandal , presently studying MBA at Christ University ,Bengaluru India. …

Hello , I am Sagar Mandal , presently studying MBA at Christ University ,Bengaluru India.
I am passionate about digital technology and digital marketing.
This visual resume is to showcase my passion for digital technology and digital marketing.

I am looking for job opportunities to contribute passionately to enterprises, my updated resume is available here :
Please feel free to get in touch through:
Skype: sagar.ites

Looking forward to interact with you.

Sagar Mandal

Published in: Business
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  • 1. “I have no specialtalents. I am onlypassionately curious.” -Albert Einstein
  • 2. This is my Visual Resume
  • 3. Digital Technology
  • 4. Awarded for Excellence in Computer Science atSchool
  • 5. Graduated as Bachelor of Technology in InformationTechnology
  • 6. Built Awesome Applications With My Team
  • 7. A Web Application Which Empowers Recruiters To Conduct CampusRecruitment From Remote Location.
  • 8. An Application which Automates Complete Administrative Procedures Credits : JackHynes-Flickrlike Seating Arrangement, Room Allocation, Examiner Schedule etc.
  • 9. A Cloud Based Application To Optimize Media Planning Process.
  • 10. Digital Marketing
  • 11. 4 Years of Experience as “Freelance Online MarketingConsultant”
  • 12. Contributed to growth of SMEs and startups by :
  • 13. Creating a Digital Brand
  • 14. Increasing Reach to Target Audience
  • 15. Enhancing customer’s digital experience & engagement
  • 16. My Passion
  • 17. Can Empower Your Enterprise
  • 18. To Achieve Success
  • 19. The recruiters asked – “Sagar, Why Should We Hire You ?”
  • 20. 5SkillsThat Makes Me the “Best Fit”
  • 21. Understand the problem by asking the right questions, gathering“smart” data and innovate to create successful feasible solutions.
  • 22. An indigenous skill to figure out how to do “new” things from the rightsources and re-learn in tide with changing times.
  • 23. Ability to come up with creative new ideas, understand the pros andcons, communicate it to the stakeholders and execute them fromscratch to finish.
  • 24. Self-driven and motivated to undertake initiatives and work withcross functional and cross geographical teams.
  • 25. Learn and re-learn best practices, skills and methodologies in context with changing people and planet.
  • 26. Presently, I am studyingMBA-Marketing (CourseEnds on 28th March ’13)at :
  • 27. Looking for Opportunities to Work with YOUDownload my updated resume here : Me @ sagar.ites @sagar_mandal
  • 28. Looking Forward To Interact With You
  • 29. CreditsSlide No. SourceSlide 1 Captured By: Shikhei Goh Winning Image Of The 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest.Slide 2 abraelazuldelcielo.blogspot.comSlide 4 Digital Ciclism By Ben Heine; 8 11 13 14 in.viewsonic.comSlide 15 17 18 19 20 http://background-pictures.feedio.netSlide 21 scr3.golem.deSlide 22 www.tumblr.comSlide 23 / Blogs / Technology / Thinking TechSlide 24 25 / Career Resources / The Job InterviewSlide 26 delocosbajitos.blogspot.comSlide 27 28 29 31 / Entertainment / ArtSlide 32