Sea dragon technology
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Sea dragon technology






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Sea dragon technology Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sea-dragonTechnologyComputer Society of IndiaOpen SourceBySagar PatelKaran Prajapati
  • 2. Visual Technology Deals with pictures, and videos E.g. POV, Infrared, Laser, LEDs,Famto photography, Sea-dragonTechnology, 3D, HD, etc.
  • 3. Sea-dragon Technology Founder Blaise Agüera y Arcas (2003) Named after team in Microsoft LiveLabs Graphics and Photos smoothlybrowsed Microsoft Silverlight, Photosynth,Pivot and Deep Zoom Composer
  • 4. Photosynth Open Source Software Augmented Reality Generates a 3D Panorama from 2Dphotos Point cloud Online Sharing
  • 5. Photosynth
  • 6. How does Photosynth work? Adding 2D Images (20-300) Identifying features Matching features across photographs Image Segmantation Assembly into 3D space
  • 7. Photosynthing a Small Object
  • 8. Capture images from maximumpossible angle
  • 9. Importing images toPhotosynth
  • 10. 2D view
  • 11. 3D Panorama
  • 12. Point Cloud
  • 13. Sharing Photosynths Provides Direct Link to your Synth Embed Photosynth Viewer inWebpage
  • 14. Live Video Synth
  • 15. Application of Photosynth Mapping by geo-tagging data. Navigation Augmented Reality Explore the model to check for anyDamage Virtual Earth
  • 16. “We have a real world outsidethe window, but it will beunprecedented if you can feel itin Microsoft Windows!!!”
  • 17. Limitations of Photosynth(In Present version) Synth can’t be downloaded to disk(Data stored remotely) Limitation of storage on server Computer may crunch, when imagesare more than 600
  • 18. Deep Zoom Composer (DZC) Continuous zoom in and out Panning through Images 100 MP image take longer to operate Deep zoom algorithm reduces thetime DZC can operate 4 billion pixels veryquickly
  • 19. Deep zoom Technology DZI file format(.xml/.dzi) Platforms: AJAX and XAML Sparse Images
  • 20. Why Deep Zoom is Fast?Deep Zoom Algorithm
  • 21. 70 Giga Pixel Image
  • 22. First level of Zoom
  • 23. 2nd Level of Zoom
  • 24. 3rd Level of Zoom
  • 25. Deep Zoom AdvancedCodeingXAML (Adding Interactivity to DZI)<MultiScaleImagex:Name="deepZoomObject"Source="source/dzc_output.xml"MouseEnter="DeepZoomObject_MouseEnter" />
  • 26. Applications of Deep Zoom Google Earth Universe Navigation World wide Telescope Environment for newspapers andmagazines Human can understand the realmeaning of picture
  • 27. “A Picture May Tell A ThousandWords,But How Many Of Those Words AreFair And True?”
  • 28. ? ? ? ?