Let us complete the cycle...
Primary ResearchVisual or physical rep-resentation of the vari-ous groups involvedwith the service.
ServiceEcology                                                                   INDIVIDUALS                              ...
PersonasRaghundan, 28                            Ramachandran, 40                            Chitra, 26                   ...
Request                                             Pickup/ Delivery                                                      ...
Customer Journey                                                                                                          ...
MeaningRecycling logo, but instead uses        Simpleletter “e” to convey that the service   Convey Nature of Serviceinvol...
Story BoardingA storyboard is a series of drawings or pictures that visualize a particular se-quence of events. This may i...
The new washing machine took place     rahul was watching tv and saw an     Rahul realised that his washing ma-of the old ...
it was the service guy from weeecy-      the service personnel inspected the   a quotation was generated andcle! He introd...
weeecycle guy packages and loads it   rahul, later logs into the portal   THE PORTAL shows his WEEECYCLEinto the truck for...
Service Evidences
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A service design concept for e-waste recycling

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  1. 1. Let us complete the cycle...
  2. 2. Primary ResearchVisual or physical rep-resentation of the vari-ous groups involvedwith the service.
  3. 3. ServiceEcology INDIVIDUALS CORPORATES How can I find the nearest e-waste collection center for disposal? (IT EQUIPMENT VENDORS) What would I get in exchange of the e-waste? How can I safely dispose WEEE that we generate safely and with conformance to Govt. regulationsVisual or physical representation of thevarious groups involved with the ser-vice. GOVERNMENT How to supervise and manage disposal of e-wastes? How to bring awareness in people about disposal of e-wastes? NGOS/ SCHOOLS How to get refurbished computers and other equipments for cheap price to donate it to schools in rural areas? WEEEcycle How to contact Corporates to request them to give computers in working condition as donation to schools? SMALL BUSINESS/ SCRAP DEALERS How to effectively handle the collected e-waste? How can make most by selling the collected e-waste? E-WASTE RECYCLERS MANUFACTURING PLANTS How can I get constant supply of e-wastes? How can I get constant supply scrap for melting? How can I better estimate the value of e-waste? How can I the scrap for cheap? How can I make most of the e-waste while recycling? How can I connect with more e-waste recycling plants for business?
  4. 4. PersonasRaghundan, 28 Ramachandran, 40 Chitra, 26 Arun, 22Senior Engineer, ABS Labs Manager, Sanjay Scrap yard CEO, Raksha NGO Worker, Recycling PlantHe is sociall very active and has over He strongly believes in doing Busi- A young Entrepreneur, who always has Joined at a very young age, all he1000 facebook contacts which he is ness. As long as it is a profitable deal, a voice towards bringing equality in does is disassemble the electronicalways proud of. He owns lot of gad- he just opts for it. He does not like society, helping the needy and the equipments, group them. He has heardgets from iPad, iPhone, Laptop and handing over even a penny to beggers, poor. She has started her own NGO from his uncle that the work is hazard-even a personal workstation. as he thinks that instead of begging, called Raksha, which provides scholar- ous, but he gets his paycheck, thats they should work and earn their own ships and required educations statio- what matters for him.He believes that people should not get hard earned money. neries to bright but economicallyattached to gadgets, just buy a new weaker students. He has not received any formal train-one when you are bored with the old He has come from a poor family but ing on disassembling the equipments.one. has grown strongly after he is into She thinks if Government, Corporates He is not sure about the ill effects that scrap dealing. He believes that strong and People join together, we can make the chemicals might cause to hisHe is lazy and does most of the shop- Government policies and actions this world a better place to live. health. He says the owner does notping and bill payments through online against illegal recycling and industries own a license to run the business, sobanking and credit cards. will help him be more competitive in She often talks and attends confer- he has to do everything without any the market ences to build a strong network who questions asked, otherwise he willHe travels a lot and appreciates good can support her organisation in this loose his job.services and actively makes use of cause.those online services to ease his life
  5. 5. Request Pickup/ Delivery After Service Pickup Reference No. Cash Memo Contract Agreement Awards, Certificates, Blogs, TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Govt. Proposals Contract Papers WEEEcycle Week Invita- Brochures, Branded Statio-Evidences Campaigns, Posters, Meetings, Confer- Receipt WeeeCycle ID card (App/ Email/ SMS) (App/ Email/ SMS) WEEEcycle Sticker tion (App/ Email/ SMS) neries ences, Expos, Stalls, Drives Welcome Kit Talks to WEEEcycle for Intimation of e-waste Checks the list and Customer rates the Customer accepts the Customer shares experi- Actions Negotiation and final Leads service personnel invitation and confirms e-waste handling through availability (or sched- to e-waste signs-off the list with service on various ences on various various channels Contract agreement uled) quotation platforms their presence platforms Get Customer Info, Collaborations Get required approvals. E-waste is packed and Visiting card and a receipt Invite all WEEEcycle Information on WEEEcy- Set up a formal meeting at Inspected, items are listed Arrange Experience shar- Front-of-stage e-waste classification, cle network and its Reach the site on time and loaded. of the items shipped is members and Govt. ing Talks, Case Studies, interactions Location, Collection convinient time and venue and quotation is prepared handed over for reference Officials through various advantages meet concerned people Workshops, Competitions date and time channels One Time Pickup Confirmation receipt Customer confirms If fine, the offer is Customer rates the received with date and availability at the Leads service service on various personnel to e-waste accepted time of pickup location platforms Equipment Request Customer is informed that the Arrives at the site. Greeted E-waste is packed and Visiting card and a badge Request added to logistics Inspected and quotation is loaded. thanking for environmental service personnel are coming and handsover the brochure prepared team pickup points of WeeeCycle Customer paid according to conciousness is provided. to inspect and pickup e-waste quotation with a signature. Sends Official Request Customer confirms the Checks the list and Customer rates the Request for Refurbished Leads service personnel service on various Letter date and time of delivery to the delivery area signs-off the list with PCs for donation platforms delivery Request for official request Check if requirements can Send congratulations note Get required approvals. Welcome kits and briefing Visiting card and a badge with details on when the items that are listed is cross is done. Detail Contract thanking for using the letter in case of NGO or be met with existing stock, Reach the site on time and checked for delivery Schools else talk to Corporates equipments will be deliv- meet concerned people conditions and WeeeCycle service ered day Blogging, Tweeting, Print Ads, Estimate logistics and Back-of-stage Talking to local Govt., Confer- scalability of the current interactions ences, Expos, Newsletters, arrangements Mailers Support Creating Publicity and Set up team to handle Processes Marketing plans corporate relationships Create a platform where invitees can talk about Service Blueprint there experience and share it Existing stock check against requirements and talking to Corporates for Invite recognised WEEEcy- help cle contributors - Individu- als, Corporates & Small A Service Blueprint is a detailed visual representation of the total service over Business Arrange Logistics, Wel- Confirm Logistics team and come Kits and Transporta- Branding team time - showing the user’s journey, all the different touchpoints and channels, tion, Brand as well as the behind the scenes parts of a service that make it work.
  6. 6. Customer Journey A customer journey map provides a vivid but structured visualization of a ser- vice user’s experience.The method helps us understand the intentional and unintentional aspects of the customer journey.Guiding Principles People don’t know what e-wastes exactly People like to have a door pickup service People don’t like to give away anything for People like to show off and brag about their are and how to dispose them when they have to dispose equipments free unless there is a strong reason achievementsCustomer Journey STAGES Research Planning Booking Pre-pickup/ Pre-delivery Pickup/ Delivery Post-pickup/ Post-delivery Date, Time, Review & Receipt E-waste Location WEEEcycle Research existing services Benefits How it works? Contact Wait for the pickup Inspection Quotation Confirmation Share Experience Info Info confirm number Info Web weeecycle.com Web Blogs Pickup date & Ownership Search Engines Time change Blogs Social Networking Check Status confirmation Receive Gets Confirmation call Social Networking Blogs Change Plan for Pickup Payment Social Networking Call Center Mobile App TV Ads Campaigns May call if DOING Posters difficulties occur Cancel Request Quoted value Contract negotiation Agreement Live Chat Enquire for Suggestions from Friends WEEEcycle Forum Recall or refund and neighbours Suggest Friends Share experience and neighbours during WEEEcycle Week Whom should I call to get rid of my old equip.? How much will I get for my old equipment? Will they come and pick for sure? My friend’s marriage is on the pickup date. My wife is along at home. I better tell them to I need the equipment I gave away yesterday. Where can I dispose it? What they are gonna do with it? I can’t wait that long, can I drop it myself Can I change it? come later for pickup Is it possible to get it back? THINKING Can somebody just get this off from here? Do they provide door to door pickup? somewhere? My friend wants to keep my old equipment. I have to go for walk. Will they give me a call I have been invited to talk at WEEEcycle Week! I am not sure if I will be available on that day How to cancel the booking? Do I have to pay before coming for pickup? They are trust worthy and the service is just a call away. I will suggest my friends to try it any penalty? Why is everybody suggesting this. I’m excited The wesite is easy to use and they have Mobile app Probably they should not ask for Model number Wow! I can change the pickup date and time They look like I can trust them. They even sent They were on time and I just had to make two to try this out! Seems like a legitimate website which also helps NGO I don’t know where to look for and no penalty!!! I love it! me the names of person who will come home signatures. They took care of everything else. FEELING Finally I can get rid of all the waste equipments Thank God! I don’t have to go and deposit it! Good that I also got an SMS with contact for pickup I feel proud that I am contributing to society details. I don’t have to use my laptop again They know how to pack and handle the You should see what students have done with equipment my computer! Just amazing! Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability Enjoyability EXPERIENCE Relevance Relevance Relevance Relevance Relevance Relevance Helpfulness Helpfulness Helpfulness Helpfulness Helpfulness HelpfulnessOpportunitiesGLOBAL PLANNING, RESEARCH, BOOKING POST-PICKUPCommunicate a clear value Make them understand the Encourage people who have done Not all are good at planning. So Collect only the information which Create collection drive dates rather Whenever donations are made Invite all of them to the WEEEcycleproposition importance of WEEEcycling very good contribution dont penalise them for bad planning is relevant than individual pickups attribute the customer week celebrationSTAGE: Inspection STAGES: Initial visit STAGES: Global STAGES: Planning STAGES: Booking STAGES: Pickup STAGES: Post-Pickup/ Post-Delivery STAGE: Post-Pickup/ Post-DeliveryProvide Customers the flexibility Provide help whenever they need Connect with Movers and Packers Provide a platform for them to share Publish the achievements of theand freedom to decide disposal it as an addon service their views with others service to publicSTAGES: Global STAGES: Global STAGES: Planning STAGES: Post-Pickup/ Post-Delivery STAGES: Post-Pickup/ Post-Delivery Ongoing, Linear Non-linear, but Information Sources Stakeholder interviews Customer Experience Survey non-linear process time based
  7. 7. MeaningRecycling logo, but instead uses Simpleletter “e” to convey that the service Convey Nature of Serviceinvolves not just wastes but Elec- Easy to understand and remembertronic wastes. Cycle indicates the factor ofWEEE stands for people “We” as reuse and giving back totogetherness, but also for Waste NatureElectrical and Electronic Equip-ments (WEEE)
  8. 8. Story BoardingA storyboard is a series of drawings or pictures that visualize a particular se-quence of events. This may include a common situation where a service isused, or a hypothetical implementation of a new service prototype
  9. 9. RAHUL GOT ELECTROCUTED whiletrying to operate HIS OLD washing HE DECIDED TO BUY A NEW WASHING HE LIKED THE LATEST FRONT LOADINGmachine WHICH THE ELECTRICIAN MACHINE AND WENT FOR SHOPPING FULLY Automatic washing machineTHINKS IS ALREADY IN IRREPAIRABLE and asked if he can exchange his oldSTATE washing machineshop owner said that there are no but rahul needed the new washing He got his new washing machine toexchange schemes available! machine badly. so, he decided he will his home buy the new washing machine
  10. 10. The new washing machine took place rahul was watching tv and saw an Rahul realised that his washing ma-of the old one. Old washing machine advertisement campaign which in- chine is an e-waste and he can get itbecame cup board to keep towels troduced about weeecycle, a new disposed just in one call!and toileteries service to dispose e-waste..!he called up weeecycle customer he got a confirmation sms on his On sunday 1pm, the door bell rangcare and did a booking for his mobile phone that his request haswashing machine inspection and been recorded with the requestpickup for the coming sunday 1PM number
  11. 11. it was the service guy from weeecy- the service personnel inspected the a quotation was generated andcle! He introduced himself and washing machine for its value handed over to rahul, explaininghanded over the weeecycle brochure how much cash would be paid into rahul returnHappy with the quotation, rahul rahul gets a weeecycle network rahul gets the money as mentionedread through the contract and card which has a unique user id to on the quotationsigned it off declaring that he is the access his profile on weeecycleowner of the washing machine and portal and to see his contributionshe has handed it over to WEEEcycle and accumulated weee-points
  12. 12. weeecycle guy packages and loads it rahul, later logs into the portal THE PORTAL shows his WEEECYCLEinto the truck for shipping and rates the service experience POINT score which sets him above others. The top scorers would be invited and honored during weeecycle week celebrations
  13. 13. Service Evidences