Toxicology of Modern Medicine


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Oral presentation presented at National Level Students Paper Contest Pharma Flair-08,7th-8th Nov 2008 , Balaji Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Warangal (A.P.)

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Toxicology of Modern Medicine

  1. 1. Toxicology of Modern Medicine -Act Now or Repent Later!
  2. 2. Government College of Pharmacy Amravati-444304.(M.S.) INDIA. Nikam S.J.*, Alone S.S., Kavade V.M., Bhopale A.R.
  3. 3. Objective:- new hazards, complications & toxicological effects of modern medicine overpast.pharmacological reactions, way of escaping indefinite toxicity & awareness tocommunity.
  4. 4. Pharmaceuticals (Active ingredients) Plants Health Isolation Hunger & For Chemical Bulk Production Developing chemical Route Profit Triumphs PatentsOver Human Sufferings Over Discovered Chemicals Making P’ceu. Industry most profitable stock market sector
  5. 5. Always Busy in ter est InNew Drug Discovery & its DevelopmentInventing effectiveness of Drugs over older one of ict n flManufacturing & How sell increase?How beneficial a Drug ? nt co Not showing side effects ! Bl ata
  6. 6. Other Reasons:- P’ceu. & Medical Research in USIn 2000 Only 1/3rd University & Academic medical centersRemaining Research centers run by Pharma Companies. Multinational Pharma companies invest less in
  7. 7. Problems due to Modern Medicine:-Less clinical trials on New chemical released by CompaniesLess potent medications / More toxic & Poisonous effects on other organsDrug resistant developed with newer drug resistant infectionsappearing in many old diseases with changing epidemiology ofmany viruses.Reoccurrence of Poliovirus in Namibia 10 yrs. After Polio-free (1993-94)In India, Chikungunya fever after a gap of 30 yrs.
  8. 8. Examples Modern Medicated Refined Sugars Overworking of Pancreas causing Insulin resistance & Diabetic conditions. Affects brain, Hormonal system & reported to be Powerful Neurotransmitter Releases Wood Alcohol ( Methanol) Actually causes person to carve for Sugar & affects Metabolism causing gain in body weight.
  9. 9. Newer AntibioticsFrequently ↑ resistance to modern medications “Virtually Untreatable” form of TB emerged Resistant to 3 to 6 classes of 2nd line drugs. XDRTB (Extreme Drug Resistant Tuberculosis) About 4,25,000 cases found in a year for MDR-TB (Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis). Found mostly in China, India& Soviet union
  10. 10.  Houses of Many toxic chemicals Among the most widely prescribed of all pharmaceuticals. Journal “Drug Safety” indicates that NSAIDs claimaround 3000 lives per year in the UK alone.
  11. 11.        people dying annually in US due to Modern Drugs prescribed in hospitals & New medical interventions.Gary Null “Complete Guide to “Health & Nutrition” :- Vit “C”not commonly prescribe, it is not profitable as other syrups & pills prescribed by the doctors.
  12. 12. Solutions Better Research & long term trials coupled with judicioususe of medicines before launching of any new Drug Encourage our age old knowledge of Traditional & Alternative Cures. Go Forward for “Integrated Medicine” Alternative (traditional) Drug Therapy Modern System of Medicine.
  13. 13. AcknowledgementThe authors expresses their sincere gratitude towardsRespected Mr. Dinesh Gandhi Sir Mr. Rahul Akotkar Sir Mr. Shailesh Pawade Sir for giving their valuable time for work.
  14. 14. References1)H.K.Parwana,Science Reporter, NISCAIR(CSIR), Vol.45 No.8 August 2008,Pg.No.9-13.2 Leape, L.L. (1994). Error in medicine. Journal of the American Medical Association 272:1851-1857.3)Dr.Carolyn Dean, “Death by Modern Medicine”,Vol.1st