The 2004 indian ocean tsunami


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2004 Indian ocean tsunami............

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The 2004 indian ocean tsunami

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• TSUNAMI - The term tsunami comes from the Japanese 津波 ,composed of two kanji 津 (tsu) meaning "harbor" and 波 (nami), meaning "wave".• It is the most dangerous natural disaster.• In 2004 Sumatra earthquake generated tsunami was most destructuve in the history of mankind ever recorded.
  3. 3. TSUNAMI Generation• By Seismicity - The under sea earthquake that was caused by Subduction and started as a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts.• By landslides - extremely large landslides from volcanic island collapses can generate tsunamis that can cross oceans.• Meteotsunami - tsunami like wave formation of meteorological origin.
  4. 4. Cause of damage• When the wave enters shallow water, it slows down and its amplitude (height) increases.• the smashing force of a wall of water travelling at high speed, and the destructive power of a large volume of water draining off the land and carrying all with it, even if the wave did not look large.• When wave reaches the land it gets elevation and it can reach upto hieght of 10 m.
  5. 5. The boxing day• Subduction process between Indian plate and Burma plate cause stresses.• On the morning of December 26, the strain reached its limit, and the Burma Plate separated from the India Plate, snapping upward.• This produced large disturbance in the ocean near Sumatra.• The rupture began off the Sumatran coast and spread northwest at an estimated 6,300 miles per hour.
  6. 6. Causes of powerful tsunami• the power of the earthquake, which was determined to be about a magnitude 9.2.It is the 2nd largest earthquake ever recorded.• The energy released was 3,000 times that of the first atomic bomb. This sudden release of energy caused the entire planet to wobble momentarily on its axis.• The quake occurred in a relatively shallow portion of the Indian Ocean, 19 miles below the surface .Eartquakes occurred in deep ocean hardly generate tsunami.
  7. 7. Travellling of tsunami waves
  8. 8. Affected Countries• Indonesia , Sri Lanka ,Thailand ,India ,Somalia, Myanmar, Maldeves, Malysia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, South Africa, Madagascar, Yemen• Tourists from all over world also got affected.• Total Deaths Occurred - 2,30,187• Total Injured – 1,25,000(approx.)• Total missing – 45,752(Confirmed)• Total displaced – 16,90,000(approx.)
  9. 9. Effects On INDIA• Affected states and Union teritories Andaman and Nicobar islands, Pondicherry, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh• Coastal area affected – 2700 kms.• Deaths Occurred – 18,045• Missing – 6,000(approx.)• Displaced – 6,50,000(approx.)
  10. 10. Performance of Structures• Housing Houses upto 300 m. away from sea totally destroyed. Even upto 1 km. houses were spoiled by the tsunami.• Ports Ports also damaged because of sand carried by waves.• Roads and railways significantly damged by waves
  11. 11. Effects on Fishing industry• The greatest damage was suffered by the fishing industry.• Boats damaged or lost in india – 65,343.• Most of the coastal population lost their livelihood.• Most of the fishermen in affected areas lost their fishing nets and advised not to catch fishes untill sea is stabled.
  12. 12. Helping Out• Helping hand came from all over the world. Charity funds were organized in large amount.• Nations all over the world provided over US$14 billion in aid for damaged regions.• Organizations like UNO,World bank, Euro nations and various social groups came forward in relief work.
  13. 13. India’s assistance with other affected countries• The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, along with the Indian defence forces and Home Ministry, is coordinating relief operations to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia.• Operation Castor (assistance to Maldives)• Three vessels have been launched for Male.• INS Mysore (two helicopters, reaching Male on 20 Dec 2004)• INS Udaygiri (one helicopter, reaching Male on 29 Dec 2004)• INS Aditya (one helicopter carrying water and a water purification plant, medical teams, reaching Male on 30 Dec 2004)•• Operation Rainbow (assistance to Sri Lanka)• INS Sharda• INS Sutlej• Operation Ghambir (assistance to Indonesia)• INS Nirupak - The hospital ship left for Sumatra, Indonesia on 30 Dec 2004. It was carrying emergency rations, medicines, tents and first aid kits. It had 10 officers and 240 sailors on board.
  14. 14. Blogs and websites for relief work• Tsunamihelp - News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts by a volunteer team of bloggers.• - Well organized lists of all essential information related to Indian relief efforts.• TrueNorthFoundation - Reports of relief work and help required from Nagapattinam.• - Contact numbers and Contributions towards the relief efforts.• Tsunami Locator - list of resources to support the those searching for missing persons.• Tsunami Help India - spun off from Sumankumars yak pad out of Chennai, India• Post seismic - Post Seismic deformation of Andaman & Nicobar Island• - A forum dedicated to the support of the on-going disaster relief work.••
  15. 15. Warnings and Prediction• The tsunami warning system has been established in indian ocean.• All the research authorities on tsunami are connected to each other.
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