Advancement in non convention energy sources


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Advancement in non convention energy sources

  1. 1. “Advance technology in non-conventional energy sources” Sagar Kumar Sankhala School of petroleum technology, PDPU, Gujarat Email ID. : Energy is the key input to drive and improve life cycle. Primarily, it is the gift of the nature to the mankind in various forms. The consumption of the energy is directly proportional to the progress of mankind. With ever growing population, improvements in the living standards of human being, rapid industrialization and urbanization, the global demand for energy is expected to increase rather rapidly in the near future. Renewable energy is an indigenous source available in considerable quantities to developing nations and capable, in principle of having a significant local, regional or national economic impact. Rapid scientific and technological advantages are expected to expand the economic range of renewable energy applications over the next 8-10 years making it imperative for international decision makers and planners to keep abreast of these developments. Solar cookers are among the "advanced" devices which are supposed, by virtue of their basis in scientific knowledge, to bring modernity to backwards areas. Utility interconnected wind turbines generate power which is synchronous with the grid and are used to reduce utility bills by displacing the utility power used in the household and by selling the excess power back to the electric company. The process of densifying loose agro-waste into a solidified biomass of high density, which can be conveniently used as a fuel, is called Biomass Briquetting. It is pollution free and ecofriendly. Some of the agricultural and forestry residues can be briquetted after suitable pretreatment. Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface, making them the world’s largest solar collectors. Ocean energy draws on the energy of ocean waves, tides, or on the thermal energy (heat) stored in the ocean. Many geothermal power plants are operating throughout the world. Although larger geothermal power plants are in operation in America today, it is to the credit of the Italians that the first impressive breakthrough in geothermal power exploitation was achieved. The oldest geothermal power station is near Larderello in Italy, which has an installed capacity of 380 MW. In New Zealand geothermal power accounts for 40% of the total installed capacity, whereas in Italy it accounts for 6%.