marketin plan of soap


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marketin plan of soap

  1. 1. SAVON SOAPMaryam SagarFarukhYogeshGroupMembers
  2. 2. Introduction•Mineral Based UV protection bar With Moisturizer made up of Zinc Oxide•New category in Pakistan and initially launched in karachi .•Protects the skin by forming up a layer.•Made up natural resourcesIt’s a face and body wash
  3. 3. VisionMissions and Goals“To provide the best ultracare product bring backthe lost confidence inwomen..”“To save the young women fromthe scorching and dangerousultra violet rays of sun whichdarken their skin complexionand to provide them confidenceto go out in the sun without anyhesitation.”
  4. 4. PowerPlugs: Templates• Protection from the sun rays(UV)• Moisturizing elements• All in one, just use it once and will protected for more than 7 hours in continuousexposure• The bar will not be absorbed in waterBenefits, Features and Customer Needs
  5. 5. POSITIONING & PRODUCT STRATEGY• The product would be based on emotional appeal also benefits• The primary target is Middle Class and Middle-lower class• Value addition would be that the bar could also be used as shampooProduct Strategy: In coming years a new product with UV protection will belaunched, the target audience will be Male.• The SAVON will be launched in different colors and packaging will be improved“You deserve to be Cared…”
  6. 6. Product Features• UVB and UVA Protection• high SPF 50 (UVB) and UVA Protection• non sticky and oil free• UV protection with all three actions(Scattering, Reflecting and absorbing)
  7. 7. Target Audience• Savon targets girls and women in the age bracket of18-35.• Target audience would be lower class and lower-middle class.• It is for women who regularly go out in sun.
  8. 8. Competitor AnalysisCOMPETITORS PRODUCTS FEATURES PRICEGARNIER Advanced dailyUV blockinglotionGarnier UV Protect pure vitaminE, hydra active complexSPF50Advance daily UV blocking lotionDOVE Dove FaceProtectiveMoisturizingLotion SPF 15Vitamins, green tea extracts, purespring water. A light, fresh lotioncontains essential nutrients toleave skin nourished andhydrated. UVA & UVB filtersprotect skin from the sunsharmful rays, helping to preventpremature ageingNEUTROGENA Clear facesunscreenFormulated with Helioplextechnology, designed to providesuperior sun protection withoutcausing breakouts on acne-prone skin. For face and body,leaves a weightless, mattefinish.
  9. 9. SWOT ANALYSISStrengths•New and Innovative product•Unique Product•strong Market researchWeaknesses•Lack Brand awarenessOpportunities•Enhance the Target AudienceThreats•Risk Of new category and untappedmarket•Competitors may cop the product
  10. 10. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY• Make contracts with Hyperstar, Imtiaz, Chaseup.• we will offer sample soaps to wholesalers and retailers• We will provide special payment terms to our wholesalers
  11. 11. Budgeting• For our production, we purchased an running facility for Rs. 20 million.• It is estimated that our fixed cost will be Rs 10 million.• And our variable cost will be Rs 45 per unit + Rs. 2 for packaging.• Savon will be offered at price Rs. 65.
  12. 12. Mark-Up Chains• We are going to sell the Savon to our wholesalers at Rs. 55.• Wholesalers margin will be Rs. 3 + Rs. 2 additional for distribution. thus retailercost will be Rs. 60• Finally, retail price will be Rs.65, thus retailers margin will be Rs. 5.
  13. 13. Estimated Profit & Loss Account• It is estimated that we will be able to sell 100,000 units of Savon.• With an estimated COGS of Rs. 4.7 million.• Our marketing expenses will be Rs. 0.73 million.sales Rs. 6,500,000 100%Cost of goods sold Rs. 4,700,000 72.30%Gross Margin Rs. 1,800,000 27.70%Marketing ExpensesSales Promotion Rs. 235,000Promotion expenses Rs. 500,000 Rs. 735,000 11.31%General and Admin expensesManageria expenses Rs. 500,000Indirect overhead Rs.500,000 Rs. 1,000,000 15.38%Net Profit Before Tax Rs. 65,000 1.00%
  14. 14. Pricing• Value-Based pricing is being used.• Selling price is Rs. 65• Variable cost are Rs. 45• With additional cost of Rs. 2 for packaging and Rs. 8 will be our margin per unit.
  15. 15. Marketing Communication Strategy• Savon’s Marketing communication Strategy includes advertising, promotion on bothTV and Radio.• Direct Marketing where one-to-one communication will be held with target market.• Sales promotion will also be engaged in future.
  16. 16. Advertising Medium• For promotion and advertising both Above the line and Below the line promotion willbe engaged.• For the ATL, TV advertisements, as well as newspaper advertisements and radioannouncements.• TV advertisements would only be on aired during prime time slot.