Introduction to Cloud Computing                                                                          In This Document:...
What is SaaS (Software                          were still located down the corridor – you                                ...
normally billed to customers monthly.Similar to an electricity bill                                                  In co...
work from anywhere in the world, your             It also makes the recovery of data much          quickly and managed, ma...
Disaster recovery /                                and tested by experienced professionals”                               ...
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Technical overiew of cloud computing


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There has been a huge shift in how we all view computing in recent years, with the
future laying firmly in the power of “Cloud Computing.” It is by no means a new concept, but with modern innovations, and by utilising the latest technologies, the benefits are now available for everyone to share.

We will help you to unders tand exactly what cloud computing comprises of, how these
benefits can not only transform your business function, but also drive down your costs.

This new, web-based generation of computing utilises remote servers housed in
highly secure data centres for data storage and management, so organisations no
longer need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house.

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Technical overiew of cloud computing

  1. 1. Introduction to Cloud Computing In This Document:There has been a huge shift in how we all view computing in recent years, with the Backgroundfuture laying firmly in the power of “Cloud Computing.” It is by no means a newconcept, but with modern innovations, and by utilising the latest technologies, the What is the Cloudbenefits are now available for everyone to share. “The Cloud can be described as a metaphorWe will help you to unders tand exactly what cloud computing comprises of, how these for the Internet”benefits can not only transform your business function, but also drive down your costs. What is SaaS (SoftwareThis new, web-based generation of computing utilises remote servers housed in as a Service)?highly secure data centres for data storage and management, so organisations no What types of platformslonger need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house. does the Cloud use? Public CloudBackground What is the CloudFor several years we have all experienced a huge “The cloud embodies various services and Private Cloudshift in business which, in part due to the global technologies, which combine to enable theeconomic downturn, has hit all businesses, from delivery of computing services over the Internet Hybrid Cloudthe one man band, to the largest corporations in real-time, allowing end-users instant accessvery hard; resulting in these organisations having to data and applications, from any device with Internet access.” What services can beto closely scrutinise their costs in order to staycompetitive. It will therefore come as no surprise used in the cloud?then that one of their biggest recurring costs is IT. As already discussed the Cloud is not a new concept, but one that we are all actually very Hosted/StreamedThese organisations have had a very positive familiar with. Since the commercial birth of Desktopsoutcome on the industry, helping pave the way the Internet, almost everybody has at one timefor the logical shift to the cloud, by pressuring or another used the combined resources from Hosted Emailthe major software suppliers, and allowing them Cloud servers, whether comparing car insuranceto become ‘empowered’ – enabling them to move quotes, or using Web Mail like Gmail or Hotmail; the data and processing function(s) are carried Voice Over IPtheir data and processing power from old serverrooms, into purpose built secure locations which out seamlessly to the user, regardless of their geographical location, through groups of Cloud Storagedeliver the latest technologies, guaranteeingtheir data security, and extracting greater interconnected computers and data resources.computing power when its really needed; all at a Dynamic Serversfraction of historic costs. “The Cloud can be described Why switch fromThe commercial cloud architecture was born, as a metaphor for the traditional IT to themeaning the start of the end to the traditional ITbreak fix & upgrade model that we are all used to. Internet” cloud? As far as we are concerned there are twoThis has given way to providers who have Remote Access/ Access distinct categories associated with this Cloudthe ability to run new feature/function rich delivery: SaaS (Software as a Service) and from anywhereenvironments super effectively , minimising the Hosted Services (streamed). These need to bethreat of viruses, with no more physical patching understood individually, however, just to confuse Disaster recovery /of insecure products, enabling very little if matters from the offset, these two functions are backupany downtime to business critical applications often combined, utilising individual parts of oneand data – how about the ability to run your another’s processing, either to deliver a single Should I be concernedapplications wherever you maybe in the world? application, or an entire suite of products. about security?Although this in essence sounds very simplistic, To grasp this concept is to really startit is a far reaching and broad industry, employing understanding the very essence of Cloud, In Conclusionmany different technologies and architectures, which is ‘to share,’ - using the combinedit is vital that you make an informed decision computing resources of the most powerful About Sagarion any planned IT provider, as the market (like computer platforms on the Internet, deliveringany other) has varying standards and quality of an individual application or an entire suite –service associated with it. the bottom line is that business applications and their transactions run across platformsWe hope this document will help you to make vastly more powerful than we would otherwiseinformed choices, and give you the knowledge to be able to employ or afford in traditional ITask the right questions. environments. For a free consultation call 0844 357 7282
  2. 2. What is SaaS (Software were still located down the corridor – you can also be safe in the knowledge that ‘Cash Cow’ logic that IT has historically had, the days are numbered where weas a Service)? the support staff utilised by Sagari and had to except these large costs, removing other premium vendors are some of the the underlying feeling of being held toOne of the biggest buzz words in IT over most knowledgeable and skilled available ransom by our suppliers speaking “technorecent years has been Cloud. This does anywhere in the world. gabble” at you. The Cloud really hasnot mean this is a short lived, or in anyway brought a new level of honesty, highlightinga fad - in-fact the polar opposite is true There are many SaaS application available, ethical providers who are able to put the– but as businesses strive to save money with the number growing on a near daily customer’s wants and needs first. Where and cut costs, one of the biggest return basis - to name just a few of the common customers don’t have to think or worryon investments comes from removing applications: about the support, which is all taken care oftheir emphasis on local support for their in the critical applications. • Email (web-based/hosted) (Zimbra/ Hosted Exchange) Another positive for customers deployingOrganisations like Sagari specialise in all • CRM (Sugar etc.) SaaS services can be that they are onlythe management and support for them. paying for what they actually use, likeNot only does this remove the carbon/ • HyperOffice suite a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service – very oftencost expensive power-cooling from server • Zoho resources are only required in normalrooms, it minimises the support costs working hours for example, this could • Google Docs.for management of a given service. Often mean services can be switched off whenphysical servers are purchased at great • VoIP (telephony) not being used - different suppliers work on different charging metrics, some working on average usage, others may bill for data rates (amounts of transacted data), others for access times or helpdesk availability. NB It is vital that you fully understand and read the small print for any Cloud provider SLA’s and charging metrics, some have large costs for excess data rates, with small unrealistic amounts to start with. What types of platforms does the Cloud use? As already discussed, there are many different suppliers running their Cloud services on various platforms and infrastructures. Like so many descriptions & analogies we have to make when discussing this topic, many of these infrastructures are also shared are used in part (just to cause the further confusion). Please don’t be put off by this, in reality this is actually to your benefit - which we will explain. The main types of Cloud platforms are:expense and spend the majority of their lives Such is the market push for hostedunder, or over utilised, with reactive rather applications that nearly all of the existing Public Cloudthan proactive management and support, software providers are offering their latest release(s) as hosted (SaaS) versions The Public Cloud (or external Cloud) is most often only when things go wrong. the most common variant described by now – these can either be hosted by your Cloud IT provider, or are hosted by the press. The resources are dynamicallyOnce migrated to a SaaS platform, the manufacturers themselves such as provisioned, and the architecture is leasedcustomers are able to securely access SugarCRM. from the owners and managed via 3rd partyindividual applications over the internet Cloud suppliers. The owners provide fullusing a variety of connection types. Gone are the days of the antiquated and server environments or bespoke software.Email is a prime and business critical expensive updates, where fortunes are charged for license/version upgrades, Using the Public Cloud(s), cloud providers example; deploying SaaS to manage one nearly always resulting in a server upgrade are able to setup and manage scalableof the most crucial business functions, being necessary, where potentially weeks of environments for their clients. Theallows staff to be migrated seamlessly, requiring an expert consultant(s) on-site to suppliers are completely responsible forwith no business downtime, enabling correctly setup the software up… “Sounds the management, including security andsubsequent access to staff over the internet. familiar” ? routing. Bills are produced like a utility bill,Providing the very latest Outlook 2010 for which varies dependent on several factorsexample - these browser based, or hosted The Cloud has introduced some real e.g. how much data is moved, number ofsystems are accessed securely, offering positives, with the demise of this over priced transactions and CPU/RAM utilised, and the same look feel & speed as if the same For a free consultation call 0844 357 7282
  3. 3. normally billed to customers monthly.Similar to an electricity bill In conclusion Public Cloud providers are only responsible for the hardware that you Hybrid Cloud or your Cloud supplier are using, they will Hybrid cloud environment combine theThe CPU, RAM & Disk space are all the not always support the software that resides resources from both the Public & Privateresponsibility of the supplier, along with on it and to successfully deliver a fully Cloud, this is the most popular choice forpatching security and anti-virus. Public streamed environment takes a great deal large enterprises.Clouds allow organisations to manage of planning and skill to support. They doanything from a single web server; to the offer a fantastic forum to build environments For example, a company could choose to usedelivery of a full Enterprise domain setup quickly or deliver single applications, a public cloud service for general computing,(this describes a full corporate setup), built with state of the art internet speeds and but store its business-critical data withinusing separated application servers, security general user response times. They also its own data centre. This may be becauseservers and domain controllers necessary to provide very attractive environment for larger organisations are likely to havedeliver a fully streamed desktop (just like we backup data which is utilised by allot of already invested heavily in the infrastructureare familiar with in corporate environments). suppliers to ensure no loss of data and often required to provide resources in-house. used to backup data from Private CloudA Public Cloud has a great deal of advantages: environments. Private cloud (also referred to as ‘corporate’servers are assigned for specific tasks and or ‘internal’ cloud) is a term used to denotecan be built very quickly; you are only billed Public Cloud Providers: a proprietary computing architecture,for what you use. They enable an extremely providing hosted services on private • Amazon (AWS) EC2 networks. This type of cloud computing isfast architecture, with quick turn-around andsetup times - often using pre-defined images • Google generally used by large companies, andfor server(s), in most circumstances they allows their corporate network and data • Microsoftare already available and don’t need building centre administrators to effectively becomefrom scratch e.g. SBS2008 or SQL Enterprise, • RackSpace in-house ‘service providers’ catering toIIS etc. When servers are setup, part of their • Flexiscale ‘customers’ within the corporation. However,charging metric includes licensing. it negates many of the benefits of cloud computing, as organisations still need toNB Licensing is itself is a huge and complex Private Cloud purchase and set up and manage their ownsubject, and makes charging transparent The Private Cloud is a term which requires clouds.and is including in the monthly bill - some clarification. In essence this came tominimising the confusion in pricing from being from large companies who owned and Sagari work using a multi-tenantedMicrosoft etc. setup there own proprietary environments, architecture utilising Sagari’s own Microsoft hosting only their own internal services and VM environments housed in the very The downside is they are not the easiest which are administered by their own staff, best data centres in the worldto manage or administer, especially when effectively becoming in-house servicerunning more than a single (SaaS) server/instance, or application. providers, only delivering services to their What services can be own corporate customers. used in the cloud?They always require monitoring, a very clear This obviously required vast investment tounderstanding of the proprietary routing and Nearly all IT services can be delivered setup the hardware with large investments through the Cloud, obviously takingsecurity provided by the Cloud owner. required on their internet links/connections advantage of the distributed cloud model. to service the global connection speeds Some of the solutions include but are notYour Cloud supplier is responsible for required for different geographical locations. limited to:all security/backups, which is especiallycomplex when running and managing a fully When trying to understand what the Cloudstreamed/hosted desktop environment with truly delivers; these organisations quickly Hosted/Streamedmultiple servers. realised that their Return on Investment would take many years to claim back from DesktopsThis takes huge amounts of planning, and a the traditional support architecture which Hosted desktops remove the need formethodical delivery to get everything right they moved from, this has changed as the traditional desktop PCs and associatedfrom the start; from the development stage market recently embraced the true benefits support in the office environment; thisthorough testing, including back-ups etc. must of the Cloud, meaning there is now a cross massively reduces the cost of providingbe fully verified by your supplier to guarantee section of these vast data centres that with the services that any business downtime or loss of data in the future. internal investment started to gain too much A hosted/streamed desktop looks andIt is very important that you fully understand capacity for their own needs, meaning these behaves just like a regular desktop PC, butyour chosen Cloud providers backup corporate owners were able to sub-lease the software, including bespoke customersand redundant policies if building your their infrastructure for other organisations applications are delivered via managedenvironment on a Public Cloud. Other to use. The corporate investment model was environments, these are highly secure datapotential negatives are the increase in always financially driven by the operational centres, which rather than setup on theircharges where you have redundant servers, IT costs. As soon as the market realised own machines and servers in a Commsthese will always charging in the background that they would not require support staff to room, are run through data centres.and require a clear and knowledgeable visit staff’s machines in a break fix scenario, and that much cheaper thin-clients could be N.B Please ensure your potential IT providerapproach, purchased the saving were instant and very is capable of virtulising all your applicationsPublic Cloud providers also charge for any significant. The results of delivering a fully hosteddata being moved across their environment, desktop via the internet means you canwhich can also add up. For a free consultation call 0844 357 7282
  4. 4. work from anywhere in the world, your It also makes the recovery of data much quickly and managed, maintained, patchedbusiness will never feel the effects of the easier with clearly driven software etc. and upgraded remotely by your servicesnow/bad weather again, as access will be provider. Technical support is providedavailable from anywhere, using any existing N.B You must ensure your provider enables round the clock by reputable providers likePC or laptop (or ultimately by Thin-Client). encryption on all data storage Sagari for no extra cost, reducing the burdenAll subsequent management is centrally on IT staff, this frees up staff to focus onlooked after by your IT provider, including Dynamic Servers business-critical aspects of the businesspatch management, Anti-Virus, backups that aren’t IT relatedand Disaster Recovery. The PC’s become Dynamic servers have just started to realise far more efficient when used in this manner, their true place in the market place. The Cloud IT not only vastly improves flexibility,with the option of using much cheaper thin- conventional model of a dedicated server is it increase efficiencies at all levels butclients to reduce future expenditure. fast becoming redundant. Service providers saves vast amounts of money, and helps you like Sagari gives its customers access to organisation go green by markedly cutting their resources that look and feel exactlyHosted Email like the dedicated server in their old Comms down carbon emissions. It prevents the need for large future investment and meansAs more business look for a secure and room, but that are fully scalable. Customers that the small business is on a level playingreliable email solution (that doesn’t cost directly control the amount of processing with large business – the disparity betweenthe earth!), they are increasingly looking at power and space that they use, this means resources is brought in line, this means allhosted email platforms. Utilising the world’s they only pay for what they use. They don’t costs can be clearly planned for and paidleading email platform, Sagari offers all our pay for hardware they don’t need. Typically, for regularly without investment that yourclients the very latest Microsoft Exchange customers can make changes to their business may or may not realise in the long-environment - this enables our clients dynamic server at any time, without the term.from the large to the small to experience historic costs associated with moving fromthe same benefits, offering the very latest one server to another. Some of the hardware and software runhosted Exchange. by Sagari would costs 100’s of thousands N.B You must also ensure your IT provider to afford individually, and really gives allNo more expensive investment and costly has the ability to Virtulise your services business the chance to compete on levelinfrastructure upgrades. Your business in the first instance – Sagari can virtulise ground.critical Email is stored centrally on managed almost any application no matter how old orservers, enabling your organisation the dependent, this provides customers seeking Reputable suppliers will offer levels of security and redundancy you thought this service the ability to guarantee and support normal companies could notpreviously impossible. Choosing the right ensure business critical legacy programmes compete with, enabling 24/7 phone support,supplier will guarantee you the fastest are run on the latest dynamic servers giving free training, with nearly 100t% uptime ofconnectivity from any location. This allows amazing reassurance. data centres.staff to access their email, calendar, contactsand shared files by a variety of means; all Why switch from N.B Always ask a prospective provider about reliability and guaranteed service levels –by the latest Outlook client. Your IT providershould also manage and support Mobile traditional IT to the cloud? ensure your applications and/or services areDevice access, including Blackberry etc. always online and accessible. The list of positives to all business switching over to a hosted architectureVoice Over IP is nearly unquantifiable. The ‘proof really Remote Access/ AccessVoIP (Voice Over IP) is a means of carrying is in the pudding ’ as some of the worlds leading organisations realise the large from anywherephone calls across your digital network and cost savings and benefits that choosing the Cloud-based IT services let you access yourthe internet, consider VoIP to be no different correct hosted IT supplier brings to their applications and data securely from anyto a traditional phone system with the same organisation. location via an internet connection. It’s easierif not more functionality, handsets work to collaborate too; with both the applicationexactly the same as a normal digital phone Not only providing large savings, but and the data stored in the cloud, multipleattached to a PBX - but it has distinct cost increasing their ROI on the associated users can work together on the same project,advantages! A hosted VoIP system replaces to do with IT that they may not have truly share calendars and contacts etc.the expensive on-site phone systems, there considered – Training for example is nowis no charge for installation and handsets A normal misconception is that if your delivered across the network via onlineand phone numbers are much cheaper, it’s internet connection is to fail, you will not Webinars, new staff don’t wait for weekssimple, cost-efficient and paid monthly. be able to access your critical data or on end for a training course that’s now delivered online, viruses and server application. The truth is access is far easierIn most cases handset and totally plug and downtime is a thing of the past. New than if it were in your office for example,play with minimal configuration. software doesn’t need to be installed or you can easily access from another means upgraded on each machine etc……. such as your mobile device or wirelessCloud Storage network, giving you more redundancy thanCloud storage is growing in popularity, Cloud computing offers a simple operational you imagined. Flexibility including remoteoffering many benefits and cost advantages. expense that is easier to plan for. This stops working is easily enabled, in truth thisWhilst saving expenditure it removes the money being wasted on depreciating assets happens by default, this means you willnecessary support and maintenance, that are always under or over utilised in your stay operational though bad weather andworking out much more cost effective Comms room and costs a fortune to keep generally keep staff happy and working.than the required in-house maintenance, cool irrelevant of how it’s being and support required. IT solutions can be deployed extremely For a free consultation call 0844 357 7282
  5. 5. Disaster recovery / and tested by experienced professionals” About Sagari 5. Recovery—find out what will happen to backup data in the case of a disaster; do they offer We have been in operation for over 4 years Recent research has indicated that a vast complete restoration and, if so, how longmajority of businesses does not have an that would take and were one of the first IT companies in the adequate disaster recovery or business 6. Investigative Support—inquire whethercontinuity plan should a disaster occur; UK to offer fully hosted/streamed desktops a vendor has the ability to investigate anyresearch show that in most cases this would inappropriate or illegal activity anywhere.bring the business to a halt. 7. Long-term viability—ask what will happenSagari prides itself on covering all the facets to data if the company goes out of business; Sagari prides itself on exemplary customerof DR and Backup as its core delivery, all how will data be returned and in what formatdata is continually backed-up, allowing all In general security is usually improved by services, and offers our customersour customers to retrieve important files keeping data in one centralised location. Infrom their desktop or office environment high security data centres like those that everything from streamed desktops, toat the press of a button. On request we can Sagari use, security is typically better thaneven supply our customers with a ready-to- hosted Email, VoIP, mobile device integration traditional setups.go desktop to plug in should their business including Blackberry, whist utilising the verybe hit by an unforeseen problem. In Conclusion Cloud infrastructure should allow any best Virtualisation tools to migrate existing Sagari’s Hosted/Streamed Desktops primarily use VDI for its backend services, this means enterprise, of any size to achieve the most software platforms. Our main data centreyou don’t have to worry about data backup efficient use of their existing IT hardware or disaster recovery ever again, and is taken and software investments. has been voted the fastest in the UK andcare of as part of the service. Files are storedtwice at different remote locations to ensure Sagari works closely with many channel 2nd fastest in the world adhering to all thethat there’s always a copy available 24 hours partners to provide an end-to-end solution to any size business from the small to the latest ISO standards with staff managing thea day, 7 days per week. largest corporate businesses, if a company wishes to evaluate, plan migrations and Infrastructure with Microsoft Gold Partner Should I be concerned move towards cloud computing, this status and a plethora of other relatedabout security? can be done quickly and simply – Sagari project manage everything from the single qualifications (available on request).Security is a big concern for everybody virtualised application, to the delivery ofconsidering the move of their data and entire streamed desktop suite, alwaysservices to the Cloud. The correct answer communicating clear customer defined We host and manage IT services for from any reputable provider should always timelines and goals and the same “your applications and data any business, from small charities anda safer with us, than it would be at your As and when your business grows, your ITown customer premise.” Sagari utilise and needs grow with them, Sagari act and as a education, to manufacturing and governmentadhere to the very strictest policies, and host cost effective extension to this growth and bodies; including the Department of Work in some of the most secure buildings in the your aspirations. The scalability and speedcountry, fear of theft is nearly impossible, of the deployment offered by Sagar i and our and Pensions and NHS (N3 T1 connectivity). Fire - non existent, by using the correct Cloud infrastructure means you can expandcollocation encryption and backups means a your IT provision instantly easily meeting the Every business is viewed by Sagari ascopy of your data can always be retrieved. increased requirements and demands – this works the other way, also meaning should you individual, and unique, with differing needsN.B Not all vendors offer the same level of wish to scale down this can easily take, which means you must research and requirements - we always deliver withtheir policies. Security is typically greatly enhanced, along with resilience, and the flexibility, and the same exacting standards of care.Gartner lists the following seven security overall responsiveness. Waste of money questions: through time management is minimised, No customer is considered too large or too allowing you to effectively do more with a1. Privileged user access—enquire about great deal less. small, and any help we can provide at anywho has access to data and about the hiringand management of such administrators Moving to a cloud environment gives your level is welcome2. Regulatory compliance—makes sure a organisation the ability to use the mostvendor is willing to undergo external audits advanced technologies at a fraction of the cost, purchasing and running cutting edge For more information don’t hesitate toand/or security certifications systems perceivably in-house, that you may3. Data location—ask if a provider allows for contact our customer services dept on never dream of affording before.any control over the location of data, or 0844 537 7282 and4. Data segregation—make sure that N.B Ensure that your provider can deliverencryption is available at all stages and that your requirements and attains a quality of please look at the website http://www.these “encryption schemes were designed service you deserve. For a free consultation call 0844 357 7282