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Ganesh introduction

  1. 1. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction:What is marketing?The term has changed and evolved over a period of time, today marketing is basedaround providing continual benefits to the customer, these benefits will be providedand a transactional exchange will take place.The Chartered Institute of marketing defines marketing as „The management processresponsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirementsprofitability.If we look at this definition in more detail Marketing is a responsibility and should notbe solely left to junior members of staff. Marketing requires co-ordination, planning,implementation of campaigns and a competent manager with the appropriate skills toensure success.Marketing objectives, goals and targets have to be monitored and met, competitorstrategies analyzed, anticipated and exceeded. Though effective use of market andmarketing research an organization should be able to identify the needs and wants ofthe customer and try to delivers benefits that will enhance or add to the customerslifestyle ,while at the same time ensuring that the satisfaction of these needs results inhealthy turnover for the organization.Philip Kotler defines marketing as “satisfying needs and wants through an exchangeprocesses”.Within this exchange transaction customers will only exchange what they value if theyfeel that their needs are bring fully satisfied, clearly the greater the benefit provided thehigher transactional value an organization can charge.P. Tailor defines marketing as „Marketing is not about providing products or servicesit is essentially about providing changing benefits to the changing needs and demandsof the customer‟. 1
  2. 2. Role of Marketing in customer satisfactionIt takes careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace orderto develop a business strategy that will ensure success. The most successful businesseshave undoubtedly started with a marketing plan.Marketing fulfills a vital function. A business owner must be familiar with thebusinesss customer base, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the businessscompetitors. These factors, and others, should be identified in a well-preparedmarketing plan.A good plan will outline how a business can attract and retain customers, how it willcompete against its competitors, and the budget needed to attain positive results. Itshould include market research, business location, the target customer group,competition, the product or service being sold, budget, and advertising and promotion. 2
  3. 3. Market Research:An effective marketing plan begins with conducting market research. This will providerelevant data that will help you solve any potential marketing problems. Often, thethree most pragmatic ways to conduct market research are by using a direct mailsurvey, a telephone survey, or by conducting a focus group.If using a direct mail survey, be sure to keep your questions short, with a total length ofno more than two pages. A consumer probably wont voluntarily fill out and mail backa long questionnaire without an incentive. In addition, you should include a postage-paid envelope, so that the respondents dont have to pay for the privilege of helpingyou. If your budget is sufficient, send a reminder about two weeks after the initialmailing. Keep in mind that direct mail is probably the most costly form of research,with the printing of direct mail pieces, envelopes, postage, and any incentive used, andusually has the least favorable response rate.Phone surveys are usually the most cost-effective manner in which to conduct asurvey, in that you dont have print or mailing costs, and have a better chance of gettingan individual to respond than if you simply mail a survey. The main costs are theinterviewers fee, phone charges, and preparation of the questionnaire.No matter what type of market research you do, your focus should be on gatheringenough information to determine who your potential customers are, if there is ademand for your product or service, if there are competitors in your area and, if so,how successful they are in the marketplace.Customer satisfaction can be achieved by adopting proper marketing strategies andgiving due consideration to the customers i.e. selling and marketing the products notjust for the purpose of increasing earnings or profit maximization but, also for thesatisfaction of customers. 3
  4. 4. What is Customer Satisfaction?Customer satisfaction a state that results when an exchange meets the needs andexpectations of the buyer. Exchange the provision transfer of goods, services and ideasin return for something of value customer satisfaction - know that s is s. Consequently,must develop strategies intended to build relationships that result in s returning tomake more customer satisfaction.The degree to which there is match between the customers expectations of the productand the actual performance of the product customer satisfaction.The provision of goods or services which fulfill the customer Âs expectations in termsof quality and service, in relation to price paid.Customer Service ProgrammeCustomer satisfaction research or service research conducted to measure overallsatisfaction with a product or service and satisfaction with specific elements of theproduct concentrate on continued R&D investment, customer satisfaction activities(with actionable response and follow-up), product guarantees, innovative promotionsand advertising messages that apolitically support the brands promise. 4
  5. 5. Methods of monitoring customer satisfaction:An organization must continue to satisfy customers, but let‟s be honest; it is verydifficult to keep 100% of your customers satisfied all the time.The main goals are to optimize revenue through improved customer satisfaction viaimproved interactions at each customer touch point.Market research that concentrates on statistics and other numerical data, gatheredthrough opinion polls, customer satisfaction surveys and so on. Compare qualitativeresearch.Qualified LeadsQualitative ResearchQuantitative ResearchCRM - Customer Relationship Management –Improving interaction with customers with the aim of increasing customer satisfactionand loyalty.Questionnaire A document that is used to guide what questions are to be askedrespondents and in what order, sometimes lists the alternative responses that areacceptable.An excellent research instrument for libraries to assess customersatisfaction.Just make sure that any mailing list includes instructions on how to "unsubscribe" sothat they can remove themselves from the list when they want to. That way youpreserve customer satisfaction and still get the advantages of very inexpensive.Social Responsibility in marketing the recognition by marketers that the well-being ofsociety and customer satisfaction is as important as profits in assessing marketingperformance. 5
  6. 6. ABOUT THE STUDY The study reveals the marketing services rendered by HCL laptops. HCL increase having one of the vast networking for computer hardware‟s, software, music player and many more. I have made a research on the various production of HCL including its marketing strategies, customer behavior, financial position etc. I started the research with a problem on how cans a person start manufacturing in its garage and can turn out to be a great winner worldwide. Also, I started thinking on how can a company run such a vast network having spread in more than 47 countries. With the aim of knowing the minute details of the company and to reveal it with making an in-depth study. I have made the research. . 6
  7. 7. 1.2 OBJECTIVE To study the marketing of multiple products of HCL laptops To know the awareness of HCL laptops increase among the customer To know the availability of HCL laptops in market To know the rating of the HCL laptops To study rating of cost of laptops To study the after-sale service offered by the company 7
  8. 8. 1.3 SCOPE OF THE STUDY To understand the functioning of the company To learn how the company runs the widest network world wide Can learn from it to implement in our work for result Can take a helping hand from the local network 8
  9. 9. 1.4 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY Primary data was difficult to collect. Have to depend on mostly secondary data and some primary data. Very short time frame for the research work. 9
  10. 10. 2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYPrimary DataIn simple world the first hand information or firsthand data is known as primary data.In LAYMAN‟S language, “it is the data which is collected afresh and first time andhappened to be the first hand information” is called the PRIMARY DATA.Also, it can be said “It is the data collected by the researcher directly from therespondents”.There are various methods of collecting the primary data, few are mentioned below:  OBSERVATION  INTERVIEW  QUESTIONNARIES  SCHEDULEObservation:I have collected the information from many sources are undergoing many differentmethods of data collecting. I have deep observed the market and have concluded thatmarket is having big demand and expectation from the company. While the observedas many factors as possible and important for the research.Interview:I have interview the manager in pune who has the authorized dealership of the productand have got good and appreciating results in favor of products and also military areain pune. This process or method of data collection through interview helped me a lot tocollect the relevant data or authentic information and the market credibility of thecompany.Questionnaire: 10
  11. 11. I had prepared the list of dozen questions and have asked around 50 people using theproducts of this company who are happy with the result the product have given. Duringthe questionnaires session I have covered almost all there relevant areas and haveasked thereafter only. Questionnaires results given a clear picture of the credibility andabilities of the product.Schedule:During interview session and other session of the product. I have informationindirectly from the consumers which I have noted down all the important point andhave shown them in the research.Secondary DataIn simple words the second hands information or second hand data is known assecondary data.In Layman‟s language “The information or the details reused by someone who isgathered by someone else to solve the purpose or aim or objective or requirements tosolve the problem of research” is known as a secondary information or data.Sources:  Referring the “computer technology magazines” from the library.  Taking information from details gathered by somebody else.  Taking information from different website from internet. 11
  12. 12. 3. COMPANY PROFILE 3.1 Introduction of Company:-HCL is an Indian group company that focuses on global technology and IT enterpriseservices. Today, also known as HCL Enterprise, the company is a holding companythat comprises two publicly listed India companies, HCL Technologies and HCLInfosystems. HCL was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar,Ajay Chowdhary and four oftheir colleagues. HCL was focused on addressing the IT hardware market in India forthe first two decades of its existence with some sporadic activity in the global market.In 1981, HCL seeded a company focused on addressing the computer training industry,NIIT, though it has currently divested its stake in the company. In 1991, HP tookminority stake on the company (26%) and the company was known as HCL HP for thefive years of the joint venture. On termination of the joint venture in 1996, HCL wassplit as HCL Technologies (to address the global IT services market) and HCLInfosystems (to address the Indian and APAC IT hardware market). HCL has sincethen operated as a holding company.HCL is a leading global Technology and IT enterprises with annual revenues of US$5.5 billion. The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL 12
  13. 13. Technologies ( and HCLInfosystems( 30 year old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India‟s original IT garage startups. Its range of offerings span R&D and Technology Services, Enterprise andApplications Consulting Remote Infrastructure Management, BPO services, ITHardware, Systems Integration and Distribution of Technology and Telecom productsin India. The HCL team comprises 77,000 professionals of diverse nationalities,operating across 29 countries including 500 points of presence in India. HCL hasglobal partnership with several leading fortune 1000 firms, including several IT andTechnology majors. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. HCL Technologies is India‟s fourth largest Indian Services Companies, providingsoftware-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management services and BPO.Having made foray into the global IT landscape in 1999 after its IPO, HCLTechnology focuses on Transformation Outsourcing, working with clients in areas thatimpact and re-define the core of their business. The company leverages an extensiveglobal offshore infrastructure and its global network of offices in 16 countries todeliver solutions across select verticals including financial services, Retail &Consumer, Life Sciences Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductors, Telecom and MPE(Media Publishing & Entertainment) For the quarter ending 31st December 2006, HCLTechnologies, along with its subsidiaries had revenue (TTM) of US $ 1.155 billion(Rs. 5220 crore) and employed more than 38,000 professionals. 15
  16. 16. HCL Infosystems Ltd, a listed subsidiary of HCL is an India-based hardware andsystems integrator. It claims a presence in 170 location and 300 service centers. Itsmanufacturing facilities are based in Chennai, Pondicherry and Uttarakhand and thecompany is headquartered in Noida.Business Model:The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies andHCL Infosystems HCL Technologies is the IT and BPO services arm focused onglobal markets, While HCL Infosystems is the IT, Communication Office AutomationProducts & System Integration arm focused on the Indian market. Together, theseentities have uniquely positioned HCL as an enterprise with service offerings spanningthe IT Services and product spectrum. 16
  17. 17. HCL DNA:The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room where itsemployees could imagine endless possibilities". The fact is, over the last thirty yearsthat HCL has been operational, the company has stood by its values and corepFueled by the entrepreneurial zeal of its founders, HCL developed the first indigenousmicro-computer in 1978, at the same time as Apple. Since then, HCL has had a 3decade rich history of inventions and innovations. Entrepreneur is the term that bestdescribes the HCL employees. Ever since HCL has entered into an alliance in 1970s,partnerships and HCL have been inseparable. Bonds have been forged with partners toco - create value.Strong inorganic growth is a testimony to the spirit of partnerships.This entrepreneurialand win-win relationship driven culture continues to guide HCL in all its endeavors. 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. ABOUT HCL INFOSYSTEMS HCL Infosystems Ltd. with annual revenues of US$ 2.7 Billion (Rs. 11,855 crores) is India‟s premier information enabling and ICT system Integration company offering a wide spectrum of ICT products that including computing storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail. HCL is a one- stop- shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization. India‟s leading system Integration and Infrastructure Management Services range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands, Including Nokia, Apple, Kodak, Toshiba, Bull, Ericsson, Cisco, Microsoft, Konica Minolta and many more. HCL today has India‟s largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facility with over three decades of electronic manufacturing experience HCL desktops is the largest selling brand into the enterprise space. With India‟s largest ICT services network that reaches to every corner of India‟s HCL‟s award winning support services make it the preferred choice of enterprise and consumers alike. HCL Infosystems, India‟s premier information enabling and integration company offers its customers technology solutions across multiple platforms. It has partnership with some leading global player like Intel, AMD, Toshiba, Ericsson, Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and Zee among other.HCL Infosystems has direct customer services center across 400+locations and two ISO 9001 certified state of the art manufacturing facilities. With a mission to provide world- class information technology solutions and services to enable its customers to serve their customers better, HCL Infosystems is forever setting new standards of IT in the country. 19
  20. 20. 3.2 HISTORYHCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its origins in1976. For over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions formultiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. We have been inthe forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. The highlights of the HCLsaga are summarized below: YEAR HIGHLIGHT - Foundation of the Company laid 1976 - Introduces microcomputer-based programmable calculators with wide acceptance in the scientific / education community - Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a ROM -based Basic interpreter 1977 - Unavailability of programming skills with customers results in HCL developing bespoke applications for their customers - Initiation of application development in diverse segments 1978 such as textiles, sugar, paper, cement , transport - Formation of Far East Computers Ltd., a pioneer in the 1980 Singapore IT market, for SI (System Integration) solutions - Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the 1981 bespoke application development needs of Singapore - HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme even a typist can operate to make the usage of computers popular in the SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment. This proposition involved menu-based 1983 applications for the first time, to increase ease of operations. The response to the advertisement was phenomenal. - HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development of applications - Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks . However, a computer can only run one application such as Savings Bank, Current account, Loans etc. 1985 - HCL sets up core team to develop the required software - ALPM (Advanced Ledger Posting Machines). The team uses reusable code to reduce development efforts and produce 20
  21. 21. more reliable code. ALPM becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks - HCL designs and launches Unix- based computers and IBM PC clones - HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally - Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt computerization - Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS1986 products on the supplied solution (Unify, Oracle). HCL arranges for such products to be ported to its platform. - HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to RDBMS - HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard - HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration, IT consulting, packaged support services (basic line, team line.)1991 - HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP products, which is connected to the HP Response Centre in Singapore. - There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom, Manufacturing and Financial Services - HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand1994 - HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies - Starts execution of Information System Planning projects1995 - Execution projects for Germany and Australia - Begins Help desk services - Sets up the STP ( Software Technology Park ) at Chennai to execute software projects for international customers1996 - Becomes national integration partner for SAP 21
  22. 22. - Kolkata and Noida STPs set up1997 - HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard - Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO1998 9001 certification - Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK1999 - Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia - HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner - Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia - Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SEI Level 4 certification - Bags Award for Top PC Vendor In India2000 - Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of ISO 9001 : 2000 - Bags MAITs Award for Business Excellence - Rated as No. 1 IT Group in India -Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40,0002001 -IDC rated HCL Infosystems as No. 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001 -Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest -HCL Infosystems& Sun Microsystems enters into a Enterprise Distribution Agreement2002 - Realigns businesses, increasing focus on domestic IT, Communications & Imaging products, solutions & related services - Became the first vendor to register sales of 50,000 PCs in a quarter2003 - First Indian company to be numerouno in the commercial 22
  23. 23. PC market - Enters into partnership with AMD - Launched Home PC for Rs 19,999 - HCL Infosystems Info Structure Services Division received ISO 9001:2000 certification - Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktops on Intel Platform - Launched Infiniti PCs, Workstations & Servers on AMD platform - 1st to announce PC price cut in India, post duty reduction, offers Ezeebee at Rs.17990. - IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as on No.1 Brand in Desktop PCs. - Maintains No.1 Position in Desktop PC Segment for year 2003. - Enters into partnership with Port Wise to Support & Distribute Security & VPN Solution in India. - Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo2004 PC. - Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lac unit milestone in the Indian Desktop PC Market. - Launched RP2 System to overcome power problem for PC users. -Registers a market Share of 13.7% to become No.1 Desktop PC company for year 2004. -Crosses the landmark of $1 Billion in revenue in just nine months. - Launch of HCL PC for India, a fully functional PC priced at Rs.9, 990/-.2005 - Rated as the No.1 Desktop PC Company by IDC India - 23
  24. 24. Dataquest. - The Most Customer Responsive Company 2005. - IT Hardware Category by the Economic Times -Avaya Global Connect. - Top 50 fastest growing Technology Companies in India & Top 500 fastest Growing Technology Companies in Asia Pacific by Deloitte & Touch. - 7th IETE - Corporate Award 2005 for Performance excellence in the field of Computers & Telecommunication Systems by IETE. - Best Bhoomi Brand 2005 by 360 Magazines. In the PC Category. In the LCD Monitor Category - Indias No.1 Vendor for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi Functional Devices for the year 04-05 by IDC. - Toshiba Super Award 2005 towards business excellence in Distribution of Toshiba Multifunctional Products. - Strategic Partner in Excellence Award by In focus Corporation for Projectors. - Most valued Business Partner Award for projectors by In focus Corporation in 2005. - 75,000+ machines produced in a single month. - HCL Infosystems in partnership with Toshiba expands its retail presence in India by unveiling Shop Toshiba. - HCL Infosystems& Nokia announce a long term distribution Strategy.2006 - HCL the Leader in Desktop PCs unveils Indias first segment specific range of notebook brand -HCL Laptops. - IDBI select HCL as SI partner for 100 branches ICT infrastructure rollout. - HCL Infosystems showcases Computer Solution for Rural 24
  25. 25. Markets in India. - HCL Support wins the DQ Channel-2006 GOLD Award for Best After Sales Service on a national wide customer satisfaction survey conducted by IDC. - HCL Info system first in India to Launch the New Generation of High Performance Server Platforms Powered by Intel Dual - Core Xeon 5000 Processor. - HCL Forms a Strategic Partnership with APPEL to provide Sales & Service Support for iPods in India. - HCL Infosystems rated as number one Desktop PC Company by IDC, Sixth year Successively. - HCL Infosystem sustains its commercial Desktop PC Leadership for fifth consecutive Year. - HCL launches "Trusted ICT infrastructure platforms" for the BPO-ITeS segment. - HCL launches Indias first High Performance Enterprise Server Platforms powered by dual core titanium processors. - HCL creates Dual Core Xeon Server at a price point of Rs. 43,900/-. - HCL Completes 30 years India. - HCL in association with The Music Academy, Madras brings HCL Concert Series to Chennai City. - Enters into partnership with Casio. - HCL establishes its manufacturing facility at Uttaranchal. - HCL launches Beanstalk 2007 collection. A range of four new HCL Beanstalk Digilife- enablers,BeanstalkNano,Beanstalk Slim, Beanstalk Lifestyle & Beanstalk Dominator. - HCL introduces eco-efficient Notebooks PCs Complying2007 with RoHS Directive. 25
  26. 26. - HCL unveils initiative to create industry ready ICT professionals- Launches HCL career Development centers. - HCL launches Datacenter in a Box - a Simplified IT infrastructure solution in a box targeted at small & medium enterprises. - HCL breaks the one terabyte storage barrier in computers- launches Indias first One terabyte personal computer. - Kodak and HCL ink agreement to distribute digital cameras in India. - HCL launches Indias first multilingual POS printer HCL star - TSP 700,Designed exclusively for the needs of rural retailers. - HCL unveils enterprise class 16 core server - Indias first server with 16 computing cores in a 7-inch (4u) form factor. - Launches a new range of eco-sufficient desktop PCs, Complying with RoHC directive. - HCL Launches NETMAX; suite of networking products and solutions expands its portfolio for emerging enterprises. - HCL announces 360-degrees technology refresh program- new initiative aimed at capturing latest trends in technology and delivering them to Indian enterprises. - HCL announces launch of its workstation 2008 series for MCAD and DCC professionals. - HCL unveils the future of personal computing, Launches next generation, ultra portable, Sub Rs.14,000/- leap tops MiLeap Series for the first time in India.2008 - HCL Strengthens its BFSI System Integration Portfolio - Acquires a niche Banking Software Product Company 26
  27. 27. HCL Infinet HCL InfiNet is a 100% subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd. India‟s premier information enabling company. HCL InfiNet focuses on the ever-growing segment in Imaging, Telecom and communication productions and services. Now it has an exclusive sale and support partnership with Toshiba Corporation, Japan for sales and servicing of its imaging and photocopier products. HCL InfiNet‟s product portfolio covers a range of other office automation and communication products through alliances with world leaders- including mobile communication product from Nokia, Duprinters from Duplo, LCD projectors from in focus, Mass Mailing solutions from Pitney Bowes and voice and telecommunication solution from Ericsson. The Managed Network service offerings for corporate including VPN‟s ASP offerings, Co Location/hosting CDNs‟ security, corporate internet telephone solutions, technical and consumer help desks, 24/7 Network Operations centre monitoring and a host of value added networking services. Consumer services including dialup PSTN/ISDN Internet access, Valadon calling cards and VOIP telephony devices. 27
  28. 28. 3.3 THE COMPANYIn 1976 Nadar quit an executive job with Delhi Cloth Mills (DCM) along with five ofhis friends to start a company, Micro comp Limited, The focus of the company wasdesign and manufacturing of scientific calculators. The venture provided its foundersmoney to start a company that focused on manufacturing computers. The company wasrenamed as Hindustan computers Limited (HCL) and received support from the UttarPradesh government to setup their manufacturing in Noida. The founders put togetherRs 2 million in the venture. In 1981, NIIT was started to cater to the increasing demandin computer education. By early 2000s, Nadar divested his stake in this venture.Government policy shaped HCL as was the all Indian companies of those eras. In 1977polices of Indian industries minister George Fernandez meant that global giants likeIBM left India creating a major void in the computers industry (even coca-Cola leftIndia during this timeframe opposing the polices of the minister). HCL designed andshipped microcomputers to address this gap, around the same time Apple introducedpersonal computers in USA. HCL had many more accomplishments in the next halfdecade, introducing 16 bit processor computer in 1981 and relational data basemanagement system, Networking operating system and client server architecturesolutions by 1983, In the days of Indira Gandhi government a radical police shiftchanged the landscape of the computer industry by permitting the import oftechnology. HCL utilized the opportunity to launch its first brand of personalcomputers Busybee. By 1986 HCL became the largest IT Company in India. WhenManmohan Singh opened the Indian economy in 1991 as the finance minister, HCLentered in to a partnership with HP to from HCL limited. HP picked up 26% stake inthe company to leverage on HCL‟s sales and distribution channels to sell its productsin India as well utilize the R&D team of HCL to customize its products to the Indianenvironment. In 1994 HCL looked beyond PCs and tied up with Nokia for mobilephone distribution and Ericsson for telephone switch distribution. 28
  29. 29. HCL had always tried to address the global market and initially with mixed result. In1979 the company set up a subsidiary in Singapore- Far East computers focused onselling its computer products in the APAC region. In 1989 on the basis of a joint withMcKinney, HCL ventured into the US computer market with SCI roped in asmanufacturing partners. HCL America was born but in the words of the founder, “theproject fell flat on its face” HCL had failed to follow a very crucial step necessary toenter the US market; The computer didn‟t get environmental clearances.By 1996 Nadar realized that fellow companies TCS, Wipro and Infosys hadsuccessfully entered the global software services market and realized the immenseopportunity. When the partnership of HCL was ended in 1996 HCL was split intocompanies –HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. HCL Technologies was createdfrom the R&D division of erstwhile HCL HP and was to focus on providing third partyengineering and software services to global companies while HCL Infosystems wouldfocus on manufacture and sale of computer hardware in the Indian market.Why HCL? HCL Infosystems (HCL) draws its strength from 30 years of experience in handlingthe ever changing IT scenario , strong customer relationships, ability to provide thecutting edge technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it, an excellent service& support infrastructure. Today, HCL is countrys premier information enablingcompany. It offers one-stop-shop convenience to its diverse customers having anequally diverse set of requirements.Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a small/medium enterprise, or a small officeor a home, HCL has a product range, sales & support capability to service the needs ofthe customer.Last 30 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given us continuity inrelationship with the customers, thereby increasing the customer confidence in us. Ourstrengths can be summarized as:  Ability to understand customers business and offer right technology.  Long standing relationship with customers.  Pan India support & service infrastructure.  Best-value-for-money offerings. 29
  30. 30. Technology Leadership HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of technology in the country. Right from our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders. Using our own R&D we have: Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s). Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security. Launched our own range of enterprise storage products. Launched our own range of networking products. We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation as well. This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage. HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives. Some of them are:  Countrys first Desktop PC - BusyBee in 1985.  Countrys first branded home PC - Beanstalk in 1995.  Countrys first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point.  Countrys first Media Center PC 30
  31. 31. 3.4 HCL Support& ServiceWalk-in centers: Reaching out to over 4000 plus towns HCL Touch has 505 HCL ownedand manned service locations across the country. Bring HCL service convenient andclose to you. Multilingual remote support- 11 vernacular languages.All HCL Laptops come with a Standard Warranty that covers repairs or replacement ofany defective part during the warranty period in case of any genuine failure of the parts.HCL also extends the warranty to reinstallation of all pre-loaded software. HCL Touch 24*7*365 days support With HCL Touch you are just a call away; anytime, anywhere. HCL Touch 24*7 Response center provides you a ticket number and registers your support request on HCL Laptops. HCL Touch provides you the convenience of remotely solving your problem through an experienced team of technical experts. These experts in the hardware and software fields will access your Laptop over secure links and remotely diagnose and resolve the problem. This service is available 24 hours a day; further HCL Touch has the facility to provide support in 11 vernacular languages of our country. HCL Touch Bring-in Support/Walk-in Support HCL Touch caters to over 4000 towns pan India with a footprint of Company owned brick and mortar offices in over 505 locations. These HCL Touch service centers are a direct company owned walk-in points for customers. HCL Touch Data Security Your HCL Laptop contains your precious data and personal information. With HCL touch you are assured that you are handing over your HCL Laptop into the trusted hands of HCL employees at company owned outlets. Robust processes implemented at HCL Touch assure you that your data is in safe hands and safely returned to you. HCL Touch Onsite support 31
  32. 32. HCL Touch onsite support offers you the convenience of Onsite support at your officeor at home. This service is available pan India, where the service engineer will visitcustomer site for repair and maintenance of your laptop. Option of Express service anddelivery is also available with HCL Touch in select towns.HCL Touch International WarrantyWith HCL Touch you are assured of support, where ever you may be on the globe.Through HCL‟s 24*7*365 days support, you are just a call away where ever you maybe.HCL Touch Pick and drop facilityHCL Touch offers customers the option of pick and drop of their HCL Leaptops forrepair and maintenance across the country.HCL Touch Data RecoveryDepending on customer‟s requirement, HCL Touch can Restore deleted files Repair corrupted files Recover data from crashed/corrupted hard disk and corrupt partitions Recover data loss due to Accidental formatting, Recover data loss due to Virus corruption, Recover data loss due to OS corruption, Recover data loss due to Database corruption, Repair damages due to handling and power fluctuations.HCL Touch Anti VirusHCL Touch undertakes installation, cleaning and up-gradation of antivirus software. Acustomer care specialist guide customers for online purchase from antivirus portals andassists them through installation. HCL can undertake the process through physicalhanding over of HCL Laptops at any of the service centers for those not verycomfortable with technology.HCL Touch tracking servicesUnder this unique service offered by HCL Touch ensures that the customer isautomatically updated through an SMS/email against theft or unauthorized access of 32
  33. 33. HCL Laptops.HCL Touch Health checkHCL believes in “prevention is better than cure” and recommends regular check up ofHCL Laptops for optimizing performance, and screening against security threats. Thisservice is available both as a remote support or onsite service. You can also undertakethe health check up by physically handing over the HCL Laptop to any of the 505service locations.HCL Touch Fortressingunder the HCL Touch fortressing services specialized HCL Touch engineers study thegeneral condition of the HCL Laptop of the customer - performance, fine tuning andup-gradations required for better performances and help customers to install Antispam, Anti-virus and personal firewall softwareHCL Touch Operating System and software supportHCL Touch will assist customers on re-installing, maintaining and repairing of pre-loaded licensed OS/software in HCL Laptops at the time of purchase.HCL Touch Peripherals Installation and Configuration services *HCL Touch understands that hardware accessories and peripherals are a way of life asHCL Laptops have become a very personalized product. HCL Touch assists customersin installing peripherals like printer/scanner/MFD along with HCL Laptops.Wireless LAN support and Internet mailHCL Laptop users are mobile, they are always on the go, traveling across cities panIndia. Therefore it is important that one has the system compatibility across networks, 33
  34. 34. LAN, Wi-Fi and internet mail options. HCL Touch assists customers in connecting towireless LAN and Internet mail operations in a cloud of various available networks.Data card/broadband supportTo avoid any issue related to compatibility of broadband and data cad connections,HCL Touch assists customers in configuring the system to the available broadband anddata card connections. 34
  35. 35. 3.5 BOARD OF DIRECTORS SHIV NADAR Founder–HCL Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, HCL Technologies AJAI CHOWDHRY Founder - HCL Chairman & CEO - HCL Infosystems VineetNayar, CEO, HCL Technologies Directors T S R SUBRAMANIAN ROBIN ABRAMS PROBIR CHANDRA SEN Mr. SUBROTO BHATTACHARY 35
  36. 36. 4. Data AnalysisQ1. What is your age? A) 18-22 B) 22-30 C) 30-40 D) 40 above AGE 18-22 22-30 30-40 ABOVE 4 0 PERCENTAGE 44 33 14 9 50 40 30 PERCENTAGE 20 10 0 18-22 22-30 30-40 ABOVE 40 ANSWER: The age of (18-22) is 44% (22-30) is 33% (30-40) is 14% (Above 40) is 9% 36
  37. 37. Q2. What is your gender? A) MALE B) FEMALEGENDER MALE FEMALEPERCENTAGE 66 34 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 MALE FEMALEANSWER:Male is 66% and female is 34%. 37
  38. 38. Q3. Are you aware of HCL laptops? A) Yes B) NoAWARENESS YES NOPERCENTAGE 99 1 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 YES NOANSWER:99% Yes and 1% no were aware HCL laptops. 38
  39. 39. Q4. Which laptops do you use ? A) Apple B) Len novo C) HCL D) OtherUSE APPL LENNOV HC OTHE E O L RPERCENTAG 12 19 30 39 E 40 35 30 25 PERCENTAGE 20 15 10 5 0 APPLE LENNOVO HCL OTHERANSWER:12% apple, 19% Lenovo, HCL 30%, 39% other is used laptops. 39
  40. 40. Q5. Are the HCL laptops easily available in the market? A) Yes B) NoAVAILABLITY YES NOPERCENTAGE 92 8 100 80 60 PERCENTAGE 40 20 0 YES NOANSWER:HCL laptops easily available in the market 92% yes and 8% no. 40
  41. 41. Q6. Why do you use HCL laptops? A) Stylish B) Economical C) UsefulnessUSER STYLISH ECONOMICAL USEFULNESSPERCENTAGE 33 18 49 50 40 30 PERCENTAGE 20 10 0 STYLISH ECONOMICAL USEFULNESSANSWER:HCL laptops use because 33% stylish, 18% economical, 49% usefulness. 41
  42. 42. Q7. How do you rate the HCL lapyops? A) Good B) V. Good C) Average D) No CommentsRATE G V.G AVR NO COPERCENTAGE 19 28 45 8 50 40 30 PERCENTAGE 20 10 0 GOOD V.GOOD AVERAGE NO COMMENTSANSWER:The rate of HCL laptops is 19%good, 28% verygood,45% average and 8% no comments. 42
  43. 43. Q8. Is the HCL laptops user friendly? A) Yes B) NoFRIENDLY USER YES NOPERCENTAGE 77 23 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 YES NOANSWER:The HCL laptops user friendly is 77% yes and 23% no. 43
  44. 44. Q9.Are the HCL laptops easily to maintain? A) Yes B) NoANSWER:MAINTAINANCE YES NOPERCENTAGE 77 23 80 60 PERCENTAGE 40 20 0 YES NO77%Yes and 23%no is maintaining HCL laptops. 44
  45. 45. Q10. Do you like sound quality? A) Yes B) NoSOUND QUALITY YES NOPERCENTAGE 72 28 80 70 60 50 PERCENTAGE 40 30 20 10 0 YES NOANSWER:72% yes and 28% don‟t like sound quality. 45
  46. 46. Q11. Are you satisfied with the picture graphic quality? A) Yes B) NoGRAPHIC YES NO QUALITYPERCENTAGE 83 17 100 80 60 PERCENTAGE 40 20 0 YES NOANSWER:The picture graphic quality is 83% yes and 17% no. 46
  47. 47. Q12. Are you happy with power backup provided byHCL laptops? A) Yes B) NoPOWER BACKUP YES NOPERCENTAGE 23 77 80 70 60 50 PERCENTAGE 40 30 20 10 0 YES NOANSWER:The power backup provided by HCL laptops is 23%yes and 77% no. 47
  48. 48. Q13. Does the HCL hardware supports better multimediaSoftware? A) Yes B) NoBETTER YES NO MULTIMED IA SOFTWAREPERCENTAGE 68 32ANSWER:The hardware supports better multimedia software is 68%yes and 32% no. 48
  49. 49. Q14. Are you happy with the after sales services Provided by HCL Company? A) Yes B) NoSALES SERVICE‟S YES NOPERCENTAGE 79 21 YES NOANSWER:The after sale services provided by HCL company is 79%yes and 21% no. 49
  50. 50. Q15. What types of features do you like most in HCLLaptops? A) Display B) Sound quality C) Battery backup D) Other HP DISPLA SOUND BATTE OTHE FEAT Y Q R R URES U Y A BACKU L P I T YPERCENTA 41 30 6 23 GE 50 40 30 PERCENTAGE 20 10 0 DISPLAY SOUND QUALITY BATTERY BACKUP OTHER 50
  51. 51. ANSWER:The features like most in HCL laptops is display 41%, sound quality 30%, battery backup 6%, other 23%.Q16. Which color of HCL laptops do prefer most? A) Silver B) Black C) Black-silver D) OtherCOLOUR SILVE BLAC BLACK OTHE R K - R S I L V E RPERCENTAG 12 66 18 4 E 70 60 50 40 PERCENTAGE 30 20 10 0 SILVER BLACK BLACK-SILVER OTHERANSWER: 51
  52. 52. The color of Hp laptops mostly prefer is silver 12%, black 66%, black-silver 18% andother 4%Q17. Where do you rate HCL laptops 10 year down the line? A) Excellent B) No Improvement10 YEAR DOWN EXCELLENT NO LINE IMPROVEM ENTPERCENTAGE 93 7 100 80 60 PERCENTAGE 40 20 0 EXCELLENT NO IMPROVEMENT EXCELLENT NO IMPROVEMENTANSWER:The rate of HCL laptops 10 year down the line is 93% excellent and 7% no improvement. 52
  53. 53. 5. CONCLUSIONHCL has many products catering to different categories catering to differentcategories of the electronic and I.T. industry . HCL has wide range of desktops,laptops, peripherals, software‟s and serves with different models in relation to theprice, looks and technicality. With time HCL has innovated and modified its productsas per the customer demands.HCL has products for all the income group. It is only brand which has come up with acombination of many classy features bringing them on the touch of your finger byintroducing a revolutionary and a pioneer product in the category making them one ofthe leading brands in the category.HCL presently has over many retail stores spread in over many countries and outsidecountries. ONE of the famous marketing strategy what HCL uses in its retail stores isthat of „‟HANDS s USE‟‟,where in the customer is allowed to actually operate and feelanalyses the product. This practice of theirs has lead to a lot of satisfied, repetitive andalso new customers. 53
  54. 54. 6. FINDINGS1. The market share of HCL now days increase.2. HCL believes in maintaining the product quality rather than the price.3. The store locations are very selective and the company retail stores are not located everywhere.4. The HCL retail stored has a fixed store layout.5. The company has increased its sales as compared to early years.6. HCL has catering to different categories catering to diff. Categories of the electronic and I.T. industry7. With time HCL has innovated and modified its products as per the customer demands.8. One of the famous marketing strategy what hp uses in its retail stores is that of ”HANDS ON USE”, wherein the customer is allowed to actually operate and feel and analyses the product. 54
  55. 55. 7. SUGGESTION1. HCL can reduce the price of the products so that can increase the market share by increasing the sales.2. HCL shall introduce some offers to stay with prices and also increase the sales.3. Marketing of the products should be done more aggressively to increase the awareness of the features within the buyers.4. The demographics and the geographic figures of the population near the store location should be considered individually to market the appropriate products. 55
  56. 56. 8. 56
  57. 57. 9. ANNEXURESQ1. NAMEQ2. AGEQ3. GENDERQ4. ADDRESSQ5. PHONE NO.Q6. Are you aware of HCL laptops? a) Yes b) NoQ7. Which laptops do you use?a) Apple b) Lenovo c) HCL d) otherQ8. Are the HCL laptops easily available in theMarket?Q9. Why do you use HCL laptops? a) Stylish b) Economical c)UsefulnessQ10. How do you rate the HCL laptops? a) Good b) Very Good C) Average d) No CommentsQ11. Is the HCL laptops user friendly? a) Yes b) NoQ12. Are the HCL laptops easy to maintain? a) Yes b) No 57
  58. 58. Q13. Are you satisfied with the picture graphic quality? a) Yes b) No Q14. Are you happy with power backup provided by HCL Laptops? a) Yes b)No Q15. Does the HCL hardware supports better Multimedia software? a) Yes b) No Q16. Are you happy with the after sales servicesProvided by HCL company? a) Yes b) No Q17. What types of features do you like most in HCL Laptops? a) Display b) sound quality c) battery-backup d) Others Q18. Which color HCL laptops do you prefer most? a) Silver b) black c) black-silver d) other Q19. Where do you rate HCL laptops 10 year down the line? a) Excellent b) No improvement 58