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A startup mixer with the purpose to find concrete answers to obstacles or challenges faced by startups. Each startup (can be represented by more than one person) will present about one phase of "activity or process" that will or has been done by their respective startups.

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  1. 1. From Startup To Startup
  2. 2. WHAT IS IT? a forum of startups that discuss real startup issueswith the purpose of finding concrete solutions
  3. 3. WHAT DO WE DO? Find concrete answersto obstacles or challenges faced by startups.
  4. 4. WHAT DO WE DO?Each startup will present about one phase of "activity or process” that will or has been done by their respective startups. Example: • Solution to a problem or case. • Experiment plans towards a solution. • Conclusions towards an experiment. • Startup strategic decision. • Challenges entering a market or industry. • Business model pivoting. And expect critical feedback on your presentation.
  5. 5. RULES OF THE GAMEA. Presentation Session -> 20 Minutes
  6. 6. RULES OF THE GAMEA. Presentation Session -> 20 Minutes B. Listen to Critics Session
  7. 7. RULES OF THE GAME What’s in your presentation :• Short introduction about you and your startup.• Purpose of presentation. What is the challenge and what you expect to achieve.• Explanation of the activity or process. What have you done, what options were considered?• Types of feedback you expect from the group.
  8. 8. RULES OF THE GAMECritics Session -> your purpose is to provide feedback.These can be in the form of:• Criticism of the presented activity or process (constructive or otherwise).• Opinions or solutions.• Interpretations and ideas.• Personal experience, resources you may have learned or read.
  9. 9. WHO CAN JOIN?Startup Owners (CEO, CTO, CMO, etc) 4-5 startups only for each events to keep discussion quality Guest Expert (IT/non IT) Will be approved by all participants prior to the event
  10. 10. WHAT ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY? No NDA, each member will be expected to hold the contents of the meeting in confidence.If you do not think you can honor that, please do not attend.
  11. 11. WHAT ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY? If you have a conflict of interest, such as a relationshipwith a competing company, please notify the group before the meeting. As a presenter you are encouraged to be as open as needed to get useful feedback, but need not reveal any more than you are comfortable sharing.
  12. 12. WHAT ABOUT CONFIDENTIALITY?To help provide venue and refreshments, we may acceptsponsors. However, in accordance to the spirit of "fromstartup to startup", sponsors will not be able to join thediscussion unless given permission by all participants.
  13. 13. If you own a startupand would like to join our event, visit …