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Explanation about 8village solution for businesses.

Explanation about 8village solution for businesses.



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  • 8villages is a Singaporean company that leverages mobile phones technology to enable smallholder farmers to get better information to manage their crops and therefore, improve their income.
  • By doing so, we built a bridge between between the public and the private sectors and this significant consumer population
  • Businesses are trying to engage rural consumers because they represent the next marketing frontier (think agriculture, FMCG, insurance). We are talking about 3.3 billion people.But those consumers are very geographically dispersed. Therefore, reaching them requires complex and opaque distribution channels. This means that in order to get your message to where it matters, you will deploy a costly field force to compensate for the lack of efficient advertising medium in the countryside.As a consequence, businesses lack visibility on their end consumers, their needs and sentiment. Even worse, the dialog between brands and consumers is simply not happening and as a marketing manager, most of my decisions on where to allocate budget or promotional efforts would be based on gut feeling.
  • We partner with mobile carriers to allow brands to leverage the social behaviors of farmers and more generally, rural population to collect information and run efficient, local, customized marketing campaigns. Our technology is based on SMS, voice and mobile website.
  • How does it work? Farmers can create groups via simple SMS, mobile web. They communicate for free on agricultural topics. Think of a “SMS whatsapp” specifically catered to this population.By doing so, users generate content. Content that is very valuable to brands, ministries, agri research centers. We extract this.Now Sanny is going to show you what is currently happening on the platform with those farmers groups.
  • Businesses in Indonesia spent $7 billion in advertising in 2012. We estimate that 10% of this budget
  • Last year was exclusively focused on R&D and product testing with our first client and carrier partners.For this year, we want to strengthen our value proposition to carriers in the region, reinforce our team and improve our internal processes in order to prepare for the international scale up.

8Villages 8Villages Presentation Transcript

  • 8villages lets stallholder farmers go social using basic phones
  • By doing so, we link businesses to rural consumers in emerging markets
  • The problem - Complex distribution channels - Expansive field force - No good advertising mediumBusinesses Farmers 1.2 billion
  • Which region should we focus on to allocate What do budget for next people think year? about our products?Why do farmers What are the get our key issuesmessage right people face here but nor when adopting there? our product?
  • The Solution
  • The SolutionBusinesses Rural groups Businesses 1 Rural users create their groups of “followers” via SMS, web 2 Rural groups’ members can communicate for free 3 Our proprietary analytical platform captures the content and delivers actionable data to businesses
  • The market size3.3 billion people live in rural areas, 1.2 billion are farmers* * United Nations - 2011 Last year, our clients spent $150 million in advertising in SEA only
  • $20,000/month One year commitment Pro $6,500/month edition One year commitment Advanced$800/month editionNo annual commitment Business edition <5 < 100 < 500 groups groups groups Centralized / cross-countries analytics and reporting
  • The year ahead: after the proof of concept Assess RunWalk Deploy 2012 H1 2013 H2 2013 2014
  • THANK YOU www.8villages.cominfo@8villages.comm.lebras@8villages.coms.gaddafi@8villages.com