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New a2 fine art

  2. 2. QUESTIONS• What impact did the invention of photography have upon Impressionism and Post Impressionism? Which contemporary photographers take their influence from these movements?• What impact did photography have on Surrealism? Discuss how photography provided an ideal format for the visualisation of surrealist concerns.• How have artists used photography to explore issues of identity?• A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. - Orson Welles . Discuss with examples.• How have photographers used experimental approaches to explore what cannot be seen by the human eye?
  3. 3. Impressionists• It’s easy to think of photography vs. painting in terms of reality vs. a transformed version of reality, but that’s deceptive. For the Impressionist painters photography could tell them what something looked like, but not how one saw it. Early black and white photographs were a record of what was at the moment the photo was taken, but it couldn’t come close to replicating the experience of seeing.
  4. 4. The use of such procedures as double exposure,Surrealism and Photography combination printing, montage, and solarization dramatically evoked the union of dream and reality
  5. 5. Eadweard Muybridge 1887
  6. 6. Francis BaconBacon was nown to have referred to photoraphic material whenpainitng – he was particularly intrigued by the distortion andstrangeness of some of Muybridges slices of movement.
  7. 7. Francis Bacon
  8. 8. Marey imagesfrom the 1880s
  9. 9. Marey was at first disappointed with his images as they semed to collect too much superficialdetail of the model and not enough of the movement itself. He experimented with dressing themodel in black velvet with reflective paper strips stuck onto the limbs and joints. This allowedhim to record more elegantly the dynamism of the movment.
  10. 10. Marcel dUCHAMPNude descending a staircase 1912Duchamp took a great interest in the photographs ofMarey and it is thought that his images were studied tocreate this famous painting that seems to straddle bothcubism and futurism.
  11. 11. Anton Giulio Bragaglia Typewriter 1911The Bragaglia brothers alsoexperimented with dynamicphotography. The artists areconsidered to be Futurists (the Italianart movement of the early 20th centuryconcerned with dynamism, speed,movement, machinery and racingtowards the future and a new world)
  12. 12. Giacomo Balla dynamism of a dog on a leash 1912Futurist painters concerned with speed, movement and politics.
  13. 13. Balla
  14. 14. Umberto Boccioni Farewell 1912
  15. 15. Umberto Boccioni The City Rises 1910
  16. 16. Tom HunterLiving in Hell
  17. 17. Tom Hunter
  18. 18. Piero di Cosimo – a satyr mourning over a nymph 1495
  19. 19. John Everett Millais Ophelia 1851-2Pre-raphaelite painting – scene from Shakespeare using symbolismof flowers.
  20. 20. Tom Hunter
  21. 21. Jeff WallMimic series – micro-gestures revealingtensions within society The flooded Grave A digital montage of over 75 different images from specially constructed set and 2 graveyards
  22. 22. GregoryCrewdson
  23. 23. Photographs his familyunflinchingly.Provides and alternative to thesanitized and heavily editedfamily albums we are more usedto seeing.As he wanted to use these imagesto make paintings from he makesstrong references to the paintingsof Vuillard, Bonnard and theImpressionists.Richard Billingham
  24. 24. All EdouardVuillard c.1895
  25. 25. RINEKE DIJKSTRA• Awkward adolescent subject isolated from context.• In transition• Similar to Diane Arbus?
  26. 26. HELLEN VAN MEENE• Untitled 2000• Awkward pose noticed not constructed• Contrast between clothing, make-up and body stage.
  27. 27. Job Hunt 1976After three weeks he still couldn’t find a job.His mother said to him, ‘maybe you’re not good enough’. Tracey Moffatt Scarred for Life series 1994
  28. 28. Hannah Starkey
  29. 29. Jan Van Eyck The Arnolfini Marriage Frida Kahlo Self-portraitSam Taylor-Wood. Self- with thornPortrait in single-breasted necklace andsuit with hare. hummingbird
  30. 30. 3u0
  31. 31. Claude Cahun aka Lucy Schwab1920?
  32. 32. Claude Cahun (Lucy Schwab) self Sarah Lucas Self Portrait,portrait 1927 1999
  33. 33. Yasumasa MorimuraPost-modernismAppropriationThe borrowing ofelements of another‘text’ in order todeconstruct and/orsubvert itssignificance
  34. 34. Cindy Sherman art History Portraits