Evaluation Question 2


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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. G324 Evaluation How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Brand identity is very important for an artist. We had to consider this and ensure that we created a brand identity for our artist through the promotional pieces - the magazine advert, digi pack and music video. We had a lot of colours due to the nature of the song, the genre and our artist who will appeal to quite a young audience. But once we had chosen the colours, we stuck to them. The colours were bright pink, turquoise, white and red. A slightly lighter pink White As you can see, throughout the work we have followed the house colours. Turquoise Bright pink
  3. 3. We chose a font that was girly and cute. For Scarlett’s name we used ‘cheri liney’, and then we used ‘Cheryl’ which is the same style as the other one for other writing such as the album name. Cheri font Cheri Liney font A bold font was also used in the video
  4. 4. One of the things that was used a lot in our work was the stars , so we used this in the magazine ad and the digi pack. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the stars in the video, but if we could have we would have. The heart was also a motif which can be seen in the music video, the digi-pack and also on the magazine advert because of the picture of the album cover. The Barbie idea was featured in the music video, on the back cover of the digi-pack because it has the doll house plan and on the magazine advert she is breaking a doll. Star Image Motifs There are several shots in the video using the love heart image motif Barbie is another star image motif which is used in the video and on the magazine ad. We used the stars on the digi pack and the magazine ad.
  5. 5. Genre characteristics to represent the genre of music Artist makes eye contact with the audience Voyeurism Notion of looking Colourisation and bright colours
  6. 6. Use of images We used a lot of different images that we took through out filming. These were used on the digipak and magazine ad, and linked to the video because she was wearing the same outfits. Images from the music video
  7. 7. Use of industry information There is half a page with industry information on, which all other artists have Capitol records logo – which is her record label.
  8. 8. Use of still shots from the video used in the digi-pack/magazine ad Screen shots of the music video