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Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) April 2013
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Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) April 2013


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April Safety Meeting Material, Safety Meeting Starters

April Safety Meeting Material, Safety Meeting Starters

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  • 1. Safety Meeting Starters (SMS)April 2013Happy April! What are the Odds…(Safety blog by Matt Forck, Safestrat) Next week is the grand finale of NCAA men’s basketball tournament; concluding with the final four weekend and national championship game on Monday in Atlanta, GA. Chances are, you are one of the estimated 40 plus million people who filled out a bracket before all of this basketball madness began. Now that there are only four teams left (Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan and Syracuse), I get to ask a question; how many of the final four teams did you guess correctly? And, how close were you to a perfect bracket? If a friend tells you that he or she had a perfect bracket, they might lie about other things too! DePaul University mathematics professor Jeff Bergen says the odds of picking a perfect bracket are staggering. Since each game has two possible outcomes, and there are 63 games played in this tournament, Dr. Bergen says the odds of picking a perfect NCAA bracket are 2 to the 63rd power (or 2 times 2 times 2…63 times). The odds, if you want to know, for guessing a perfect bracket is one in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. That is a nine, with 18 numbers behind it, or one in 9.2 quintillion. On a seemingly unrelated note, on March 23, 2013, tragedy struck the Bresette family, who were making their way through the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport preparing to fly home to Kansas after a family vacation. Heather Bresette, along with her teen age daughter and three sons were walking through the terminal when a 300 pound flight status board suspended above unexpectedly fell on them. Several family members sustained injuries, including Heather who suffered a broken pelvis and two broken ankles…and a broken heart. Her heart was broken because the event took the life of her ten year old son Luke. What are the odds of this sign falling? What are the odds that it falls on a Kansas family as they are walking under it? What are the odds that Luke Bresette is under the sign such that when it falls, it is fatal? I’m not a mathematician like Jeff Bergan, but I would forecast the odds of this are greater than one in 9.2 quintillion. In safety, we can’t deal with odds, or chance, we must deal in fact. The fact is that events can and will happen. And we, and each of our workers, must be ready. ‘Being ready’ means that we take the appropriate time to plan, wear PPE, communicate with co- workers, stop when unsure, follow all rules, constantly observe, etc. Things will happen, but our workers shouldn’t be left to play the odds…they should know outcomes, without a doubt.
  • 2. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 2Enjoy this month’s issue of Safety Meeting Starters (SMS) - - use it to help your team lower theodds of an injury by finding timely safety information to help you and your team identify andcontrol hazards and raise safety awareness. Please share this material with your supervisors,safety professionals, managers, line workers and others.Why Wait for Safety Meeting Starters, instead get real time safety information through Matt’sTwitter feed. Follow Matt in March and receive a code for 50% off any one book in Matt’scollection (find Matt’s books here follow Matt on Twitter from this link: or @safestrat.Thanks again and pass this along. Remember, no one gets hurt today! God Bless, Matt.About Matt… Matt Forck is a board-certified Safety Professional (CSP) and former JourneyLineworker in the hazardous field of electrical line work (JLW). Matt’s recent innovationsinclude the development of the Safety Committee MAP process, a systematic process for safetycommittee success, and the Informal Leader Program aimed at engaging the true safety leaderswithin any organization. Matt has published nearly 100 safety articles and written seven booksincluding his latest release, What Safety Leaders Do. He is a frequent speaker at national andregional safety conferences and leads corporate sponsored safety, motivational and culturebuilding keynote presentations. You may contact Matt through his website, SMS are a FREE monthly newsletter to the safety community. Matt Forck, CSP, JLW | | 573.999.7981 Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 3. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 3S.A.F.E. (See Accidents Forever Eliminated) at Work- A Motivational Safety Column!Everyone Finishes Injury FreeThe old saying that two heads are better than one is only half true. Two heads are only betterthan one when they are functioning as one, or in other words, acting like a team.Teamwork is one of the advantages greatly leveraged by the Navy SEALs; SEALs standing forSea, Air and Land. The SEALs were organized in 1962. Their mission was to be the best trainedfighting force in the world, and utilize teamwork to move against a target in which a larger forcecould not approach undetected. "While it is imperative the student meets the standards setbefore him," said Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Matthew Peterson, SEAL instructor. "We lookfor the individual who possesses the ability to perform safely and effectively under stressfulconditions. Ultimately, we are seeking a candidate that we can entrust with the life of a fellowFrogman."In order to be called a Navy SEAL, one must complete the 25 week BUD/S (Basic UnderwaterDemolition School). The dropout rate of this school can be as high as 70-80%. The training isdivided into three phases. The first eight-week phase is known as the physical conditioningphase, and places a strong emphasis on running, swimming, navigating the obstacle course andbasic water and lifesaving skills. In this phase of training Sailor’s will take part in "surfconditioning." An exercise that develops teamwork among the trainees as they lie in a line witharms connected while the cold California surf washes over them.Having endured the complexity of The First Phase, trainees move onto their next big obstacle -diving. Second Phase is seven weeks in length and emphasizes the skills required to be a NavalSpecial Warfare combat swimmer. Finally, the 10-week long Third Phase is the last hurdle theseSailors face before graduation. This land warfare phase turns Sailors into hard core, cuttingedge naval commandos. "Third Phase is comparable to First Phase in that you are often cold,miserable and tired," said Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 2nd Class Louis G. Fernbough, ThirdPhase instructor. "The difference is we now expect you to think and perform mentally underthe same conditions. Mistakes made when working with explosives only happen once."Jeff Cannon, former Navy SEAL in his book, Leadership Lessons of the Navy SEALs explained itthis way. He said that when he was in BUD/S training, his class had just finished ‘drown proof’training. That’s when you stay in the water for hours learning not to drown. Finally theinstructor called them to shore, they were exhausted. The instructor said it was ‘dinner time’but before they ate, they needed to give him five miles on the beach. The only instruction was;‘you have thirty minutes and everyone finishes on time.” Exhausted, they set out running. Somedid finish within the half hour, others didn’t, the instructor wasn’t happy. As the last of thetrainees crossed the finish line, the instructor said, “You obviously didn’t understand me, I said Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 4. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 4everyone finishes on time. Now, do it again.” With disbelief, they started again only this timegetting the picture. Everyone finishes. Everyone. They pushed, pulled, encouraged and whenneeded, carried, but this time after thirty minutes, each man crossed the finish line.I realize that we don’t have ‘surf conditioning’ or ‘drown proofing.’ We don’t’ take part in diveschool or have to do 20 pull ups before each meal. But we do have safety sensitive jobs,moving parts and extreme hazards. Who is helping carry you to the finish line? Moreimportantly, who are you helping? Together we can accomplish unthinkable goals…workingeach day injury free. Two heads are better than one, if we can work as one. And, if wecan…everyone will finish on time.©2013-SafeStrat, LLC-All Rights Reserved Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 5. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 5How Leaders Lead… What Safety Leaders Do – - The Insider’s Handbook for Safety Leadership Tips, Tactics, Secrets & Ideas Today there is a procedure for everything that is important. Yet, more than 99% of groups fail to have a road map for safety leadership. The reason is that leadership is different. While most of those other procedures are ‘one size fits all,’ safety leadership is not. Each team, work group, and company has a different culture, history, exposures and corporate structure which means there isn’t a cookie cutter mold to safety leadership. To be successful, each organization must customize their program to fit their unique organization. To effectively ‘customize’ your company’s safety leadership program, you first need access to all of the cutting edge leadership tactics, tips and secrets – - which is exactly what this book provides! Then, you can pick the ideas that are right for your group; putting provenmethods to work for you – - to get the results you have always aimed to achieve. 204 pages.Price $19.95Use code GHDF4HQD and get $5.00 off per book, no limits!To learn more and order: Read on Kindle – - Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 6. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 6Safety Tidbits—the most information packed pages in safety!Quote of the month: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” –Philo‘Make you think’ Picture of the Month (source unknown): Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 7. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 7News Clips of the Month:OSHA investigating death of Verizon line workerMarch 26, 2013/CHARLESTOWN — Investigators from the Occupational Safety and HealthAdministration, Verizon and National Grid were poring over the scene of what first respondersreferred to as a terrible accident Monday.Verizon lineman Charles Austin, 41, of Hopkinton, a father and husband, was electrocuted whileworking Saturday morning near a house located off Alton Carolina Road, in a wooded area onHill Top Drive, a dirt road, Charlestown Police Chief Jeffrey Allen said Monday. The bucket hewas working in was perched in an area dense with trees, he said.Charlestown police will be part of the investigation for documentation purposes only becausethe accident is being investigated by others and is not considered criminal by his department,Allen said.“We can only say that our sympathies are with the family of the Verizon employee, but as theinvestigation is still underway, it would not be appropriate for the company to comment,” saidDavid Graves, spokesman for National Grid.Roofer hurt in accident still in critical conditionMarch 18, 2013/ By Jill HarmacinskiLAWRENCE — The condition of a roofer injured in a head-first fall off a ladder Saturdayremained in critical condition last night. Rigoberto Mendez, 18, of Lynn, remained in criticalcondition at Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital in Boston, according to a spokesman.Mendez suffered life threatening injuries when he fell off the ladder at 7 Monmouth St. at 1p.m. According to a police report, Mendez was carrying materials up a ladder, missed the stepbetween the second and third floors and fell to the ground, landing directly on his head.He was initially treated by Patriot Ambulance paramedics and immediately taken by helicopterto Beth Israel. Mendez is a day laborer and had the least experience of the four co-workers hewas with, officials said. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 8. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 8Safety News from March:Safety and Management News from Safestrat’s Twitter Feed - - why wait for the end of themonth Safety Meeting Starters when you can get near real time safety updates from my Twitterfeed! Join today; or @safestrat. 50% off any book for all of Matts Twitter followers; use this code; 89Z7DV99. Click here to learn more; … OSHA investigating death of Verizon line worker worker/article_f57ef6e8-9618-11e2-b4a4- 0019bb2963f4.html#.UVedJiDHVXY.twitter … Nothing found in hunt for 83 miners buried in Tibet landslide for-83-miners-buried-in-Tibet-landslide.html … Directory of Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation & Prevention Progm: Fire Fighter Fatality Invest Rept F2012-09 … Businessman’s safety failures led to worker’s injury …- Video: Crane FAIL Compilation 2013 - This is why proper training & certification is so important for crane operators! Presenting data on slides puts you at an immediate disadvantage Teen shielded sister from falling wall ESPN Anchor shares burn injury story, and urges everyone to read grill safety instructions. Whats actually dangerous? 20 surprising safety statistics - Safety News Alert Staffordshire firm fined for explosive reaction after worker suffers burns Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 9. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 9How leaders spend their time tells staff what they value - SmartBlogs fines Lone Ranger producer over crew members death: Los Angeles Timesreports that State regulators ha... is the work of a team, not a lone hero.’s A Google Perk Any Company Can Imitate: Employee-To-Employee Learning killed in trench collapse identified; Cal-OSHA investigating …Officials investigate fatal sign collapse at Alabama airport, take down identical flightpanel: search of a better way to measure innovation Quotes to Inspire You to Become a Better Leader ” I likenumber 4. So important to safety!Ala. airport sign falls on family, killing boy - Yahoo! News …Brush manufacturer fined $26,250 after worker injured fined $4000 over lack of fall protection suffers severe head injury in barn roof fall: Worker suffers severe head injury inbarn roof fall Dat... to create a culture of organizational wellbeing:…The Dalai Lamas 18 Rules For Successful Living - factory got safety certified 3 weeks before a fire that killed hundreds of workers: fines Huron County plastics plant $86,000 failing to conduct periodic inspections& other serious violations Superstar Quotes From The Worlds Top Athletes & Coaches - Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 10. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 10Roofer in critical condition after ladder fall: from To Think About Innovation Like A CEO survives three-story fall, lands on feet …The Safety Number Investigating Construction Accident at Nile and Williams | Corpus Christi, TX | |: …OSHA investigating after body pulled from Savannah River | http://savannahnow.com …Lion attack sparks Cal/OSHA investigation …The Things You Need To Know About Health and Safety Leadership 10 mph faster might save you a few minutes, but it will also increase your crashrisk by as much as 50%. Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 11. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 11 SAI - - Safety Awareness Items (ideas to get raise your team’s awareness!Chair, fold-up Safety Never Sits Down.Check List Check Lists can be made for any number of on and off the job activities and exposures. We used to send out an at home safety checklist which covered all sorts of items; it was well received.Cheez-Its Safety It.Chips, Potato Be a Chip Off the Safety Block.Chop Sticks New Habits Feel Odd At First or Try a Safer Way Today.Christmas Tree Choose an ornament that can be personalized with theOrnament family’s name.Cinch Bag Safety is a Cinch if we Follow the Rules. The Untapped Secret To Selling Safety -And 401½ Tangible Items Guaranteed To Help Make That Sale! - - How well do you sell safety? The truth is that we are at the mercy of our ability to sell, no matter how “tight” the presentation. Regardless of our education or the facts surrounding an issue, we are still in a position where we have to make the sale in order for a positive change to take place. And, the better we are at selling, the greater our results. The fact of the matter is that there are secrets to selling…even selling safety. One such previously untapped secret is revealed here and your safety results will never be the same! “Matt’s passion for safety continues to shine through as he drives to inspire us to be the best we can be” wrote Bill Dampf, safety professional with three decades of experience. “Through this latest effort, he provides us with hundreds of ways to promote safety awareness to our employees. Although keeping our workers safe is always a challenge, this simple approach to helping us sell safety can be a tool that all of us can use.” Price: $11.99 - - AND use this discount code to save $2..00 per book, B9F5UNDN. Order from this link; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 12. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 12ISMA-Involved Safety Meeting ActivityActivity: Secret to Success…Estimated Time: 20 MinutesMaterials Needed: Copies of attached sheet and pen.Reference materials: See ISMA below:The ISMA:Working as individuals or in small groups (two to four in a group) participants will have a copygive each group a copy of the attached worksheet along with the following explanation:There are two things that must be in place for success. That is for safety success on a job site orsuccess as a writer, student, singer, athlete, businessperson etc. One of the two is a good planand the second has four letters with the second letter being an “I.” In your groups, you havethree minutes to figure out what this word is.The Answer: the secret to success is ‘will and a really good plan.’The Take-a-ways:We have all seen people that have drive, desire and will yet lack a plan; they end up burned outand disillusioned. The reverse is true too. We have seen excellent, well thought out plans andstrategies that lack will and desire. These too lead to failure.We must have both, the intense fire, desire or will to get it done and a great plan. Each day insafety, we need to re-gear with this ‘will’ and a great plan.Note: Review the elements of a job briefing to help ensure a great plan. Want 101 ISMAs? Check out ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities— 101Ways to Get Your People In Involved! at Matt’s website; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 13. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 13 The Two Elements of Success: I &A Really Good Plan Want 101 ISMAs? Check out ISMA (Involved Safety Meeting Activities—101Ways to Get Your People In Involved! at Matt’s website; Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 14. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 14SPOT-M –(Safety Picture of the Month) “Awareness…”Choose in favor of your safety!Send me your safety picture…if we use them you get a FREE book! Send to Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 15. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 15Tools for Pros!Where’s the Beef?-Safety Lessons Learned from McDonald’s, not from Graduate School!What is the best burger in the fast food business? Chances are that you didn’t say McDonald’syet this one franchise has sold more burgers over the last sixty years than anyone else. WhenRay Kroc stopped selling Dixie cups at the age of 52 and opened the first hamburger joint in DesPlaines Illinois, he realized something that few others knew then or even grasp now. His secret,the burger doesn’t make the burger joint. In sales, there are intangibles more important thanthe product. In Ray’s case, it’s not about the burger. So, what does this have to do with safety?Everything actually, we can learn some very important things from the best-selling mediocreburger ever.First, success is not about having the best burger. If it were about the best burger, we wouldhave never heard of Ray Kroc or some clown named Ronald. In safety, the burger is the safetymodel or process. Safety professionals invest so much time studying safety models andsystems. Once learned, great investments are made to sell and justify the ‘right’ model tosenior management. When the model is finally in place and we come up short in terms ofsafety goals the automatic tendency is to go back and scrutinize the model. What the GoldenArches teach is that almost any burger (safety model) will do as long as it is executed at a highlevel. When goals are not met, it’s much easier to try to build a better burger (safety model)and much harder to execute well enough to sell a billion mediocre ones. Execution is the keyingredient missing from unsuccessful burger stands and under-producing safety programs. Tobe more exact, in the insightful book, Execution; The Art of Getting Things Done, co-authorsLarry Bossidy and Ram Charan shared this, “Execution isa discipline and integral to strategy. Execution is the Execution is the keymajor job of the business leader. And, it must be a core ingredient missing fromelement of an organization’s culture.” unsuccessful burger stands and under-producing safetyIf we squeeze an orange what comes out? We get programs!orange juice right? But, the bigger question is why. It isbecause that’s what’s in an orange. If we squeeze a McDonald’s restaurant what comes out?We get consistency, cleanliness, a smiling face and speedy service. Just as it doesn’t matterwhich orange we pick up, we still get orange juice, it doesn’t matter which McDonald’srestaurant we choose from the 119 countries world-wide; we squeeze out the same thing fromeach one. The point, one can’t have consistency throughout 30,000 restaurants unless drivenby a clear set of values. Goals, mission statements and “rah-rah” talks might ignite anorganization, but only values sustain. In fact, the great business consultant Ken Blanchard says,“A culture is a shared system of what is meaningful.” What comes out when your organizationis squeezed? Whatever it is, that’s what’s driving (is meaningful) your organization. Many times Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 16. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 16we ‘say’ safety is a value but ‘do’ something else. By the way, a strong value system trumps agreat burger any day…just as the folks at McDonalds.Next, the best innovations come from listening to and taking action from the ideas of thosewho flip burgers. Today, Mark Towers ( is a motivational speakerand author but in the mid-sixties immediately after college he began his career as a High Schoolteacher in the Iowa public school system. He was not only a young teacher; in a short time hewas a new father to two sons. In order to make ends meet he sought a second job, with noneother than McDonald’s. Much to his dismay on his first night of work, one of his underachievingstudents was his supervisor. After a long evening of cleaning and cooking, as Mark was gettingready to go home, his student/supervisor ask him, “What could we do to make things workbetter?” Mark responded, “Why are you asking me, tonight is my first night?” To which thestudent responded, “We ask everyone that works here…we want to do it better tomorrow thanwe did today.” McDonald’s asks, listens and takes action on the suggestions of its employees.Another example, the Big Mac sandwich was the brainchild of Jim Delligatti, a franchisee. Howwell do we listen to our people about on the job exposures and possible solutions? When wasthe last time we really wanted to ‘do it better tomorrow?’ If we decide we do, there is coregroup of consultants who have the answers, and they are already on the payroll. Listening tothem is how a mediocre burger makes history, or a workplace becomes safer.Be consistently consistent. When a mom with two young children has been out shopping anddecides to stop for lunch, where does she go? To a place where she knows the service will befast. And, half way through the meal when one of her children has to use the bathroom, she isconfident that it will be clean. When a businessman, who is running late for a meeting, needs aquick bite to eat, what drive-thru does he choose? One where traffic flow is more efficient thatsome major air-traffic control centers. When semi-retired farmers decide to meet at 6:00 amfor coffee, where do they go? The secret that Ray Kroc so masterfully delivered wasn’t food,but a consistent product over time. McDonald’s is so consistent that hamburgers today are theexact same quality and size as the first hamburger served six decades ago. What we don’t learnin graduate school is that consistency builds trust. Trust keeps customers coming back, timeand time again. Over the last several years I have sat in safety meetings with many differentwork groups and organizations. One of the top problems within almost every organization islack of trust. Most of the time we fail miserably because we are not consistent with the safetymessage. We mix messages between safety, production, budgets and quotas. Operations might‘get it’ but then purchasing buys subpart tools because someone was able to save a few dollars.Safety might finally seem to be taking hold when a support organization decides not to repairan identified hazard, instead, issues a memo. And the list can go on and on but the point is thatexamples like these are inconsistent with stated safety goals and erodes trust. If we want trustin safety, it’s only achieved when the entire restaurant is consistently consistent.Teach happy skills instead of happy meals; teaching the culture over skills. McDonald’sunderstands that culture, not product, sells. To that end, it teaches the skills of culture over theskills of flipping burgers. That is how, despite tremendous turnover, a young work force andextremely diverse restaurant locations McDonalds can remain consistent to its values and Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!
  • 17. SMS-Powerful Information for a RESULTS driven safety culture! 17product. In fact, McDonald’s spends over a billion dollars each year on training. In contrast,most industries place a high premium on skills. We train and test for skills. We hire technicalknowledge and promote the same. We manage systems instead of people. We think anorganization is the hardware, machines, equipment and material, not the people that run andmaintain these systems. Today the culture piece, the one element that is as powerful a counterweight to safety, training and skill set in influencing the choices of our people, is left to chance.Teaching safety culture is left to co-workers, informal leaders and supervisors who possesstechnical knowledge but often lack the people skill set and understanding of culture. Leavingthis to chance doesn’t make for a ‘happy meal’ when it comes to worker safety.If you have been following the news you may have read that McDonald’s is introducing a ‘newlook.’ Over 3,000 restaurants across the United States will be renovated to look and feel morelike a Starbucks Coffee Shop. As McDonald’s tries to grow into new and emerging markets, wecan continue to watch and learn from this leader. Maybe as they are move to the next phase oftheir organizational life, we can move to ours. Learning a little safety from the best-sellingmediocre burger joint ever.Matt Forck is a board-certified Safety Professional (CSP) and former Journey Lineworker in thehazardous field of electrical line work (JLW). Matt’s recent innovations include the developmentof the Safety Committee MAP process, a systematic process for safety committee success, andthe informal leader program aimed at engaging the true safety leaders within any organization.Matt has published nearly 100 safety articles and written seven books including his latestrelease, What Safety Leaders Do. He is a frequent speaker at national and regional safetyconferences and leads corporate sponsored safety, motivational and culture building keynotepresentations. You may contact Matt through his website, Matt Forck | | (573) 999-7981 Safety Strategies…for LIFE!