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IRHA & Safe Hiring Solutions Partnership
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IRHA & Safe Hiring Solutions Partnership


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IRHA and Safe Hiring Solutions have partnered to provide comprehensive background screening services to IRHA members.

IRHA and Safe Hiring Solutions have partnered to provide comprehensive background screening services to IRHA members.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Background Screening Firm Select speakers or Phone on Webinar tab The Webinar will begin shortly.
  • 2. Who is Mike McCarty?  CEO SHS  Metro Nashville PD  Domestic Violence Division  Breaking the Cycle  eReferenceCheck
  • 3. So Why Are We Here?  Quality background checks keep unsuitables out of workplace  Selecting the correct firm critical  No regulation on who can start a screening firm  Need to do due diligence  Must ask the following 10 questions
  • 4. #1 How Do You Define aComprehensive Background Check  No standard definition of background check  Background screening has historically delivered a low quality product  Best Practice must contain:  SSN Verification  National Criminal Database  National Sex Offender  County Criminal Search(es)
  • 5. #2 Is the National Background Check Instant?  If Yes, not a comprehensive background check  No database (state, national, FBI) is complete  Half of states only supply DOC and SOR records  Some states have data from some counties  Handful of states have Administrative Office of Courts  Databases are tools not programs
  • 6. #3 What is the Cost of YourBackground Checks?  Cannot be done for $10  $10 can only be an instant search  Instant database searches are not FCRA compliant  FCRA requires  Up-to-date information  Records verified with courts  If screening firm suggests this search they are placing profit above safety
  • 7. #4 How Far Back Do Searches Go?  Background screening industry adheres to 7 year rule  No legal basis  FCRA restricts non- convictions to 7yrs  Unless salary exceeds $75K  Handful of states restrict reporting of criminal records  SHS goes back as far as possible
  • 8. #5 How Do You Handle Alias/ AKA’s?  Industry searches only name provide  AKA/Alias not searched; or  Charged as additional searches  SHS packages include ALIAS/AKA’s
  • 9. #6 How is Database Configured?  Name & DOB  Many states do NOT provide full DOB’s  If configured with full DOB nulls or voids data from those states  SHS database search:  1st with name and DOB  2nd name and void DOB
  • 10. #7 How Do You Screen Your EmployeesHandling Our Sensitive Data?  Not unusual for industry to apply same low standards to their applicants SHS Process  Detailed application  Interview with CEO & Managers  Extensive background check  Reference checks  Criminal checks  Employment verifications  Employment credit reports  Civil records  Motor vehicle
  • 11. #8 How Do You Handle Our SensitiveData Including SSN’s?  Maintain on-going certification of online system  CyberTrust  SAS 70  SASE 16  SHS is SASE 16 Certified & PCI Compliant
  • 12. #9 Do You Assist With Legal Compliance?  Background Screening Firms are CRA’s under federal law  Clients are required to abide by FCRA:  Disclosure/Authorization  Pre-Adverse Action  Adverse Action  SHS provides forms, training, ongoing webinars and client service reps to assist
  • 13. #10 Who Answers Our Questions WhenThey Come Up?  Questions normal part of background screening  Many large firms use automated systems/ online FAQ’s/slow & frustrating SHS  Client Service Rep  We answer the phone  We answer emails  Twitter  We have cutting edge technology & old school service
  • 14. ISP Limited Criminal History  WTHR 13 & Indy Star Expose 2004  2 of 10 sex offenders found  Counties not submitting criminal records  State removed this as an option for schools in 2009  Applicant called last week to complain- ISP search clear but we returned multiple records
  • 15. Questions?Contact: Mike McCarty 888-215-8296 Sign up for blog: