How to conduct comprehensive volunteer background checks


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Volunteers pose a substantial risk to organizations and unfortunately most of the screening services offered are low quality solutions that provide little risk mitigation. Join us for a 30 minute webinar to learn how to conduct high quality volunteer background checks.

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How to conduct comprehensive volunteer background checks

  1. 1. How to Conduct Comprehensive Volunteer Background Checks Select speakers or Phone on Webinar tab The Webinar will begin shortly. Does your current volunteer screening program keep you up at night?
  2. 2. Presenter Mike McCarty •CEO SHS •Metro Nashville PD •Domestic Violence Division •Breaking the Cycle •iRefCheck
  3. 3. Why We Are Here?  Safety of Kids  Understand limitations of many volunteer screening programs  Explore best practices  Moral or legal issue
  4. 4. “Something is Better Than Nothing…”  This is a legal perspective  Focused on legal risk mitigation instead of safety of children  Cheap background check provides false sense of security  Limited background checks expose:  Children, visitors, staff to risk of harm  Organization to risk of theft  Organization to risk of liability for lack of due diligence  Quality screening mitigates legal risk and increases safety of children
  5. 5. Sophisticated Perpetrators  Sex offenders will take unbelievable risks  Volunteers = much higher volume  Do not have to be alone to harm kids  Do not have to be unsupervised to harm kids Those that harm kids always seek positions with access to children
  6. 6. Are We Doing Enough?  Sex offenders dedicated & determined  Background Screening industry has promoted cheap background checks for volunteers  Protecting children requires:  comprehensive criminal record checks  reference checks  Majority of rapists undetected
  7. 7. The Use & Misuse ofCriminal Databases
  8. 8. Criminal Databases  No such thing as $9 or $10 background check  No such thing as an instant background check  No criminal database is complete  A criminal database is a tool not a screening program  Background screening industry is negligent in promoting these cheap database searches
  9. 9. Problems with “national” criminal databases  Data varies from state to state  Handful of states provide AOC data  Majority of states only provide SOR and DOC  How database configured  Name & DOB  Most states partial or no DOB
  10. 10. State Repositories  Not complete  Only a single state  Rely on individual counties to participate  Ex. ISP Repository  Sex offender data missing  Many counties not participating  Class A misd and above
  11. 11. Sex Offender Registries  Not updated regularly  IN teachers aid convicted of Child Molesting  11 months to show on SOR  Does not contain all sex offenders  Some states based on classification  If conviction before registry not required- IN court recent ruling  Plea bargain could remove registry requirement  Some states have time limits such as 10 yrs  Great tool- not a screening program
  12. 12. Best Practices Requires multiple layers of checks and balances:  Person ID/ SSN Verification  National Criminal Database  National Sex Offender  County Criminal Search
  13. 13. Legal Issues Southport, Indiana Little League  No background checks  Coach molested 2 boys in out building fitting uniforms  Little league found negligent under negligent hiring doctrine Predatory in the Primary  Applying negligent hiring to volunteers  Increasing cases
  14. 14. Potential Problems with IN ECHS  2009 State of Indiana enacts ECH Statute  Removes ISP Limited Criminal History as option for schools to use with hiring or vendor/contractors  Many districts still use for volunteers because free  Why if you know it is bad data?  How do you defend a claim if a volunteer harms a child?  Attorney will always say you did not do enough  Could you defend this database on the witness stand?
  15. 15. We don’t have any money….  1st quality screening must become a priority  Volunteer pays for part or all of background check  Gaining popularity  Make background check valid for 2-5 years  School absorbs hardships
  16. 16. ATS Paperless Background Checks  ATS link programmed & placed on your website  Applicant driven  Click on link  Sign e-authorization  Input their data  Pay with credit/debit card  Report returned to school
  17. 17. Questions? Sign up for blog: Contact: Mike McCarty 888-215-8296