How long are background checks good for


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Does your background screening program include current employees? A comprehensive background screening program is ongoing, not a one-and-done deal.

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  • Conversation about firm saying if someone arrested they would be able to automatically notify
  • How long are background checks good for

    1. 1. How Long AreBackground Checks Good For? Select speakers or Phone on Webinar tab The Webinar will begin shortly.Please sign up for our blog while you wait:
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    3. 3. Who is Mike McCarty?  CEO SHS  Metro Nashville PD  Domestic Violence Division  Breaking the Cycle  iRefCheck
    4. 4. The real question is… How many of you are nervous because:  Have employees that have never been screened  Employees were screened with an inadequate screening program?
    5. 5. So How Long Are Background ChecksGood For?  Background Checks are a historical document once they are completed.  Report complete today- applicant arrested tonight
    6. 6. What does this mean? Background Screening is:  Not a one and done  An ongoing process  A lot can change
    7. 7. Does this mean we should….  Run a background check every day?  Maybe in a perfect world
    8. 8. What do the courts say? Due Diligence: “the attention & care made by a prudent or reasonable person to avoid harm to another person or their property.”
    9. 9. Negligent Retention If an employer becomes aware or should have become aware of problems with an employee who demonstrated unfitness & employer takes no corrective action (investigating, reassignment, termination)
    10. 10. Recent Negligent Retention Case Doe v. Roe School District (CA)  2 4th grade boys molested by teacher  Had been complaints about teacher by students, staff and parents  School took no action (even gave positive reference)  $6.8 million judgment
    11. 11. Ongoing Screening Program….  Demonstrates due diligence  Mitigates risk of negligent retention  Promotes a safe workplace
    12. 12. Implementing Ongoing Screening  No legal ruling for frequency  2000 clients and averages from 2- 5 years  Law enforcement agencies usually rescreen every 5 years  IN Expanded CH statute allows to charge employee every 5 yrs
    13. 13. Case Study of SHS Client  578 employees  Sept. 2011 implement ongoing screening program  42.21% hit ratio  250 felonies  489 misdemeanors  22 employees terminated
    14. 14. Case Study School District  Inadvertently ordered background check on current employee  Had been 1 yr since pre-employment BGC  Pending felony theft  Employee had not notified district
    15. 15. How do we get started?  Policy change  Define frequency  Start with employees:  Who have never had background check;  Employed longest  Screen percentage per month or year to create ongoing matrix
    16. 16. How can we help?  New screening alert  Package selection  ATS link
    17. 17. What are your stumbling blocks?  Policy Change  Resistance  Financial
    18. 18. Questions? Send questions to Twitter: @SHSscreening or Email me: Sign up for blog: Upcoming Webinars:  School Volunteer Background Checks: Reducing Risk & Protecting Kids 11-2-11  Should I Be Conducting Federal Criminal Searches? 11-9-11