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Media Evaluation Media Evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • Media Evaluation By SAFEENA RAZZAQ
  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • The conventions of a music video relies greatly on the genre of the music, in a pop genre the actors in the
    • music video are usually good looking to appeal to the audience, typically there is also miming and shots of
    • the artist lip syncing . The genre of my music video was neo-psychedelic so the clothing and mise en scene
    • had to reflect this, neo psychedelic videos in general have the artist lip synching or there is a narrative
    • story, that the artist is heavily engaging with the audience through various different camera shots. Music
    • videos usually illustrate the meaning of the lyrics and visualise the music in a very straight forward way in
    • other words there is normally a direct link between the narrative and the meaning of the song.
    • We challenged the conventions of not having the artists of band in the video and instead used actors, we felt this would be
    • most successful as it would make the video more original and more memorable to the audience. When choosing our actors we
    • used people of a wide age range from young children to older teenagers to young adults, I thought by having such a wide range
    • of age in the video would add a comical effect aspect by having old people in a video that's aimed at teenage audience would be
    • quite surprising for the audience but also be quite funny. When we used younger people we used as young as 4 year olds , by
    • having such younger children in my film it made it work well as the whole narrative is about being younger and by using
    • children in the video is not only matched the visuals with the lyrics but also added in with the theme of a dream like, bizarre
    • atmosphere. Another convention we challenged was that we didn’t use any dancers in the video and we didn’t keep the
    • narrative straight forward as we wanted to be different and unique, we felt this is what would attract audiences. It is extremely
    • important to artists that the music video is successful, it is why the artists image becomes more important than the song. As a
    • music video is very significant in the music industry to sell records. This why in our video MGMT’s own personal and quirky
    • style is present making them unique and special.
    • We used the convention of editing to match the pace of the song, as if we decided to go against this is would not work or be
    • successful. Throughout the video it is editing to the beat of the song and when there are slower bits I have added video affects
    • so the audience don’t become bored, we used video effects on the Macs such as ‘old film’ affect I believe it made the viewer
    • more interesting and more attractive for the audience to watch, although I haven’t used a lot varieties of effects as it would be
    • confusing for the viewer. With a mixture of shots, compositional and editing along with video effects including the fast forward
    • and reverse effects we managed to keep the audiences attention, as well as keeping them entertained throughout the video.
    • In my ancillary tasks I have also challenged real media products as I have changed and adapted my own
    • style for the poster and CD cover, it is similar to Mika’s CD cover which is bold, bright and very colourful
    • giving off a immature, childish effect.
    • However I used conventional methods in the way I presented the poster I used an image of the band
    • which is very typical of magazine adverts so that the audience can familiarise with the band. Although I
    • have also used un conventional methods when I designed the advert for example using cartoons and
    • random colourful images. I tried my hardest when designing the advert to make it match the bands genre
    • of neo psychedelic but I did also challenge this idea but having a different approach, however I only did
    • this because my target audience said that the most different and original idea is most memorable.
    • I also didn’t manage to find any images of MGMT wearing typically rock clothing instead ones were they
    • look particularly ‘random and imaginative’ so decided to keep it especially imaginative and original.
  • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    • For my ancillary tasks I made a magazine advert and a digit pack album cover, I firstly researched many different magazine
    • advert and CD covers, I looked at mainly successful ones and found out what had made them so successful, I found that it was
    • the CD covers and magazine adverts that were original and unique attracted most audience attention for example in Mika’s
    • album ‘Boy who knew too much’ the album cover is significantly successful and this is because the design is so different and
    • original. I think the combination of my ancillary tasks and the main product had a strong relationship, I feel this is because of the
    • relevance I have used in my magazine advert and my album cover. The text on the album cover and magazine advert is
    • extremely eye catching and on the album, cover is placed directly in the middle. In the CD cover and magazine advert there is a
    • clear link between the way both are designed, they both have the same theme of imagination. I believe that the combination of
    • our main product and my ancillary tasks have been both effective and successful because the all have a relationship. Each of my
    • media texts are linked together, because of this, all my media products work alongside each other and advertise everything as a
    • whole. This enables the audience to identify with each one and get more of the music video itself. Before designing the
    • magazine advert, I looked at lots of different magazines and found an adverts that I was visually attracted to most, I also looked
    • at adverts from similar genres for example in NME magazine I found a magazine advert for the band fall out boy. This advert
    • was a typical of a punk rock band, the members of the band are standing for a conventional photo shoot, I have however
    • wanted to go against this conventional method and decided I wanted to express MGMT’s originality and show the magazine
    • advert to be cheerful, colourful and let the imagination from the song be shown in the advert.
  • What have you learned from your audience feedback? We showed our draft copy of our music video to the audience, we decided to let them decide on the positive and negative aspects of the video. We used a wide range of audience members from older adults to teenagers in our year at school. After showing the video to them we simply asked them to give their honest opinion on it including where the strengths and weaknesses’ lied. The negative feedback we received was that - The same shots were used too much - The lighting was too dim in shots and was hard to see We decided to overcome the first problem by re shooting and coming up with some more interesting ideas to add in the video as we didn’t want to be repetitive in the shots we had. The second problem instead of re shooting we decided to use a video effect to solve the lighting problem and this proved to work extremely well. I then gave out questionnaires after my magazine advert and CD cover with images of my favourite and final magazine adverts, and CD covers on another page then asked the audience which one they liked the most. So therefore I decided to use the one with the most votes as my final CD cover and magazine advert.
  • Final CD cover
  • and magazine advert
  • I was exceptionally happy with the positive feedback I received, lots of the audience said the video was original which was the effect we were trying to go for, many also said it was amusing and strange and as MGMT's image is quite strange and eccentric I was very happy with the comments received. I think the video displayed the songs meaning of keeping your childhood alive through imagination and also kept the audiences attention throughout. The audience feedback is extremely important in my belief, as it enabled me to see the mistakes we made that perhaps we might have not seen or noticed to change as well as to see how the audience reacted and responded to music video. It is significantly important as I wanted to attract the audiences attention and keep them entertained, so the feedback ensured I was following the conventions and attending to the audiences interests. For example when a lot of people mentioned some parts of the video were repetitive, we decided to re shoot these bits to make the video successful and not to let the audience become bored.
  • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? For the construction stages we used the applications on the apple macs such as I movie, this programme enabled us to use the software and programmes to make the music video we used a variety of video effects such as cartoon to add into the effect of watching something that was dream like. For the equipment I had my own video camera which we had a lot of practice using last year, to film in tight spaces we used a hand held camera so we could get the effect of it being shaky etc. We also had our own tripod, that enabled us to make shots that didn’t look shaky and looked professional this was especially needed when using panning. We also used a number of extreme shots in our video so the tripod came in particularly useful then.
  • During the research stages I used a number of media technologies not only to get inspiration from but also to keep in with the typical conventions that music videos have. I looked at a number of music videos and ‘the making of music videos’ on you tube and Youtube was a great asset to get inspiration from I also used it to analyse music videos. I used Youtube as there are thousands of music videos available. However I also used as the music videos are sub divided into genres of music so this was easier if I wanted to watch music videos that were of my particular genre ‘neo psychedelic’. In the planning stages I used an online blog to organise all my planning, I uploaded all my images and research onto here. I was also able to present PowerPoint for my evaluation on here. I continually updated posts on the blog throughout the planning and production stages so I could simply make changes and evaluations if need be. I found it was an easier way to process my coursework as its all in one place and accessed on any computer.
  • When making my digi pack and magazine advertisement I designed them on paint and serif page plus, I familiar with the two programmes as I have used them both in the past. Photo plus allowed me to edit original images and cut them out and place them on any background I wanted, it let me manipulate original images, draw images and let me make texts appear more professional . For example with my cd cover I used a number of images and layered them on top of each other. I found that the paint software was easier to cut of images on using the free form select tool. I used media technologies when using a scanner to upload my storyboards and drawings I had done of costumes for actors to wear. Lastly I used PowerPoint for my evaluation, I used this as it added a variety of software used and was very easy to present my information on.