Kenya Wilderness Safari


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Luxury wilderness Safari to Solio Reserve, Samburu, Lake Baringo, and the Masai Mara

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Kenya Wilderness Safari

  1. 1. Kenya Wilderness Safari Spectacular Wildlife Fascinating Culture Breathtaking Scenery
  2. 2. 12 Day Safari Itinerary Solio, Samburu, Lake Baringo, Masai Mara 1 night - Giraffe Manor, Nairobi 2 nights - Solio Lodge, Solio Reserve 3 nights - Sasaab Lodge, Northern Frontier District 3 nights - Samatian Island, Lake Baringo 4 nights - Sala's Camp, Masai Mara
  3. 3. Overview in Google Maps View interactive map
  4. 4. Giraffe Manor Nairobi
  5. 5. Giraffe Manor The perfect gateway to Safari. Giraffe Manor is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, with easy access to the domestic and international airports. Getting up close and personal with the endangered Rothschild Giraffes is sure to whet your appetite for the wildlife experiences that lay ahead.
  6. 6. Giraffe Manor
  7. 7. Solio Reserve Africa's leading Rhino breeding area ● Located between the majestic Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Mountain Range in the Kenya Highlands. ● Home to over 150 White Rhino and 70 Black Rhino ● Zebra, Buffalo, Eland and Oryx are plentiful on the grassy plains, with Waterbuck, Giraffe, Impala, and baboon gathering in the acacia forest and swamp fringes. ● Predators include lion and leopard.
  8. 8. Solio Reserve
  9. 9. Solio Lodge Solio Reserve, Kenya Highlands
  10. 10. Solio Lodge
  11. 11. Solio Lodge
  12. 12. Solio Lodge
  13. 13. Solio Lodge
  14. 14. Solio Lodge
  15. 15. Northern Frontier District Samburu Tribal Lands The Northern Frontier District (NFD) is home to a wonderful array of flora and fauna, adapted to survive in this arid ecosystem, famed for it's large Elephant numbers. The fascinating Samburu people live as nomadic pastoralists in this region, and no visit to the NFD is complete without experiencing their amazing culture.
  16. 16. Northern Frontier District Samburu Tribal Lands
  17. 17. Northern Frontier District Samburu Tribal Lands
  18. 18. Northern Frontier District Samburu Tribal Lands
  19. 19. Northern Frontier District Samburu National Reserve
  20. 20. Northern Frontier District Samburu National Reserve
  21. 21. Sasaab Lodge Northern Frontier District
  22. 22. Sasaab Lodge Sasaab Lodge commands beautiful views over Samburu tribal lands and the Ewaso Nyiro River. An exquisite lodge, with spacious open 'rooms', each with their own plunge pool. A perfect base to explore this magnificent landscape and the people and wildlife that live here.
  23. 23. Sasaab Lodge
  24. 24. Sasaab Lodge
  25. 25. Sasaab Lodge
  26. 26. Sasaab Lodge
  27. 27. Sasaab Lodge
  28. 28. Sasaab Lodge
  29. 29. Sasaab Lodge Activities include: ● Game Drives ● Camel Rides ● Bush Walks ● Samburu cultural experiences
  30. 30. Lake Baringo Great Rift Valley
  31. 31. Lake Baringo The Great Rift Valley Lake Baringo is in the heart of the Great Rift Valley, one of the geological wonders of the world. Baringo is a freshwater lake approximately 170 square kilometres in size, surrounding sheer cliffs rise over 300 metres above the lake. Home to hippos, crocodiles and an abundance of fish, the lake is an ornithologists paradise with over 450 species of birds. Dramatic and beautiful landscapes are complemented by splendid sunrises, sunsets, and clear starlit nights. Two tribes live here, the pastoralist Pokot tribe, and the Il Njempsi, related to the Maasai, yet adapted to a sedentary lifestyle living off the lake.
  32. 32. Lake Baringo Great Rift Valley
  33. 33. Lake Baringo
  34. 34. Lake Baringo
  35. 35. Lake Baringo
  36. 36. Lake Baringo
  37. 37. Lake Baringo Pokot girls
  38. 38. Lake Baringo Njempsi fisherman
  39. 39. Ruko Conservancy Lake Baringo
  40. 40. Samatian Island Lodge Lake Baringo
  41. 41. Samatian Island Lodge Lake Baringo Samatian Island is booked on an exclusive basis, the perfect mid safari retreat. Each unique room has scenic views across Lake Baringo to the Rift Valley beyond. Samatian Island offers guests the ultimate in relaxation in magical surroundings. Samatian Activities Canoeing and Fishing with the Njempsi local fishermen Visit to Pokot village Bush walk with Rothschild's Giraffes in Ruko Conservancy Boat excursions to view hippos, crocodiles, birds and the scenic beauty of the lake.
  42. 42. Samatian Island Lodge
  43. 43. Samatian Island Lodge
  44. 44. Samatian Island Lodge
  45. 45. Samatian Island Lodge
  46. 46. Samatian Island Lodge
  47. 47. Samatian Island Lodge
  48. 48. Samatian Island Lodge
  49. 49. Masai Mara World renowned natural wonder, kingdom of Africa's big cats, spectacular scenery. The climax of this wilderness safari, 4 nights immersed in the heart of the Mara to savour the fantastic wildlife to be seen here. The Mara is the epitome of Safari, an experience to relish and leave you yearning for more.
  50. 50. Masai Mara
  51. 51. Masai Mara Vast open grassy plains support large number of herbivores, from July to September, the Wildebeest migration can be seen in the Masai Mara...
  52. 52. Masai Mara
  53. 53. Masai Mara
  54. 54. Masai Mara
  55. 55. Sala's Camp Masai Mara Overlooking the Sand River and Serengeti plains, Sala's is an intimate and luxurious tented camp. Under canvas in the bush evokes an indescribable feeling, harking back to the original safari days of Roosevelt, you are left wanting for nothing. This is as close to living naturally in the African Wilderness as one can get.
  56. 56. Sala's Camp
  57. 57. Sala's Camp
  58. 58. Sala's Camp
  59. 59. Sala's Camp
  60. 60. Sala's Camp
  61. 61. Sala's Camp Masai Mara
  62. 62. The Emakoko Nairobi National Park The Emakoko is located in Nairobi National Park, only 20 minutes from Nairobi's domestic and international airports. An ideal location for a day room, or overnight stay in Nairobi before connecting with your international flight. Nairobi Park is one of the few game parks within the vicinity of a major city. Lion, Rhino, Hippo, Buffalo and a wide variety of game can be viewed here. The Emakoko is an idyllic base to ease back into the reality of civilisation after a fortnight in the wilderness.
  63. 63. Professional Safari Guides Nic Cahill Born and raised in Kenya Speaks English and Swahili KPSGA Silver Level Andy Campbell Born and raised in Kenya Speaks English, Spanish and Swahili KPSGA Silver Level Safari Lifestyle Guides have an in depth knowledge of East Africa, and the destinations, cultures and wildlife in the region. They are certified with the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA). Private guides are with you throughout your safari, not only ensuring you get the most out of your safari experiences, but also handling the travel logistics every step of the way. The guides know the lodges and lodge managers very well, and can work with them to ensure all aspects of your stay at each lodge are suited to your requirements. Beyond the lodges, private guides have years of experience in the wilderness, and are able to show you the best of what these amazing destinations have to offer. Private guides are also your hosts, and will share past experiences with you, and give you a taste of what you can expect on the safari ahead.
  64. 64. Cuisine The lodges and camps we visit provide a high standard of cuisine. Most menus are set, so any dietary requirements, allergies, preferences, and other diet related requests are organised in advance. Produce is flown in every few days, ensuring the freshest ingredients. 'Bush' chefs are famed for the creations that come out of their remote kitchens. Dishes and wines served on this safari would not be out of place in a modern city restaurant.
  65. 65. Game Drive Vehicles Specialised 4x4 safari vehicles are used for game drives at every destination. These rugged vehicles allow access to remote areas 'off the beaten track'. Roof hatches, cool drinks, music systems, and two way radios are just some of the systems that come in handy out on a game drive.
  66. 66. Game Drive Vehicles
  67. 67. Photography Photographic opportunities that arise on safari are frequent and impressive. If you are a photographer, familiar with your equipment; just double check your kit and accessories, and prepare for some outstanding scenes. For those who are less experienced, it is worth considering coming on safari with your own camera. Safari is all about immersing yourself in the wilderness, which is always enhanced with a good pair of binoculars, and for some, composing images and video gives a richer experience.
  68. 68. Private Charters Private Charters minimise the amount of time transferring between destinations. Unlike scheduled flights, they can be booked to suit each itinerary. Private charters are booked on an exclusive basis. They can be booked to fly into certain airstrips that scheduled flights do not service. The plane we use most often is the Cessna 208 'Caravan', the most popular bush plane. We only use the most reputable air charter companies, meeting the highest safety standards.
  69. 69. Additional Activities ● Helicopter flights ● Balloon flights ● Bi-plane flights ● Swahili Coast Safari addition
  70. 70. Travel Considerations Preparing for Safari Getting ready and what to bring Field Guides, Binoculars, Photography, Reading List, Clothing and What to Bring Travel Info Useful information for travellers in East Africa Safety and Health Health, wellbeing, and safety considerations
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