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Results of an apprenticeship survey - evaluation of apprenticeship views


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A survey covering thoughts on apprenticeship satisfaction, the wider perception of apprenticeships, the level of careers advice they received and why they followed the vocational pathway.also covered topics such as careers information, advice and guidance, apprenticeships satisfaction and perception.

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Results of an apprenticeship survey - evaluation of apprenticeship views

  1. 1. NATIONAL INDUSTRY APPRENTICE SURVEY 2013 RESULTS The Industry Apprentice Council (IAC), a group of young industry apprentices, launched a national survey to gain the views of as many UK apprentices as possible to help shape future campaigns, discussions with government and education organisations, and back up their calls for improved apprenticeship careers advice in schools. DEMOGRAPHIC OF RESPONDENTS APPRENTICESHIP YEAR WHO TOOK THE SURVEY? 571 APPRENTICES Yr 4+ 1% AGE: 85% Yr 3 31% 3% NORTH WEST 10% AGE: AGE: 32+ 5.2% 3.1% WHAT SECTORS DO THEY WORK IN? 6% NORTH EAST 19 - 24 25 - 31 Yr 2 31% WHERE ARE THEY FROM? SCOTLAND 16 - 18 .4 0.2% 29% 62% 15% Yr 1 23% AGE: AGE: Under 16 Yr 4 14% YORKSHIRE & HUMBER 3% WEST MIDLANDS 7% EAST MIDLANDS 21% SOUTH WEST 15% in EAL's remaining sectors, including Building Services, Energy & Utilities, Construction and Logistics. 2% SOUTH EAST Automotive 10% LONDON Engineering and Manufacturing 7% WALES 16% 12% 16% EAST OF ENGLAND 67% *remainder selected none of the above and were disqualified CAREERS GUIDANCE How did you find out about your apprenticeship? More than 50% said their own Careers Advisor 6% said ‘My Parents’ Suggestion initiative 36% 9% 6% Teacher Careers Fair 15% said Friend 24% 33% Good 19% Very good 24% said Family member 13% Reasonable said Other 0.7% Job Centre Plus 62% 7% Very poor 13% said Online Research NAS I didn’t receive any Poor 9% How do you think your school or college perceived apprenticeships compared to further and higher education? How would you rate the careers information, advice and guidance you received at school/college? 13% 4% 20% HE was the No.1 pathway 15% FE was the No.1 pathway All career routes were seen as equal 4% The vocational route (inc. apprenticeships) was No.1 pathway APPRENTICESHIP PERCEPTION APPRENTICES’ FUTURE Are you pleased you chose to do an apprenticeship? Do you think apprenticeships should lead to professional accreditation as standard upon completion - such as registered technician status in engineering, for example? 98.5% 1.5% NO YES - it was the best choice for me Having taken the apprenticeship pathway have you inspired others (such as friends, family or colleagues) to do the same? Have your friends or family’s perceptions of apprenticeships changed since you became an apprentice? 96.5% What influence did the following have on your decision to do an apprenticeship? Job Prospects 40% Earn & Learn 5 % 30% Avoiding Debt Further Qualifications 4 % 3 % 21% 75% 18% 23% 32% 63% 66% 55% 74% Strong influence 69% 48% Practical Learning 4 % 2 % Yes - some have started apprenticeships 3.5% NO YES 30% 27% Some influence No influence The National Union of Students (NUS) represents higher and further education students. Do you think apprentices should have a similar national representative body? Some wish they had taken an apprenticeship 12% No- my apprenticeship has not inspired others to follow in my footstep They think more highly of apprenticeships now Their opinions of apprenticeships have not changed They think less of apprenticeships now Sponsored by 63% IAC_Apprentices Yes - it’s important that apprentices have their own national representative body 2% IndustryApprenticeCouncil No 35% I think NUS should represent apprentices as well as students