Newsletter January 2013


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Newsletter January 2013, is Pathway Groups newsletter outlining different part of the business operations, making sure that every member of staff is up to date with changes, news and updates.

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Newsletter January 2013

  1. 1. Could everyone please be aware that your Health & Safety, First Aid and Fire Marshall at Fair- gate house is Sajad Ali. Also your safeguarding officer is Hayley Swann and the deputy is Nata- lie Prior. Their respective emails are;; Health & Safety, Fire Marshall & Safeguarding Officers Happy New Year! Happy New Year to all Pathway Staff, lets look forward to brighter tomorrow and a fantastic new year! Goodbyes... Goodbye to Cathy But- ler from Path- way2Work. Thank you for all your hard work over 18 months you were here. Good Luck! Telephone: 0800 955 0870 / 0121 707 0550 Website: Email: Tony EV Visit 17th Jan Investors in People 21- 23rd Jan Barbara EV Visit 28th Jan General Pathway Meeting 1st Feb Upcoming Events Employee of the Year Nominations! Pathway will be awarding the prestigious ‘Employee of the Year Award’ to its best employee with a prize of £100 in vouchers up for grabs. If you would like to nominate someone and are from Pathway2Work email Paul Haines with your nomination and why you would like to nomi- nate them and if you are from Pathway College email nomina- MONTHLY NEWSLETTER January 2013 Investors In People Visit As you may be aware we will be receiving a visit from Investors In People. They will be visiting from the 21st of January to the 23rd of January. In this time they will be looking at all of our development policies and will also want to speak to members of staff to gain an insight from an employees perspec- tive. Employees will be selected at random to be in- terviewed either face to face or over the phone. The selection process is random but don't worry along with this newsletter you will be sent a leaflet describ- ing what to do if you are chosen to be interviewed. It is understandable that you may be nervous. The most important aspect is to be yourself and understand that the inspectors want to know what contribution you have given to Pathway and also what Pathway has done for you. You should have all completed SWOT and TNA, if you haven't done so already con- Edited By: Usman Tahir tact your line manager as soon as possible to get this done. If you would like any further information or if you are on annual leave during the period of the visit please email Heidi@pathwaygroup. Staff General Meeting There will me a mandatory meeting held for all Pathway Staff to attend on the 1st of Feb- ruary the venue is to be announced and you will all be notified by email.