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Make Your Business Work: Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing


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Make Your Business Work: Digital Marketing & Social Media tells you about the use of social and digital media in a business environment. …

Make Your Business Work: Digital Marketing & Social Media tells you about the use of social and digital media in a business environment.
It can help to improve your sales, notability and improve all aspects of your businesses marketing campaigns faster, with more standardisation and more effective.

If you would like to run a Social/Digital Media Apprenticeship at your business or you are looking to become a Social/Digital Media Apprentice yourself please get in contact with us at Pathway Group as soon as possible. Our number is: 0121 707 0550 or e-mail:

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  • 1. The Smart, Modern Digital/Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • 2. “This short report will advise the need to implement a strategic Digital Marketing Campaign (DMC) within any company. A good quality DMC will quite simply produce more quality traffic/visits to a website and in doing so; produce a higher amount of sales for any business.” Introduction to Digital Marketing *
  • 3. The Three Steps to Success * Acquisition The ability to obtain as much traffic/visitors as possible to a website. Conversion The ability to increase online sales. Retention The ability to increase online sales from previous customers/visitors.
  • 4. Acquisition * Acquisition is the first step of three (Acquisition, Conversion and Retention). Acquisition as a Digital Marketing Tool gives the power to pull more visitors/customers to a company website than they would be capable of achieving without running this type of campaign. Using a planned and specific campaign, one can increase not only the amount of visitors to the website, but also a higher volume of relevant visitors, searching for the exact product or service that they provide.
  • 5. Conversion * The second phase is where implemented Conversion Digital Tools become the focus. This in laymen’s terms is simply, the ability to increase sales, not only because they’re now receiving more visitors to the website, but also because they are now receiving far more relevant and therefore, a better quality of visitor. This better quality of visitor will also be increased, as they have targeted specific search words to give the searcher exactly what they’re looking for when they land on their website. In other words, they arrive at a website because they either want or are interested in one of their products or services. This is the target audience. The visitors they will now receive are a new audience that were specifically targeted through the initial research and acquisition process.
  • 6. Retention * In the final step the focus then falls on the Retention of customers once contact has been made. Retention is an aspect that is often overlooked as part of business sales, but online it is imperative to stay connected with visitors and most especially, previous purchasers of the products or services. Retention is the ability to increase the amount of sales made from customers who have already previously purchased their products. If they buy once, it makes sense they’ll be more likely to buy again if the product or service fulfilled expectation.
  • 7. Different Types Of Digital Marketing Tools * SEM (Search Engine Marketing) The ability to improve a websites ‘visibility’ in the search engines. PPC (Pay Per Click) This enables anyone to direct specific keyword optimised traffic to their website. They’ll pay a small fee on each click/visitor that clicks on the advert. The advert will appear on the top of the search engine listings giving maximum expose to their website. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Identifying specific popular searched keywords applicable to the service/product, and then target these keywords to gain a presence on-line and higher search engine ranking. Banner Ads Small adverts placed on their web pages that are relevant to the page topic. Once clicked on, a small fee is paid to the site owner.
  • 8. Different Types Of Digital Marketing Tools * Emails Obtain customers/visitors emails when they first visit the site. The site will offer the visitor the option to leave their Email address, regardless as to whether they buy or not. They can then contact them at a later date with any new offers or news items. Link Building This is a good way of gaining an on-line presence within a search engine. The more links pointing back to their website from other websites relevant to their products, the more presence they gain in the search engines. Articles Another way of gaining back links to their site. The more back links, the more visible and more presence they have on-line.
  • 9. Different Types Of Digital Marketing Tools * Video Produce short videos in order to gain more online presence. It also gives them another way of reaching customers on-line. In todays online marketing, Video marketing is becoming liked more than photographs and text by search engines. Text Message Obtain their contact details when they arrive on the site, in order to send out messages with offers and news details. Similar to the Email campaign previously stated. Affiliate Programs They receive help marketing their product/service from an outside agent who, through their own web/blog site promotes their product. All relevant traffic from this source is rewarded with payment for each sale.
  • 10. Different Types Of Digital Marketing Tools * Blog/Web-logs An informal interactive blog site where interaction between the company and customers takes place. On the site they can have relevant articles, news stories, success stories, offers and an all important link back to the main web site. Social Networking Similar to blogs in how they can interact with customers, but the interaction differs depending on what kind of social media platform they choose. This is a great tool to help them interact with customers. You can advise them of news, offers and any other relevant information. Html (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) The website ‘code’ or computer language that is keyword/SEO manipulated to help their website achieve more of a presence in the search engines. This in turn will give them a higher position in the search pages.
  • 11. Key Terms & Their Meanings * Term Advantages Disadvantages Acquisition Digital Tools SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Cheap and simple to implement. Slow to show results. PPC (Pay Per Click) High quality, relevant traffic. Can be expensive. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Quick and easy to implement. Slow to show results. Banner Ads Quick and specifically targeted Customer skepticism. Link Building Good way to build on-line presence, free and builds a wider customer base. Time consuming and slow to see results. Html (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) Can help achieve a good search engine ranking. Specialised. Can be fairly expensive to gain desired results. Conversion Digital Tools Email Marketing Quick, cheap, easy to manage and direct to customer. Intrusive/perceived as spam or not even opened. Article Marketing Good way to build an on-line presence. Time consuming and slow to see results. Video Marketing Appealing media for most. High management. Concept over content in. Text Message Quick, easy and direct. Intrusive and need to be highly relevant. Affiliate Programs Marketing exposure free of charge. Payments made for each sale and no control over marketers website. Retention Digital Tools Blogs/Web logs Great interaction. Time consuming and high maintenance. Social Networking Great interaction. Time consuming and high maintenance.
  • 12. Recommendations... Acquisition, Conversion & Retention * Acquisition Recommendation: SEM (Search Engine Marketing): This is the basic starting place for all Digital Marketing Campaigns. It is a quick and simple process for any experienced Marketer. However, it can have a lag time in the region of 3 – 6 months before results will begin to show. However, once established a great starting point for any campaign. Conversion Recommendation: Email: Make contact on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or at any time period of your choice. Easily make contact, with all your previous customers, and visitors who gave their Email details. They can send them regular bits of information on offers, news, article snippets and any other relevant details they feel necessary at any given time. There is also an all important link within the email back to the blog and/or main website.
  • 13. Recommendations... Acquisition, Conversion & Retention Retention Recommendation: Blog/Web-log: An interesting, well informed interactive platform that gives an insight into life at their company. They can add offers, news, articles, even opinion polls to gain more interaction. They can also add success stories, meet the team or anything that would capture the imagination of customers regarding the product/service offered. Once again there would be a link back to the main website both for traffic and presence profitability.
  • 14. Customer & Market Insights... What’s Trending?: Find out what’s trending in your sector. Are your keywords and Meta’s still up-to-date and on trend or do they need updating? Review Your Key-words: Find out from when until when that those words were/are trending then look to see how many hits this word has per month and how much it has been searched in the last twelve months. This will give you an idea on how up-to-date it is. What Is Going To/Keeps-On Trending? Keep ahead of the game by researching predicted market trends for your sector so you are prepared for the coming months.
  • 15. Three Social Media Channels & How They Can Be Used To Increase Brand Awareness? Facebook: Facebook is generally believed to be one the best ways to increase Brand Awareness of any given product or service. Many still think of this media as a way for friends to interact online only. This is not correct. Facebook can be used by any SME or even a big corporation to communicate with customers online. On Facebook you can post information on products or services, spread the word about some new buzz from the company, gain an online presence, engage with customers as a group or even one on one, receive customer feedback, test the possibility of new ideas by asking your members/fans to give their opinions and feedback, the actual powerful link itself back to the company website and well, to sell goods or services.
  • 16. Three Social Media Channels & How They Can Be Used To Increase Brand Awareness? YouTube The key to raising brand awareness is simple. If you consistently expose the Brand to a specific target audience in a professional manner, traffic/customers will gradually begin to notice your Brand. YouTube provides an alternative way for customers to interact and most importantly keep up to date with any new products or services. AYouTube video can be used for information and to a target audience, promote services/products, training and education and is also a powerful link back to the website. Twitter Twitter is a unique Media Channel in its own right and its use is growing exponentially, and this therefore makes Twitter, a very powerful online tool. It is extremely useful for sharing information and implementing customer interaction and feedback literally in an instant. Due to the unique format of Twitter, it can monitor any new ‘buzz’ being generated online, but also monitor competitors within the industry. It also enables both parties to interact instantly live online about any given subject at any given moment. Twitter also contributes towards Brand Awareness, blog awareness by linking from Twitter to a blog, Press Release information, promotions and simple communication with customers.
  • 17. Alternative Methods for Building an Online Community * There are an abundance of methods that can be used for building an online community some of which are well known and some not so, but they all offer a great way to communicate and keep in touch with customers, whilst also raising the presence of a business online. “Building an online community is basically building awareness of the brand through online Social Media platforms & then allowing communication between customers & the business.”
  • 18. Social & Digital Platforms * Advantages Disadvantages Blogs Great way to interact with customers. High maintenance. YouTube Professional look and excellent way to provide information. High maintenance. LinkedIn Professional people making contact within same industry. Potential SPAM/Sales requests as opposed to 'networking' requests. Facebook Popular and easy to use. Advertising can be expensive if you're not savvy. Google+ Rise in search results. High competition. Flickr Excellent interaction. Can be time consuming. Digg Can drive a lot of traffic to a website. Can be a lot of irrelevant traffic. MySpace Many younger users in the teens and twenties. Not used as much as it once was. Friendster You can add Blogs to your profile. Mostly used for Gaming and Music. MeetUp Easy to start a meet up group to find others with similar interests. You may well have to meet up. Of course there are hundreds of platforms that can be used to enhance a companies presence, but the ones below are some of the most popular online.Hints & Tips:
  • 19. Social & Digital Platforms * Blogs A blog is a powerful tool in building an online community. It provides constant interaction with the audience/customers/consumers and allows the company who own the blog to release information on new products and services beforehand, to gage customer interest and reaction. An excellent blog well designed can induce a regular interactive audience providing more presence online, a powerful backlink to the main website and many more benefits if used correctly. LinkedIn This tool allows users to link up with fellow professionals within the same industry. It allows the users to form alliances, share opinions and ideas, build business referrals, attract a better quality of individual, help with research into other business opportunities and gives a valuable powerful backlink to the main website, which in turn gives a bigger online presence.
  • 20. Social & Digital Platforms * Google+ Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and therefore another powerful way of building an online community. It allows the user to add content, photographs andVideos which all help promote and build online communities. It also allows a company to bring followers together whilst also communicating with them. It has video and streaming tools available that can be seen live, or on playback at a later time or date. Google+ also gives the user in depth data, conversion reports and more.
  • 21. Online Management Using Available Online Tools * “Building an online community may seem a little confusing or even overwhelming, but not for a qualified/experienced Marketer. It is a simple case of using the most applicable Social Media Platforms & then linking them all together to gain maximum exposure & Brand Awareness. This is then all linked back to the main website giving more power, online presence & improved page ranking.”
  • 22. Online Management Using Available Online Tools * “Using Facebook,Twitter &YouTube is an excellent place to start any online community as they are the most well known & some of the most popular online Social Media Platforms. Once these platforms are up and running, using them to communicate to the customer is the key to success.”
  • 23. Online Management Using Available Online Tools * Twitter: Is used to keep customers in constant contact advising of any new products/services, or indeed any information the user wishes to advise its customers instantly, all with a brief short statement. This is then taken up by the Facebook page where a more in depth explanation would be given to points raised on Twitter. Facebook would allow feedback to the page giving an insight into customer opinion. YouTube Channel: Can be added to give, yet again, more in depth information, with the ability to receive customer feedback. Other tools such as LinkedIn will be used to advise the relevant professional community of any news/updates. Google+ would be used in the same way Facebook is used to generate more traffic, online presence and Brand awareness.
  • 24. Online Management Using Available Online Tools * Finally, managing the online community that has been built is obviously extremely important. But, why do this if the online presence has already benefitted from the social media campaign, & the brand awareness has improved, and the search engine ranking has increased? Why spend more time and money on managing the online community? Well for many reasons but two in particular, firstly, to continually build and grow a community around a brand & secondly, to deal with any negative comments online from customers in a quick professional manner, which in turn will lead to more positive comments & therefore giving the brand a better name within the online community.
  • 25. Explanation of Digital Techniques For Maximum Exposure of a Press Release * “Press releases are a more common event online than many people realise, and are also a very useful way to increase traffic to a site through distribution of the press release, to gain backlinks to the website, to keep customers up to date with products and services and to build more credibility online.” On the next page there is a list of Digital techniques to help with a successful press release:
  • 26. Explanation of Digital Techniques For Maximum Exposure of a Press Release * Search Engine Optimise The Press Release This is a basic prerequisite for any marketer. Target Low to Medium Keywords This will enable you to capture some long tail traffic that the bigger websites ignore. Anchored Text This is the visible words in a hyper link that takes you to another page. This will be one of your own pages within your website, relevant to the content. Meta Tags This is within the html part of the web page. You can add keywords and information about the page within this area improving the search engine ranking. Press Release Distribution Websites There are numerous websites that offer press release distributions. This will give backlinks and raise brand awareness.
  • 27. Example Press Release * Pathway2WorkTo Provide ApprenticeshipTutoring Birmingham,West Midlands, England - 28/01/14: Pathway2Work, the work programme branch of Pathway Group has announced today that they are not only offering the service of finding work places for Apprentices to do Apprenticeships, but they are now proving tutoring within the workplace for Apprentices, who work in the West Midlands area. Contact Information : Pathway toWork, TamewayTower, Walsall, WS1 1PT. Tel: 01922 897170
  • 28. Want more information on what services we offer at Pathway Group? To find out more information please contact: E-mail: Call: 0121 707 0550