How to be a More Charismatic Leader


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How to be a More Charismatic Leader looks at how you can make changes to become a better leader, manager or mentor by becoming more charismatic. Charismatic leaders are great because they are visionaries who can inspire others to get on board in the business and win peoples support so that the business will be more effective and efficient and people will enjoy working there.

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How to be a More Charismatic Leader

  1. 1. How to be a more charismatic leader
  2. 2. Charismatic leaders boast high levels of vision and self-belief. This makes them good leaders, managers and mentors because they inspire people to work harder and achieve better results while also making them feel valued and important. What is a charismatic leader?
  3. 3. There is no point in trying to be something that you are not! People will want to follow you if they like you and for people to like you (cheesy as it sounds) you need to like yourself. You need to be comfortable in the way you dress, hold and present yourself and act. Find your Style
  4. 4. People’s first impressions are some of the most important things that they will carry forward so everything matters. People can tell by your body language if you are confortable in your position so give them no reason for doubt. Find your Style
  5. 5. Present the best version of yourself When you see someone’s life on social media or TV they are portraying the best parts. Leaders intentionally don’t show their weaknesses and focus on the things that make them look like they have a beautiful life. It’s not about living a lie or being egotistical (because no-one likes that), just making sure that people see the best things about you.
  6. 6. Be real, Be yourself Trust comes from authenticity. It’s all well and good to have the right things to say and the right mannerisms but without the heart for what you are doing it will just seem slick and superficial. To be truly charismatic people need to believe that you are. Sometimes you might slip up, make a mistake but it is how you deal with these things that will show the leader that you really are. If you can laugh at yourself, admit your mistakes but still command respect you are there.
  7. 7. Talk about your experiences, day to day interactions & opinions People will feel like they can connect with you if you present yourself as a real person. Share stories of things that have inspired you or made you think. Firstly, it is great for self-reflection to learn why you do and act the way you do but also for other people it makes them feel connected to you and this attachment is what will keep you high in their estimations even if you mess up a little every now and again.
  8. 8. Be approachable People like people who take the time to listen to them and make them feel valued. Remembering people’s names, what they do, something about them; making these personal connections will make you stand out as a leader.
  9. 9. During your progress to success as a leader you are likely to come across a few things that can try and throw you off: •Followers: People who like you and want to be around you. These people aren’t friends they are fans. Remember that these people may boost your ego but they might not always be around if something goes wrong. Stay grounded
  10. 10. • People who want to be you: Jealousy is a natural instinct and sometimes when people see others doing well they want that for themselves this can sometimes be used to try and take you down or use you. You need to identify these people and either turn it to your advantage and make them your friends or keep them at arm’s length. Trust your instinct. Stay grounded
  11. 11. Be Passionate Being passionate about what you do in infectious. It makes others want to get involved.
  12. 12. The best leaders always want something more. They have a vision of what they want and they have a passion to achieve it. Continue to have aspirations
  13. 13. Keep an air of mystery Lovely as being real is you need your own space. It is important to protect your family and friends so that they know that you truly value them. People don’t need to know where you live, they don’t need your private number, they don’t need to be part of your outside work life if you don’t want them to be. The trick of being a charismatic leader is to be happy with your life and have vision and this sometimes means that you need to separate yourself.
  14. 14. At Pathway Group we know how important it is to receive the best leadership, management and mentoring training possible. At Pathway Groups The Coaching College we offer ILM Accredited Training for management, leadership and mentoring. For more information about the courses that we offer: Visit: Call: 0121 707 0550.