How Restaurants and Takeaways can get a five star food hygiene rating? by


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Improve my food hygiene ratings and therefore our business by securing a good food hygiene rating standard.
Find out more about food hygiene ratings -by Hospitality Training Partnership - a Birmingham based Food Hygiene & Food Safety Consultancy specialising improving food hygiene ratings.
Hospitality Training Partnership guides you to maintain the best food hygiene ratings.
Working also with - we can offer a full service including duct, ventilation and extraction system cleaning. Certified to Tr19 Standards.

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How Restaurants and Takeaways can get a five star food hygiene rating? by

  1. 1. How do I get a five star food hygiene rating?
  2. 2. Why is my food hygiene rating important? The Food Standards Agency are giving consumers the chance to choose restaurants and other food establishments by their food hygiene rating – With: Smartphone Apps with your hygiene rating visible Imperatives to display your rating prominently If you’re not proud of your rating – you SHOULD be…
  3. 3. What are the inspectors looking for? Food hygiene inspectors are looking at: 1. 2. 3. How hygienically the food is handled The condition and structure of the buildings How the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe
  4. 4. How do I improve/maintain my hygiene rating? Two key areas to focus on: 1. Process – You need to ensure you have stringent and thorough food safety processes in your business 2. Training – Your staff and managers need to demonstrate that they understand and follow food hygiene procedures
  5. 5. The four C’s of food hygiene and food safety What the food hygiene inspectors are really looking for…
  6. 6. Cleanliness Your establishment needs to be clean and have process for staying clean, including: • Cleaning schedules • Clear and clean as you go • Effective cleaning • Hand washing • Pest control • Contamination • Personal hygiene
  7. 7. Compliance It is vital that your business has clear procedures for key food safety techniques: • Food preparation • Cooking of food • Reheating and storage of food • Chilling food • Chilling hot food • Defrosting • Freezing
  8. 8. Confidence in management The food hygiene inspectors need to feel that the managers have a thorough understanding of food hygiene • Following good process is important But equally important is • The impression your management give the inspectors • Are they in control? do they understand and are on top of how food hygiene is being managed? Are they adequately trained?
  9. 9. Confidence in staff • All team members must be trained in food safety and food hygiene (including part time) • Do your staff know the processes to follow? • Do they follow them? • Who can they ask for advice and guidance? • Have they been trained?
  10. 10. Safer food better business For information on all things food hygiene and food safety – use the Food Standard Agencies Safer food better business guide• Diary refills • DVD guides • The full guide • To help you achieve a better business with a five star rating contact us on: 0121 707 0550