Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring (QCF) Level 3, The Coaching College, ILM & Pathway Group


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Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring (QCF) Level 3 with The Coaching College, ILM & Pathway Group will teach you the skills that you need to effectively coach and mentor other members of staff in the workplace. Coaching and mentoring is a rewarding career move and can really make a difference to the business culture and revenue.

If you would like to find out more about The Coaching College with ILM and Pathway Group courses please call us on: 0121 707 0550 or e-mail: info@pathwaygroup.co.uk and visit: thecoachingcollege.co.uk

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Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring (QCF) Level 3, The Coaching College, ILM & Pathway Group

  1. 1. Level 3 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring (QCF) Course Description There are six mandatory units in this qualification. Two units cover understanding good practice in workplace coaching and mentoring, which introduces what coaches and mentors do, the processes they follow and the qualities and abilities individuals need to be effective in these roles. There are two units that deal with reflecting on learners’own skills as a coach or mentor in the workplace, which give them tools and techniques to develop and improve their practice. Finally, there are two units which require learners to plan and carry out thirty six hours each of coaching and mentoring, with supervision and support. Who are these Qualification for? This qualification is designed for junior managers seeking to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to coach and mentor people as part of their normal role. It’s also the ideal starting point for a career in coaching and mentoring. What are the Progression Opportunities? This qualification will provide progression opportunities to other qualifications such as: • ILM Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management. • ILM Level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring. The Benefits for Individuals Taking the Course • Understand the process of setting up a business. • Be clear about your expectations & motivations & the risks involved. • Define your business idea & assess its viability. • Work on your business plan, budget & cash-flow forecast. • Learn about coaching and mentoring as powerful development tools. • Understand the role & responsibilities of an effective coach & mentor. • Explore different coaching & mentoring models. • Develop practical skills, tools & techniques to support these models. • Put your new skills into practice: Carry out supervised coaching & mentoring sessions. • Analyse, assess & plan to improve your own mentoring ability. • Know what you need to do to comply with the law & deal with the red tape. • Build skills & knowledge in key areas, including marketing, customer service & finance. Pathway Professionalmoving forward togther Pathway Groupputting you first
  2. 2. The Benefits to Employers of Staff Taking the Course • Implementation of a culture of coaching & mentoring in your organisation. • Benchmark your organisation’s coaching & mentoring practice against nationally recognised standards. • Ensure the managers you develop as Coaches & Mentors are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge & ethical understanding they need. • Create a coaching & mentoring culture in your organisation that means all Managers are able & willing to coach and mentor others and support their professional development. Why choose ILM? ILM is the UK’s leading body for Management & Leadership qualifications! • ILM set the standard for industry-recognised, accredited Leadership & Management qualifications. • ILM Management Training will improve Managers’performance, increase their employability and enhance their careers. • More people in the UK take Leadership & Management qualifications from ILM than any other awarding body. • Over 750,000 Managers have taken an ILM qualification in the past 10 years. • Employers say 93% of Managers perform better at work after an ILM qualification. Why choose Pathway Group? ILM is the UK’s leading body for Management & Leadership qualifications! • Pathway Group is an established education and training provider, with over 15 years of experience. • Pathway has developed its expertise as a NVQ/QCF provider and supports SMEs with recruitment and training. • All our training is tailored to your specific business needs and we provide convenient training in your work place. For more information on the courses that we offer with ILM please contact us by: E-mail: info@pathwaygroup.co.uk or Call: 0121 707 0550 Pathway Professionalmoving forward togther Pathway Groupputting you first