Ciri-Ciri Berbagai Musim


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Karakteristik Musim dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Ciri-Ciri Berbagai Musim

  1. 1. Season By : Maharani Putri N.S (22) Mega Khoiru Nissa (23) Sekar Widya Lengga (32)
  2. 2. Season Indonesia Europe Finish
  3. 3. Europe Summer Autumn Spring Winter Back
  4. 4. Summer It is the warmest time of the year with the longest days. We can see summer season after spring. People can be out of doors all day long. CharacteristicBack
  5. 5. The Characteristic of Summer • Hot • Warm • The days grow longer • Sunny • Sun shines brightly Back
  6. 6. Autumn Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. Usually the leaves turning brown and fall from the trees. People then collect them. Characteristic Back
  7. 7. The Characteristic of Autumn • Windy • Cool • Leaves turning brown and then fall down • The days are shorter Back
  8. 8. Spring Spring starts of cold and rainy.It quickly becomes warm and mild. Trees are in blossom. Birds are returning. CharacteristicBack
  9. 9. Characteristic of Spring • It becames warm • Temperature becames medium • Mild • Flower and tress are blossoming • Beauty season Back
  10. 10. Winter It is the season with the shorter days and the lowest average temperatures. It has cold weather and snow becomes falls. People are skiing or ice- skating in the snow area. CharacteristicBack
  11. 11. Characteristic of Winter • Temperature become low • Snow fall and the weather very cold • People usually go ice skating or snow boarding Back
  12. 12. Indonesia Wet Season Dry Season Back
  13. 13. Wet Season In this season, the weather is cold and rain comes daily. The sky is cloudy. We usually wear jacket and bring an umbrella to everywhere in this season. CharacteristicBack
  14. 14. The Characteristic of Wet Season • Rain • Cold • Wet • Umbrella • Foggy • Thunder • Cloudy • Low temperature • Less people in the street Back
  15. 15. Dry Season It has hot weather and dry. Many people do their activities in outdoors. CharacteristicBack
  16. 16. The Characteristic of Dry Season • Hot • Thirsty • Dusty • Dry • Sunny Back
  17. 17. Thanks For Your Attention ! ^^
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